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Typing on PSP alleviated by Xbox 360 chatpad mod

Do you want an alternative to PSP's current keyboard? Perhaps you'd like to rip open an Xbox 360 chatpad and use it to connect it to a PSP? That's exactly what the clever folks at Acidmods did. A remarkable feat of engineering, indeed -- but we'll patiently wait for the official keyboard peripheral, due next year.

Video is embedded after the break. (Warning: video features music which may or may not be incredibly annoying.)

[Via Engadget]

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This PSP does a different kind of brew

Stellla Artois, a fancy-schmancy beer originating from Belgium, has devised a clever way to assist their new sales team in Australia. Fifty PSPs customized by the advertising agency Lowe and Rivet were issued to the team, which will be used to present Stella Artois marketing materials, such as short presentations and artwork.

The PSPs are stored in "hand-stitched black velvet drawstring bags and rebranded with Stella Artois logos." Additionally, the devices contain a customized XMB that reflects its status as a Stella Artois sales presenter. Lowe and Rivet also points out that the PSP is Wi-Fi capable, which allows them to "load up new material quicker than new pages can be printed for a loose-leaf folder."

And the results? "... every sales representative who was given a PSP met all their sales targets for the relevant quarter. Anecdotal feedback also confirmed that without exception, the PSP was regarded as the best sales presenter ever received. As a result, Foster's is now reviewing further rollout of the tool." Sounds about right to us -- the PSP's portability, internet and multimedia capabilities makes it an unconventional but ideal tool for just this kind of job.

[Via Gizmodo]

A PSP with L2 and R2 buttons, and how to do it yourself

Aside from a second analog stick, the PSP is missing the second set of trigger buttons found on all PlayStation controllers. If you're utilizing remote play with a PS3, you can map PlayStation One titles' L2 and R2 functions to the analog nub. However, someone thought that was rubbish and created their own L2/R2 modification to the PSP. You can do it just like the modder "Electro", assuming you've got access and are fairly talented with a soldering iron. It doesn't look that great, but if it works, you'll have the last laugh.

[via Engadget]

Fan shows his love of Rockstar through modded PSP

Someone really loves Rockstar. Ramon at Morpheon Mods has created a PSP that's ready for the upcoming multiplatform (PSP included) release of Midnight Club: Los Angeles. This mod features: "Six polished clear coats, auto grade Metalflake paint, LED's in the R and L trigger buttons (which switch on and off with the WLAN switch), custom clear orange buttons, custom start and WLAN switches (to look like a car's starter button), faux carbon fiber trim around the edges, and a whole heap of custom decals."

[Thanks, Simca!]

Mod makes PSP DualShock compatible

This mod done by Blizzrad of AcidMods lets you use your aging wired DualShock controller and hook it up to your PSP. The controller had its connector replaced for a much smaller one to elegantly fit in with the PSPs slim build. The mod also takes full use of the controller's second analog stick and extra shoulder buttons. The only commands not controlled by the DualShock are backlight and volume control.

If you were one of those looking for dual analog control, then you may remember this older mod which added a second analog nub. This new one would probably be more comfortable to play with than that. Anyway, the only problem with this mod is that it's probably too difficult to do on your own. So don't try it. Instead, just see the thing in action in the clip after the break. Also check out AcidMods for more pics of Blizzrad's hard work.

[Via Engadget]

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Make your PSP glow in the dark

Seeing this sort of mod makes you just want to stop and stare and say some pre-school gibberish like "ooh, glowing thing." While you comfortably ogle idly with desire, we'll continue reporting on this gorgeous add-on. When you're ready to wipe the drool over your chin, read on.

This product you see here is called the XCM Magic Night Glow faceplate. It latches onto the front side of slim model PSPs only and comes in pearl, yellow, blue (pictured), green, pink, and red. Each faceplate glows a different color than its original scheme. For example: the blue one pictured above will glow greenish (also pictured). So far there's no price set yet, but you can find a place to pre-order it over at XCM's website.

Now, just think of all the practical uses your PSP will now have; it's not only a game machine and a music player, but also a nightlight and a rave party glow toy! Sweet.

