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Star Ocean for Europe out October 24

Star Ocean: First Departure was first announced for Europe in late August, though a specific date was yet to be determined. However now, we now know that the tri-Ace space voyager will be releasing in Europe on October 24 -- three days behind the North American date.

That's good to know for all you RPG fanatics that live over yonder. In celebration of this news, we've got ten new screenshots in our gallery for you to enjoy.

[Via press release]

Gallery: Star Ocean: The First Departure

PSP Fanboy hands-on: Star Ocean: First Departure

Having played all the Star Ocean titles officially available in North America, I was more than eager to try out Square-Enix's remake of the game that started it all. As most Star Ocean fans know, the original title was released on the Super Famicom in 1996 but never saw the light of day in the US, so this PSP-exclusive remake is the first time many of us will be playing the game. Read on to find out my thoughts after spending a couple of hours with the game.

Gallery: Star Ocean: The First Departure

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Star Ocean box art splits the world in two

The US box art for the upcoming PSP Star Ocean remakes are surprisingly void of anime characters. Instead, Square Enix USA has opted to go for something a bit more subtle: cracking the world in half. Like those friendship rings of yesteryear, buying both First Departure and Second Evolution and putting them together creates a whole image. As the Square Enix blog says, "How can you own one and not the other?"

[Thanks. T.J. F.!]

Star Ocean announced for Europe

Back at E3, Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution were both announced for North America. Since then, our European readers may have wondered if the titles would see release across the Atlantic. Luckily, Star Ocean actually will be crossing ... an ocean into Europe and releasing this October. However, only First Departure has been announced with a wide open October date. North Americans should still look out for October 21, 2008 for SO1 both titles and January 6, 2009 for SO2.

Gallery: Star Ocean: The First Departure

Star Ocean trailer reminds us NA release in October

This trailer for Star Ocean: First Departure, a remake of the original PSOne SNES classic RPG, mostly shows off the all new anime cut scenes that have been added. The voiceovers are still in their original Japanese during this trailer, but the provision of subtitles makes sure you're not left scratching your head as to what's going on.

The game was launched back in December of last year in Japan, and has only recently been announced for North America. Specifically, the game will come out in North America on October 21 of this year.

Star Ocean officially set for US release, coming October

After tons of retailer leaks, it looks like Square Enix has finally announced Star Ocean is coming to the US. The first PSP game, The First Departure will be available for the US market on October 21st. The Second Evolution will be available on January 6th.

While we're glad to see this news, it's a little disparaging to note that for PSP fans, this is all Square Enix will have to show at E3. Other high profile PSP releases, like Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts, will not be making an appearance at the show. Guess we're going to have to wait until Tokyo Game Show to get our hands on Square's other titles.

Star Ocean discovered in GameCrazy system, for November release

Square Enix's PSP Star Ocean games should be hitting the States this November, if this listing from a GameCrazy store is to be believed. The RPG remakes will retail for $39.99 each. Square Enix has yet to officially announce a localized version of the game, but with this new evidence (and the listing found on GameFly), it's clear that the games are coming to the US.

[Thanks, Chibi-L!]

Star Ocean makes an apperance on GameFly

Square Enix's PSP remake of Star Ocean may finally be getting a US release. At least, if this information on GameFly is to be believed. The popular online rental site lists a September 30th date for the game. Most likely, this is simply a placeholder.

It's not a question of if, but when, Square Enix will officially announce a US release for the Star Ocean remakes. With many finishing Crisis Core, tons of PSP fans are awaiting their next RPG adventure.

[Via Siliconera; Thanks, Joe!]

Listen in on Star Ocean: Second Evolution's sountrack

Of course, you could wait and assume the soundtrack for the Star Ocean: Second Evolution remake will be awesome, or you can take the advice from SiliconEra and check out this promotional page Square Enix has put up for everyone. Under the "check" section you can sample six songs from the game and even fade between two songs via the slider on the webpage. Not sure why you'd really care enough to do that, but it can be strangely intriguing to listen to two songs at once. The soundtrack goes on sale May 2nd in Japan, with an album of arranged music tracks to follow on the 21st.

Take a peek at Star Ocean Second Evolution's battle system

Star Ocean Second Evolution has been out in Japan for over a week now and still the gameplay footage keeps rolling in. This latest video showcases the game's battle system which is obviously very similar to the original game, but with much prettier graphics. Check the video out for yourselves and keep your fingers crossed for a Western release for both Star Ocean PSP remakes.

Star Ocean: Second Evolution startup montage

Square Enix hasn't revealed any information about a US localization of Star Ocean. That's too bad -- we're hankering for a new PSP RPG. The Second Evolution is the second PSP-exclusive remake released in Japan so far, and this is the opening cinematic from the game. The production values, as expected from a Square Enix title, look pretty fantastic.

See more non-gameplay cinematics, head on over to GameTrailers.

Download new Star Ocean themes

The Second Evolution has just gone on sale in Japan, and Square Enix is celebrating the release of this new PSP-exclusive remake by making new themes and wallpapers available on their official website (click on "Special"). Initial impressions from Tokyo's Akihabara suggest that the game has done rather well in its first week: finding a new copy proved difficult, due to eager early demand.

With Monster Hunter and Star Ocean, we expect the Japanese metro system to be filled with PSP players.

[Via PSPHyper]

Four minutes of Star Ocean: Second Evolution [Update]

The first Star Ocean PSP remake hasn't made it out of Japan yet, but The Second Evolution is already getting ready for its big debut in a few weeks. This remake of Star Ocean 2 features anime cutscenes and voice acting and yet another Jpoppy theme song. Catch more than four minutes of this RPG remake in this brand new trailer. [Update: New embedded trailer.]

[Via NeoGAF]

Star Ocean: Second Evolution commercial gets Jpoppy

Most RPGs in Japan come with some super-sweet, super-catchy J-pop song. Square Enix's upcoming Star Ocean: The Second Evolution is no different. The all-girl band Scandal performs the theme song to this upcoming game with their number, "Start." Check it out.

[Via PSPHyper]

First screens of Star Ocean 2 are unsurprising

We're not surprised at all by these images of Star Ocean: The Second Evolution. Why? It looks to continue the visual trend of The First Departure. This PSP-exclusive remake of the second entry to the Star Ocean RPG series will feature all the usual Square Enix dressings, such as enhanced graphics, new anime cutscenes, and voice overs. It's rather ... expected.

Check out all the new images at Famitsu.

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