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TGS 08: This is the special Dissidia PSP

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You probably can't see the embossed Dissidia images on that shiny PSP Brite in this picture. The glittery surface is way too distracting. If you can't really make it out, we'll let you know that the Amano-esque logo characters Cosmos and Chaos are featured on the left and right side of the PSP respectively. It's a well detailed design, so you might want to have a closer look at the high-res version.

It's a shame that those who've imported and spent huge wads of cash on that Crisis Core PSP a year ago will probably be killing themselves for impulsively buying this one too. Resist it! It's pretty, but if you've already got a special ed PSP, one of that kind should be enough.

Enkaku Sousa and Diamond Gunshot websites open

Yup, those two modern day, Dick Tracy-like games now have official sites. Now that the print mags have let the cat out of the bag on Sony's first party PSP games to be shown at TGS, the internet is getting a treat. If you're interested in getting a better look at either of these titles, you can check out the Enkaku Sousa website here or the Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot one right here.

This blogger recommends checking out the Enkaku Sousa website purely to listen to the background music. That, and the fact that there's some footage on the game you can watch. Diamond Gunshot's website on the other hand, has less to offer, but drop by if you're interested.

Wait, there's more! Level-5 also announces Cardboard Senki

What? Two PSP game announcements on the same day? From the same developer? Yes, Level-5 loves PSP. Ushiro was revealed earlier -- now, hold your applause for Cardboard Senki. As usual, this is another JRPG from the talented team, and features a rather unique graphics presentation, where everything is made of cardboard. You'll control a customizable robot which will most likely fight some forces of evil. Check out Gamekyo for the scans.

Level-5 announces new horror RPG, Ushiro

Level-5, developers of Jeanne d'arc on PSP, have just announced a new horror-themed RPG called Ushiro. Players will take on the role of a death god (shinigami) to help people fulfill their wishes, and fight monsters along the way. It's scheduled for a release next year. Check out a scan at Gamekyo.

[Thanks, Jon C.!]

Gundam vs. Gundam gets first customized PSP-3000

We knew that several new games were going to be bundled with a PSP-3000 pack in Japan, and Gundam vs. Gundam just so happens to be one of them. The interesting thing about this bundle is that the PSP-3000 has a special Gundam-themed embossing on its backside; this will be the first PSP-3000 model -- which we know of at the moment -- to feature such extra fan service. We wonder if the other Japanese bundles (Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Patapon 2 Donchaka) will also receive this boutique-style enhancement. We'll just have to wait and see.

The Gundam vs. Gundam bundle will launch alongside the standalone game on November 20 in Japan. It will retail for ¥24,840 ($236.23).

Kenka Banchou 3: Zenkoku Seiha landing in Japan November 27th

Download to PSP
The third installment popular Japanese high-school gangster series Kenka Banchou is headed for the PSP. In Kenka Banchou 3: Zenkoku Seiha, the player will have the ability to fight rival gangs, participate on training trips, as well as meet some beautiful ladies. The game will retain many of the trademark mechanics of its PS2 predecessors, such as branching storylines and a peculiar battle system that involves picking lines of dialog to determine who will attack first. New additions to franchise include online play via ad-hoc mode and the ability to change the protagonist's name and place of birth.

The game will arrive in Japan on November 27th. Since the first two games were never made it to our shores, this appears to be an unlikely candidate for localization. For more information, check out the scan of Famitsu magazine, screenshots, and the official website.

[Via PSPHyper]

Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes trailer shows more hack 'n slash action

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Take a good look at this trailer. It may look like a Koei. Heck, it may even sound like a Koei game, but nope -- this hack 'n slash game is made by Capcom. This ad-hoc enhanced multiplayer fighter encourages team play. But watch out, if you're stuck with someone that particularly sucks at the game, you will be penalized.

One more Koei game: Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid

It seems Koei's PSP ports are just coming out of the woodwork. Not more than a few days ago, the Japanese corp stated new games were to be shown at TGS; a day later we know what those games are. One is a port of Warriors Orochi 2, and another, we've found out, is this: Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid.