[Via Gizmodo]

Mod for slim PSP adds second analog stick

It is sort of baffling why anyone would need to mod a PSP in order to have two analog nubs. Why isn't one enough? Is playing Me & My Katamari just that difficult? Or maybe there is some sort of massage therapy simulation game out there that requires the most accurate symmetrical touch scheme? Perhaps a Karate Kid game -- wax on with the left nub and wax off with the right nub. Well, whether it's useful or not, someone still made it.

LordNico of AcidMods made this slim dual analog stick PSP. The second analog nub replicates the functions of the regular four-buttoned pad. While it's a neat trick to pull off, it's something completely unnecessary. We suggest just to check out the dual nubs in action in the clip after the break and not try it yourself.

[Via Engadget]

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Turning on your PSP: it's like magic

Turn on your PSP ... with the power of your hands! Okay, so you always need your hands to turn on your system. But can you turn it on without even touching it? l0rdnic0 from Acidmods can, thanks to some modding and the clever use of magnets. With a simple wave of the hand, you'll be able to turn on and off your PSP like magic.

Virtually mod a PSP (with no chance of bricking)

Ever wanted to become a PSP surgeon? Too afraid to open up a real PSP? Don't worry! The incredibly talented team at Acidmods have created a virtual modding program, where you can open up a simulated PSP and play pretend-hacker. It's still being tweaked, but the upcoming public beta will sport a number of pretty cool features:

1: Complete Virtual PSP dissassembly
2: X-Ray with power zoom ( sneek peak into the psp )
3: 5X zoom on the Mother board
4: Virtual customizable workspace
5: Tool use ( Screwdriver & Tweezers )
6: Led's (Trigger for now more comming)
7: Random mod generator (later it will have a huge library of combo's)
8: Full screen for screen capture oportunities (show off that psp)
9: Dynamic menu selections

Visit Acidmods for the download link, and tell us what you think about this incredible piece of software.

[Thanks, Kenshinffx!]

Another magical PSP from F00 f00

Here's something we've been saving for a while. F00 f00, creator of numerous modded PSPs, has come up with yet another wild creation. Not only does it feature the usual fancy lights, it comes with a few control modifications. See some detailed pictures at Acid Mods.

Groovy sound-reactive PSP LED mod

The incredible team at AcidMods has done it yet again: they've ripped apart another PSP (this time, including the motherboard!) to create a totally awesome, innovative mod for the system. Today, they're showing off a sound-reactive PSP, one that lights up according to the beat of the music. By combining the visualizations of 3.0, a funky beat, and the hypnotic LED lights, your PSP can turn into the ultimate groove machine.

Controlling a PSP using a DualShock controller

Want to see this modded PSP come to life? Well, now you can (after the break). F00 f00 from AcidMods has crafted a PSP that has all the comfort of a full PS2 DualShock controller. How, you ask? By letting you actually attach a PS2 controller to it. Do these system transformations ever cease to amaze?

I wonder what's next? LocoRoco controlled via the SIXAXIS?!

See also:

Watch! A PSP modded, in front of your very eyes!

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If you want it: the PSP cooling fan

The fine folks of Acid Mods have done it again: they've created yet another impressive modification for the PSP. But this one will make you spin your head a bit. It's a cooling fan. Yes, a cooling fan.

While it's true that the system may get a little bit warm when connected via wi-fi, the portable doesn't seem to suffer from overheating issues like its console cousins. However, if you need to play your PSP on a hot summer day, you may want to check this out. Regardless of its practicality, it's certainly an ingenious piece of work.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

See also:
Coming soon: Chotto Shot night vision

Use regular AAA batteries in this impressive mod

The incredible folks at Acidmods have done it again: they've come up with another ingenious modification that's bound to be helpful for some of you. By carefully opening up a spare PSP battery pack, and then going through a complicated series of technical voodoo, you'll be able to use three standard AAA batteries to power your PSP. Certainly, this will come in handy for those of you that can't seem to find a charger to plug your PSP into while traveling.

While certainly a useful mod, it may prove to be too difficult for most. Maybe a third party will start manufacturing some of these babies for us?

[Thanks, F00 f00!]

The top 5 most creative uses of the PSP

While long-time readers of PSP Fanboy have undoubtedly seen most of these mods and hacks, it's nice to see five truly fascinating uses of the PSP in action. TechEBlog has collected various videos from YouTube, showcasing the PSP's incredible flexibility. Watch someone type away on a PSP keyboard; control a robot; play with an analog stick; add a motion sensor; and finally, make calls with a PSP phone.

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