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PSP Fanboy review: Buzz! Master Quiz

Have you ever seen the game show Temptation? Probably not. It's a game show with an incredibly low budget -- so low, in fact, it doesn't have a studio audience. Prizes are worth only a few thousand bucks at best, and it's syndicated on stations that used to be the UPN. If Buzz! Quiz TV on PS3 is "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" then Buzz! Master Quiz on PSP is "Temptation."

Unfortunately, PSP isn't very well suited for a Buzz! game. The franchise is best in front of a television with three of your friends. However, Master Quiz simply can't offer the same kind of competitive spirit, especially on a system like the PSP. It's not to say the developers at Relentless Software didn't try -- there are a number of creative multiplayer modes included. However, they're ultimately unsuccessful in emulating a fun Buzz! experience.

Gallery: Buzz!

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Buzz! returns to PSP in Brain Bender

European games just can't get enough Buzz! A brand new Buzz! trivia game is coming to PSP later this year in Europe, entitled Buzz! Brain Bender. There are sixteen mini-games to find in this latest iteration of the popular trivia franchise. Eight have been revealed so far:
  • Analysis Games:
    Path Finder: A maze game where players have to quickly decide what path leads to the centre.
    Power Struggle: A decision game based on who can win "tugs of wars" battles between different vehicles
  • Observation Games:
    Match Up: Can you tell how many pairs of contestants there are in a puzzle?
    Pattern Match: A puzzle style game where players need to identify the correct shapes to fit into a missing grid.
  • Memory Games:
    Take Away: A card game where players need to identify the missing cards from a series.
    Sound Bites:
    A game based on sounds made by animals or objects. Players have to correctly recall the order they were played out.
  • Calculation Games:
    Blot Swot: Can you still solve maths puzzles when they're full of missing numbers?
    Sliced Up: A game where the player must decide what portion of the food on display hasn't been eaten.
In a Brain Age twist, the upcoming game will also add a Test mode, which will track your progress and determine your brain power. Stay tuned for more.

Gallery: Buzz! Brain Bender

Buzz! will not introduce XMB trophy system

We've been playing a very complete preview build of the upcoming PSP Buzz! title for quite some time now. Many readers were curious about the potential for XMB Trophies, a la the PS3, due to a curious statement by one of the game's developers at E3. Well, we've unlocked a few "Trophies" and we can confirm they won't upload to the PSN.

It's true that the in-game trophies work in the same way as many other PS3 Trophies or Xbox Achievements. You'll have to accomplish certain tasks, such as answering a question correctly in a certain amount of time, in order to receive this unlockable. However, they're not classified as Bronze, Silver and Gold -- and there's no in-game pop-up that indicates when you've unlocked them. Instead, the host, Buzz, verbally congratulates you on your accomplishment.

A Sony PR representative also confirmed that the Trophy, er, buzz, was due to a miscommunication. The gold medals you receive in the game are solely for record-keeping purposes, and won't improve your PlayStation Level. Stay tuned for more details about Buzz! in our hands-on preview, and click past the break to see Buzz's "Trophies."

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Hands-on: Buzz! Master Quiz

It's a rather difficult challenge to write hands-on impressions for a game like Buzz! Master Quiz. Sitting all lonesome on a table at Sony's E3 booth, it went by unnoticed by many that simply passed it by. Perhaps the lack of enthusiasm comes from this simple fact: Buzz! Master Quiz can be summed up rather succinctly -- a portable version of the popular quiz franchise, Buzz!

Progression through the game is rather simple. Simply partake in a variety of themed challenges. Perform well on one, and you'll earn a medal which can help unlock other challenges. Considering the quiz select screen fits on one menu, we're a bit concerned that the amount of content on the disc will be on the light side. With thousands of questions programmed in, we're certain these concerns are unwarranted.

Buzz! Master Quiz doesn't need to push the PSP hardware in any way, and that's exactly what we're getting with this simple, easy to look at game. At the very least, the presentation appears to have all the trimmings of its PS2 brethren.

Gallery: Buzz!

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Play a mini-game with these new Buzz! Master Quiz screens

Not too long ago, our Buzz! Master Quiz gallery got a nice update all thanks to Europe's PlayStation Day. This week, we've got eight brand new shots based off the North American version of the game. Can you spot all the spelling differences between the British and American English? We guess you can make this into a mini-game of sorts, "spot the meticulous details," while you wait for this game to come out sometime this Fall. A Summer release for Europe means that gamers over there won't have to keep themselves busy analyzing screenshots for much longer. In the meantime North Americans, keep looking for those extra U's, and S's in place of Z's (Zed). It's going to be awhile.

Gallery: Buzz!

New Buzz! Master Quiz screens straight from PlayStation Day 08

Click for more images

Buzz! on PSP hasn't managed to entirely convince us yet. We love playing with the big red button too much! For those of you who are anticipating this release, however, we have some new screenshots as well as the boxart for the game. These screens include more questions for you to swot up on before the game is released, giving you an edge against your mates. A small, rather sad, edge -- but an edge, nonetheless.

Gallery: Buzz!

Buzz! announced for North American release

Well, that didn't take long. SCEA has just announced that Buzz! is also coming to America. Previously announced for Europe only, this trivia game promises to do more than bring the successful PS2 trivia game to the handheld. With a new focus on multiplayer, and gaming sharing, the PSP edition of Buzz! should have people ... well, buzzing.

Look for it this summer.

Gallery: Buzz!

Win a Bravia HDTV in Sony's Buzz! contest

So we're pretty sure quite a few of you are anxiously anticipating Buzz! to make its way to the PSP later this year. [Editor's note: Buzz! has NOT been announced for release in the US.] To help you brush up on your quiz show skills, SCEA's PlayStation Blog is holding a contest kicking off at noon PST today through midnight, complete with some great prizes.

In all, 10 questions will be presented, and the first person to correctly answer all of them will win a 37" BRAVIA M series HDTV. Prizes will also be given to the second- and third-place winners, receiving a PS2 SingStar bundle and games and PS2 versions of Buzz! Hollywood and SingStar 90's, respectively.

The full details of the contest will be posted later today, but all of you budding quiz show contestants better get ready because this may be your one and only chance to win real prizes while playing Buzz!

Buzz! brings game show trivia on the go

That cheeky game show host is finally coming to PSP. The insanely popular PS2 trivia game is going to Sony's handheld, with a slew of enhancements ideal for the portable gamer. The most notable addition: Game Sharing, which allows you to play multiplayer against three other PSP owners with just one copy of the game. The game is currently announced for a UK release, but we're certain that the recent US release of the PS2 version of the game will make this a more international affair.

Key Features:
  • Three new multiplayer modes, all requiring either just one PSP or one copy of the game to enjoy: Pass Around, Game Share and Quiz Host
  • Bigger and better single player mode than ever before, with 15 quiz challenges to test your knowledge to its limits
  • Six all-new single and multiplayer round types specially created for PSP
  • Over 5000 unique questions alongside over 1000 licensed picture and video assets
  • Eight question categories: Music, TV, Science, Celebrities, Nature, Sport, Movies and General Knowledge

Gallery: Buzz!

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