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Kefka looks scarier than ever in new Dissidia art

One didn't think that Kefka, the insane clown-like villain with the distinctive laugh from Final Fantasy VI, could get any creepier. But he just totally did in the latest Dissida art of him, as revealed by Shonen Jump -- look at the way he's ogling at poor Terra/Tina. She ain't no damsel in distress though; her EX mode named "Trance" is looking pretty powerful. Take a look at the full scan over at PSPHyper.

New FF Agito XIII scan show off in-game screens, battle system

Pictures say a thousand words. They really do. So having just one look at this new Final Fantasy Agito XIII scan should give you a better sense of what we saw back at Square Enix's TGS Closed Mega Theater [Click for trailer impressions].

That's right, the new scan shows off the in-game battle HUD. While still-images can't show off the game in motion, you can still get a Crisis Core vibe from the screens, can't you? Anyway, if you're having trouble seeing everything in the image posted above, check out the full size version here.

New Dissidia vid shows off some summons

There are summoned creatures in the 'dramatic progressive action' title Dissidia: Final Fantasy, but they may not be exactly what you'd expect them to be. They pop up as static 2D images during gameplay -- no fancy FMVs here, folks. You can check out two of the summons (Ifrit and Carbuncle) in the trailer posted above.

Summon creatures appear upon pressing the R trigger together with the circle button. In the case of Ifrit, summons appear as equipable items (as represented on the HUD). Judging by the way they're used in the trailer, the summons primarily affect the Brave gauge -- Carbuncle adjusts the enemy's Brave to match the player's, while boosts a player's Brave by 1.5.

Dissidia may be a downloadable title too

Back at TGS, we reported that all of the Sony's upcoming first-party titles in Japan were being made available as a download -- even high-profile ones like Resistance Retribution. The price point for at least some of the downloadable versions will also be lower. No plans were announced regarding third-party titles.

However, a reader over at Siliconera noticed a listing on Sony's official website that might suggest otherwise: Dissidia: Final Fantasy is categorized as both as a UMD and downloadable release on the site. If this is proven to be true, it could be great news for Final Fantasy fans with access to the Japanese PS Store -- you can just download the title directly.

[Via Siliconera]

Shonen Jump reveals Final Fantasy Agito XIII battle screen

We've known for some time that Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be using a modified version of the ATB system used in Crisis Core, but now we finally have the first screenshot of how that battle system will look like, thanks to the latest issue of Shonen Jump. The headline of this short article confirms that multiplayer will be a big focus for the game -- earlier reports indicate both Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc multiplayer will be included -- this will sit well with Japanese PSP owners who seem to love the Ad-Hoc mode in games like Phantasy Star Portable. Check out the full scans over at PSPHyper.

TGS trailer for Final Fantasy Agito XIII leaked

A brand new poster has been revealed for Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The cropped version is above but you can view the full version here. It appears to be a cloaked CG version of the students from this older illustration.

Fresh out of TGS, a trailer has also been leaked. According to the poster, this is a truncated version of a trailer shown last year, so this was created before the PSP version was announced. It still looks pretty cool, so we've got it for you right after the break.


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TGS 08: This is the special Dissidia PSP

Click for high-res image
You probably can't see the embossed Dissidia images on that shiny PSP Brite in this picture. The glittery surface is way too distracting. If you can't really make it out, we'll let you know that the Amano-esque logo characters Cosmos and Chaos are featured on the left and right side of the PSP respectively. It's a well detailed design, so you might want to have a closer look at the high-res version.

It's a shame that those who've imported and spent huge wads of cash on that Crisis Core PSP a year ago will probably be killing themselves for impulsively buying this one too. Resist it! It's pretty, but if you've already got a special ed PSP, one of that kind should be enough.

PSP Fanboy hands-on: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidia: Final Fantasy has been a title we've been keeping an eye on a lot lately, and hence, it's one of the first games we decided to see out on the Tokyo Game Show floor. We moseyed on over to Sony's booth to get in a quick session before going at it again and taking in another short round over at Square Enix proper. Five characters were available to play: Firionel, Tidus, Squall, Warrior of Light, and Zidane. We decided to try out different characters for each play session and tested out the skills of Squall and Tidus.

The overall battle system is rather easy to pick up; attacking with the square button deals the amount of damage currently in your "Brave" gauge while attacking with the circle button drains your enemy's Brave, replenishing your own and then eventually putting enemies into a "Break" state as you can see here in these videos. Now while the general concept of the game's battle system is easy to grasp, mastering the play style of the individual characters is another story. After having played as both Squall and Tidus for a solid amount of time, we noticed that neither character played like the other. Even though their special moves use the same button inputs, they move and attack completely different.