The title is yet another multiplayer co-op game (who'd a thunk it?) that's based off of Dynasty Warriors 6 (probably more specifically on the PS2 version). It'll be out later this year in Japan and scheduled for "winter." While it's not altogether surprising to hear that Koei's offerings are ports, we can't help but feel disappointed at the lack of something really new and original ... but, we should've seen that one coming from a mile away.

[Via Gamekyo]

Final Fantasy IV characters join Dissidia ranks

The character countdown is almost over now, people. With the confirmation of Cecil and Golbez as Final Fantasy IV's respective light and darkness ambassadors, we now know the identities of most Dissidia alumni. Final Fantasies I through IV and VIII through X are now complete, while villains for VI and VII have also been revealed.

All that's really left is to figure out who the heroes of VII (no-brainer really ... unless a Caith Sith surprise is in store) and VI (more difficult to gauge considering characters shared the spotlight equally) are. That, and what's the fate of V -- in or not? Lots of conflicting reports on that one so we'll wait and see. Maybe TGS is the time to get those last inkling details before the big release this December.

[Via PSPHyper]

Project Diva brings cute anime music gameplay to PSP

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Here's another game for Japan which has the inklings of becoming an import hit. Project Diva has you starring as an adorable big-eyed anime girl wooing her way to stardom. Sing well and you'll find your room growing with tons of decorative items.

Bizarre schoolgirl fighting in new Ikki Tousen video

Download to PSP

Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist truly is a bizarre game. It's hard to make commentary on a game that's known for its emphasis on well-endowed school girls whose clothes seemingly explode at random. The truly strange fighting game has us asking all sorts of questions: why is she fighting random teenagers? Why are they so angry at her? How is all of this happening? Why are her clothes exploding? We're sure for the Japanese audience (and importers) that get their hands on this, all answers will be revealed.

[Via PSPHyper]

Naked men attack! Cho Aniki heading to PSP

Do you know of Cho Aniki? The hardcore shooter crowd knows this notorious title because of its ridiculous premise: you play a motley crew of mostly naked men firing energy missiles at other enemies, also usually mostly-naked men. The upcoming PSP game seems to be based on the original PC Engine title, meaning the increasingly strange and homoerotic imagery found in later games will most likely be absent in this upcoming PSP game. It may be based on the most tame version of the series, but it will undoubtedly become another hit amongst the cult shooter crowd.

Read more on the series' legacy at Wikipedia -- and then for a more humorous take, check out Something Awful (content may be not safe for work). A video of the game, embedded after the cut.

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It's not Gundam, it's Macross Ace Frontier

One of our readers rightfully asked why we post so much information on Japanese games. The truth of the matter is, Japan just gets more games than us. Games like Gundam are system-sellers on that side of the Pacific. The upcoming Macross game will also undoubtedly do very well. While most of us will never have a chance to actually play these titles (lest we import), at least we can take some comfort that PSP is doing incredibly well in Japan? Check out this new promotional video to check out some hot mech-on-mech action.

Cardinal Arc: The Neverland Card War coming to PSP

Cardinal Arc: The Neverland Card War is PS2 RPG released back in 2003. The gameplay is card-based as you have undoubtedly guessed from the title. You step into the shoes of Gallahad, who must battle both forces from heaven and hell to win cards and territory. The game is getting ported over to the popular handheld in Japan this September and will feature some enhancements: newly reworked cut-scenes, a new 16:9 widescreen presentation and a versus mode via ad hoc. Check out the site for the original PS2 game here. Unsurprisingly, no word on a release outside of the Japanese region.

[Via GAForum]

Yes, this is the Idolmaster trailer

Unless you're a truly hardcore otaku, it might be hard to understand the appeal of Idolmaster. This was a huge success in Japan, in spite of it being on Xbox 360. Imagine how well it will do when it arrives on Japan's most successful console right now. Yeah, we're thinking this is going to cause a massive surge of sales, one only rivaled by Monster Hunter.

[Via Siliconera]

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