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Dungeons & Dragons video reveals lengthy loads

This tutorial will explain how to play Dungeons & Dragons Tactics ... if only the game would load! This video rip from PSP GadgetZ shows loads upwards of twenty seconds -- isn't that unacceptable in this modern age of PSP gaming? Hopefully, the gameplay will prove enjoyable enough to warrant such lengthy loads.

PSP Fanboy exclusive: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics trailer

We're proud to present an exclusive to PSP Fanboy readers tonight. Atari's upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics is starting to wrap up development, and this new trailer highlights all the game's extensive features. We're impressed by the trailer's musical selection, and we hope it's indicative of the musical direction of the final game. Honestly, doesn't this sound like Lord of the Rings quality stuff?

Don't forget to check out our updated gallery below.

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PSP Fanboy interview: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

Gallery: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

Bringing D&D Tactics to the handheld

If you listened to our new PlayStation Fancast, you would've heard about PSP's upcoming Dungeons and Dragons title. It managed to impress our man at the scene, Kevin Kelly (a big D&D fan). So, what challenges did Kuju Entertainment face when bringing the extensive D&D playset to the handheld? In an interview with IGN, lead designer Lee Brimmicombe-Wood explains:

"It's a big ruleset to try and squeeze onto a handheld with relatively little memory (versus PC or next-gen console). In some cases we had to compromise simply because of the PSP's controls. A PC game, where we could use a mouse, would have been much simpler to make. We're fairly proud of the result, though, and think the implementation of the rules should appeal to die-hard D&D fans, as well as anyone who isn't familiar with the system. The tutorial is a good introduction, and we've made info about feats, spells, etc. easily accessible."

Check out more of the interview at IGN, and click past the break to see new footage of the game.

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SGD '07: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

Not to be confused with SOCOM: Tactical Strike, Dungeon & Dragons Tactics strives to bring a hardcore D&D experience to the handheld. While it may be too difficult for mere simpletons like me to understand, the response from the PSP community has been overwhelming for this game. Surprising -- was the franchise really that strong?

Check out some screens in our new gallery:

Gallery: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

We can't wait for Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

We've had our eye on this little title for some time now. If you haven't been following this game's progress, you can take a look at some in-game videos or better yet, an interview we had with senior producer, Lawrence Liberty. Some brand new screens popped out today, so we thought we'd share them with you. The Metal Gear: Acid series seemed to enjoy a rather welcome reception, and we welcomed the slower paced entry of turn-based strategy for the PSP lineup. It's looking like Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics will appeal to a same audience, as well as encompassing any overlapping D&D fans. Look for the title when it ships later, this June.

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New Dungeons & Dragons preview gets tactical

GameTrailers has provided a very insightful video preview of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics game. We were afraid that those unfamiliar with the franchise would have trouble keeping up with the series' complex series of rules--and we may have been right. It appears players will have a lot to learn in the tactical RPG. Watch the footage and tell us what you think.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics gameplay video

You read the interview, now watch gameplay footage from this upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game for PSP. Does this brief clip reveal any answers to the questions you had about this game?

PSP Fanboy interview: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

This June (July in the UK), PSP will be receiving its very own Dungeons & Dragons game. We talked with Lawrence Liberty, Senior Producer at Atari, about what PSP fans can expect from this upcoming RPG.

First of all, can you explain how battle works in the game for those that are unfamiliar?

Lawrence Liberty:
Battle in D&D Tactics utilizes the time-tested mechanics of D&D, the latest rule set (3.5) to be precise. Like its table-top counterpart, Tactics is turn-based, and relies on the roll of the dice to determine the outcome of combat actions. There are many strategic options during the combat phase: you can choose to gird your defenses, feint (mislead an opponent), use items, perform special actions, use magic, and of course perform a melee attack. This is all accomplished through a straightforward combat/action interface.

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New D&D: Tactics details unearthed [Update 1]

New D&D: Tactics details unearthed
Those lucky cats at IGN got their hands on an alpha build of Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics. While we know the game, which is developed by Kuji Kuju Entertainment and is published by Atari, will include the 3.5 rule set and will feature more than 200 unique spells and 650 items, IGN has uncovered even more details:
  • You can have up to six members in your party;
  • All the core races and classes are present;
  • Two new psionic classes - pychic warrior and psion;
  • Primary character's alignment effects storyline and game's missions;
  • 41 different quests in the game;
  • The game should last between 30-40 hours;
  • Chess Mode allows players to fight through the game without watching battle animations, making the game move along quickly;
  • All planned downloadable content was finished early and is now included on the UMD; and
  • The game supports six-player co-op and four-player versus modes via ad-hoc.
The inclusion of the Chess Mode is a great idea and should make the game even more portable friendly. And I appreciate Kuji Kuju including co-op and versus modes in the game, but am I the only one who wants to see some infrastructure action? I mean who even has six friends these days?

[Update 1: GameSpot has the trailer available for download. And it's Kuju, not Kuji, Chris.]

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