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European PC Store releases for May 1st

Finally Ape Quest sees its European release today, just one day shy of its "April" schedule, as the PC Store is updated once again. Other than that, there's not a lot to see here. Check out our review of Ape Quest if you're still on the fence regarding whether to buy it or not. Or, you could just play the free starter pack and see what you think. Here's the full release list:

Playable content
  • Ape Quest starter pack (free)
  • Ape Quest full game (£6.99/€9.99)
  • Go!Explore trailer (free)

American PSN updates for March 6th

As promised, flOw headlines this week's update. Check out our review, and then point your internet browser to store.playstation.com on your PC to start downloading this great content.

PSP Software:
  • flOw ($7.99)
  • Ape Escape: On the Loose ($14.99)
Game Videos:
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus
  • Ape Escape: On the Loose
  • Warriors Orochi

PSP Fanboy review: Ape Quest

Ape Quest took everyone by surprise when it stealthily launched on the PLAYSTATION Store. This download-exclusive title is unique in a number of ways. Not only is it one of the few original games for download on the PC Store, it combines RPG elements and mini-games into an experience that's inherent of the Ape franchise. The purchase model for the game sets a new standard that other games may follow in the future: a free demo can be further expanded by the purchase of one of three official expansions. Each content pack can be purchased for $10 each, or a bundle can be purchased at a budget price of $20.

In concept, Ape Quest should be a success. The blending of mini-games and RPG elements makes for an intriguing combination. However, the game is unable to capitalize on its unique formula. Both the RPG side and mini-games side of the game are lackluster, creating an experience that is vapid and wholly uninspiring.

Gallery: Ape Quest

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PSP Fanboy mini-interview: Ape Quest

Everyone was surprised by the release of Ape Quest on the PLAYSTATION Store last Thursday. The game received zero publicity before it was sprung upon the PSP community. If you haven't yet, feel free to download a free demo of the game from the Store. A full review will be coming in the next few days.

We chatted with Scott Goryl from SCEA quickly about the game's surprise release.

Why the surprise release? Shouldn't games like Beats and Ape Quest get a bit more attention before being sprung upon the PSP community?
SCEA is excited to bring titles like Beats and Ape Quest to consumers via the PC Store. Even with limited hype before release, consumers are downloading and enjoying these great games for PSP.

The game hasn't come in Japan yet. Will it also be downloadable there, or will it be on UMD?
The current plan is to release it as a download.

Gallery: Ape Quest

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Ape Escape heads into RPG territory

What won't Sony's simian sidekicks do for attention? The Ape Escape franchise is expanding to new territory, yet again -- this time, the monkeys are starring in an RPG in their next PSP outing. Cleverly titled The Record of Piposaru War (a parody of Ryo Mizuno's classic, we assume), the monkeys must seal three demons that were accidentally unleashed upon the world.

Looking at screens released by Famitsu, it appears that there will be a healthy amount of mini-games present in the game, as well. The Ape Escape games have been slow-coming to the States, so don't expect this to be translated any time soon.

[Via PSPHyper]

Ape Quest gets ESRB rating

A new PSP game can be seen on the ESRB website, as discovered by Siliconera. The title, Ape Quest, most likely refers to Saru Saru Big Mission (demo available here). In the game, you're able to control the rascally monkeys by landing a robotic hat atop their heads. Each monkey has different abilities you can exploit to get through the levels.

Two more join Japan's The Best

"The Best" line-up is Japan's equivalent of the "Greatest Hits" series. These titles showcase their success by re-releasing ons store shelves with a budget price. Two more titles met "The Best" requirements in Japan today: Ape Escape Racer and unsurprisingly, Tales of the World.

Japan's list of budget-priced games continues to expand. However, American gamers have not had an update to the PSP budget line-up since Daxter in the summer. Hopefully, that'll change later this year, in time for the holiday season.

Brain controlling monkeys in new Ape Escape

It all makes so much sense to us now. Finally, after watching gameplay of the new Ape Escape in motion, the game makes so much sense to us. After a mishap, it appears that you're only a fraction of the size you used to be. Thankfully, you have the magical ability to control the minds of these apes and have them do your bidding. This PSP exclusive will have you taking advantage of the wide variety of abilities these chimps are endowed with. An interesting premise, to be sure ... but we can't say we're completely sold on the presentation.

Don't forget to try out the demo to get a taste for the game. Then, check out the Japanese introduction to the game, after the cut.

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Awfully disturbing Ape Escape ad

When a woman falls in love with an ape ... only bad things can happen.

Sony's Japanese ad department scores yet another winner with its terrifyingly disturbing ad for the new Ape Escape game. If an ad like this aired in America, you'd bet that people would be too scared to buy this game.

See also:
Awfully disturbing Hot Shots Golf ad

Ape Escape: Saru Saru Big Mission downloadable demo

As promised, the Japanese demo for Ape Escape: Saru Saru Big Mission is finally out. This platformer has you ... well, we haven't figured out how to play it quite yet! (Can you tell us?) It can be downloaded via PlayStation Spot, PLAYSTATION Store, or from us:

1. Download the demo zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy NPJG90004 folder into the GAME directory.

Check out our new demos site:

Gallery: Ape Escape: Saru Saru Big Mission

Ape Escape takes over the World Hobby Fair

There's a new Ape Escape game rolling into town (if you happen to live in Japan). In order to promote the new title, Sony sent its crazy simians to take over the World Hobby Fair, where attendees could try out the new game, and other PlayStation titles, like Boku no Natsuyasumi (My Summer Vacation).

To check out all the pictures, check out Famitsu's coverage.

Demo for Ape Escape spin-off, headed for Japanese gamers only

Introducing another shining example of Sony shafting non-Japanese gamers, Sony is releasing a demo of Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen (a take off their popular Ape Escape franchise) at the World Hobby Fair on June 23rd. This same demo will also be available for download on the PlayStation 3, through the Japanese PlayStation Store, and later on June 29th, through means of an 8MB downloadable demo off their website. The full game is set for a July 26th release and as with most Japanese-originating releases, there is no official word on a North American translation or confirmed release at all. How many more Ape Escape fans do we have with us here that are hoping this title makes its way to other territories?

Ape Escape returns to its platforming roots, sort of

Enough with the mini-game collections, and the kart racing games. The next Ape Escape game for PSP is finally taking the series back to its roots ... sort of. New screenshots from Famitsu reveal new platforming antics for the upcoming game. However, unlike the original, you're not trying to catch these monkeys--you're playing as them! We recommend that you look at the pictures and try to understand the game by yourself. As you can see, machine translations of Japanese websites never work well.

[Via Jeux-France]

Yet another Ape Escape is heading our way

Japan really loves Ape Escape. Sony's simian friends have stared in a PS1 remake, a terrible party game, and a mediocre racing game--all on PSP. Looks like these monkeys aren't done yet, though. Sony's Japanese website reveals yet another addition to the Ape Escape franchise. Our incredibly limited knowledge of Nihongo reveals that this will be a single-player action game. Maybe Steve's wish for a "proper" Ape Escape title will be fulfilled? We'll be certain to find out more soon.

[Thanks, Thien!]

PSP's greatest hits: now in claymation

This is certainly one of the strangest things we've seen so far at PSP Fanboy. A member of the PlayStation forums, psp-frog, has created various claymated shorts of his favorite PSP games using Chotto Shot. While it may not have the same production values of, say, Wallace & Grombit, it's fascinating to see his dedication for Sony's handheld produce something so unique. Check out the following videos, after the cut: Loco Roco, SOCOM, Killzone, and Ape Escape.

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