Gallery: Final Fantasy Dissidia

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TGS 08: Terra and Cloud confirmed for Dissidia, roster now complete

After having watched a Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailer in Square Enix's Closed Mega Theater, the final two characters (heroes for Final Fantasies VI and VII) are confirmed to be Terra and Cloud. Gameplay footage was seen for both characters dueling against their respective arch nemesis. Cloud retains his classic look, while Terra dons a more child-like face and better resembles her original Amano design (blonde hair).

With Bartz and Ex-Death confirmed recently, that makes the entire 20 heroes and villains roster complete. Check back with us later, we'll have some more on Dissidia including full hands-on here at PSP Fanboy and full Square Enix Closed Theater impressions over on Joystiq. So keep an eye on both.

Bartz and Exdeath of Final Fantasy V join Dissidia

Bartz Klauser and Exdeath of Final Fantasy V are the latest characters confirmed for the Square Enix ensemble title Dissidia: Final Fantasy, according to the latest edition of Shonen Jump Magazine. Like the other older Final Fantasy characters which were originally illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, they have been reimagined by Tetsuya Nomura for the PSP-exclusive title. Now all we have left to wonder are the heroes of Final Fantasy VI and VII (most likely Terra and Cloud). Hopefully more is revealed at TGS -- needless to say, we'll keep you updated.

[Thanks, Darryl!]

Two new Dissidia vids teach us how to fight

Two new vids teach us a thing or two on how Dissidia: Final Fantasy's dramatic progressive battle system works, so pay close attention children. In the first one, keep watch over the big numbers that hover over the character HUD. This is the "Brave" stat. These numbers determine your attack power. If you attack while this number is at zero, then you do no damage. Also, did you notice that some attacks didn't damage HP, but instead started screwing around with the Brave numbers? Yeah, you'll want to watch the second vid (after the break) to fully understand that.

What's going on there is that some attacks drain an opponent's Brave and adds onto yours. This adds a bit of strategy as you can take an enemy down to zero and he'll go into a "Break" status. It's some sort of temporarily vulnerable state. It's a new take on the usual beat em' genre. We can't wait to see more of this game at TGS.

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Dissidia limited edition PSP is ridiculously limited edition

You're not getting one, sorry. The Limited Edition Dissidia PSP-3000 bundle bound for Japan is being sold exclusively through a lottery system that only Square Enix members in Japan can enter in. The entry period is limited to a one week window, and amongst those entries, random people will be selected to purchase those systems.

So your best bet: eBay.

[Thanks, Darryl!]

Final Fantasy IV characters join Dissidia ranks

The character countdown is almost over now, people. With the confirmation of Cecil and Golbez as Final Fantasy IV's respective light and darkness ambassadors, we now know the identities of most Dissidia alumni. Final Fantasies I through IV and VIII through X are now complete, while villains for VI and VII have also been revealed.

All that's really left is to figure out who the heroes of VII (no-brainer really ... unless a Caith Sith surprise is in store) and VI (more difficult to gauge considering characters shared the spotlight equally) are. That, and what's the fate of V -- in or not? Lots of conflicting reports on that one so we'll wait and see. Maybe TGS is the time to get those last inkling details before the big release this December.

[Via PSPHyper]

Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailer shows off Kefka & more

Download to PSP

With Dissidia, Square Enix's upcoming PSP-exclusive brawler, coming by year's end in Japan, the company has been quick to release tons of new videos for Final Fantasy fans everywhere. This new trailer shows a lot more CG, a lot more action, and even highlights Final Fantasy VI's Kefka -- a favorite character for many fans of the franchise.

[Thanks, Morty!]

The long wait for Agito: to release after FFXIII and Versus XIII

While we're glad to see Final Fantasy Agito XIII head to PSP, we're saddened to hear that this online-enabled RPG may only arrive in the distant future. According to an interview with Tetsuya Nomura (translated by, the PSP addition to the Final Fantasy XIII universe will arrive after the two other PS3 games: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The reason for this? According to Nomura, there's simply too much content in the game. The "lengthy story" and "large amount of characters" makes it one of PSP's most ambitious titles yet.

Final Fantasy XIII will not debut until 2009 -- and who knows when Versus XIII will release? It looks like for the time being, Agito won't be on our radar until well beyond 2009, into at least 2010. Ouch.

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