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PSP releases for the week of May 1st

UMDIf you bought your PSP for gaming, it's going to be a slow week fanboys. However, if you're an avid movie watcher, there are actually a couple of decent UMDs headed your way. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

PSP UMD Releases

  • Bad Boys 2
  • Jerry Maguire
  • Judas Priest: Live Vengeance '82
  • Men in Black

PSP GAME Releases

  • No new game releases this week

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery. 

We should see some new games next week.

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1. Poor week for game releases :(, but there is "Men in Black" in avid release! My favourite film... I heard there will be soon released second part, is it true?

Posted at 4:06PM on Apr 30th 2006 by Em

2. too bad UMD movies are going the way of the beta-max.

Posted at 5:18PM on Apr 30th 2006 by Thomas Averin

3. Yep. Shit movies for a shit format.

Posted at 9:47PM on Apr 30th 2006 by Frip

4. With this poor releases It's the death of the Umd ;-)

Posted at 4:18AM on May 1st 2006 by kingplayer

5. What do you want from this format? It's too poor - yes. But what do you want to get from PSP? It's hardware can't provide you formats with better qualities IMHO

Posted at 5:12AM on May 2nd 2006 by Alex

6. In other news, I got a DS, and it's 100 times better than the PSP. There are games coming out all the time, games that are quite fun, and it's more portable and stylish.

Guess I'll sell my PSP and games.

Posted at 12:45PM on May 2nd 2006 by Peter Payne

7. In similar news, no one gives a shit.

Posted at 5:44PM on May 2nd 2006 by wrong site, dumbass

8. You just listed the main reason the PSP is behind!

Four movies come out and no games!

WTF, Sony? I bought this thing hoping to have lots and lots of awesome looking portable games. So far the best I have still is Lumines and Namco Museum. Katamari and Daxter soon. And Loco Roco far down the road. Five great games in a year? Something's wrong with that picture.

Posted at 12:12AM on May 3rd 2006 by Jason Anderson

9. #5

im not wanting more from the format, I just think it can't survive. proprietery media will fail 80% of the time. just ask sony!

the "universal media disc" is not very universal.

Posted at 12:53PM on May 3rd 2006 by Thomas Averin

10. 5 great games in YOUR opinion. Never mind that GTA, Syphon Filter and Field Commander got great reviews across the board.

I like that DS fanboy trolls now take the guise of "disappointed PSP owner" these days. It's getting quite pathetic =(

Posted at 2:42PM on May 3rd 2006 by jV

11. JV, how do you know it's a guise?

We have 2 PSPs and 1 DS in my household. The DS gets more non-homebrew use, especially since the PSP owners got ipods (they said the PSP was too big to carry around for music).

The PSP is a cool device, sans the slow UMD. There are several games that make it appealing now, but Sony is really behind in terms of games for this unit.

Posted at 5:10PM on May 3rd 2006 by SuicideNinja

12. lol @ #6

Posted at 11:51PM on May 3rd 2006 by Carsten Bogner

13. Duh, SuicideNinja. I'm pyschic.

What silly questions you ask.

The point is that his post is very misinformed. I'm just making recommendations.

And to you. Sony is far from the only reason they are "behind" in terms of games.

Posted at 12:59AM on May 4th 2006 by jV

14. Hey dudes sony better catch a wake up in the games dept.otherwise we is going to get pissed off

Posted at 2:11AM on May 5th 2006 by Bevan Cumming Smith

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