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Trailer: DJ Max Fever

It's finally happening. DJ Max is coming to America, and in a big way too. DJ Max Fever is the ultimate version of DJ Max so far -- and best of all, you won't have to pay for crazy import fees. Check out this new trailer to see all the features Fever is packing.

DJ Max Fever: the much-better-box-art

Some of us were worried about DJ Max Fever, the upcoming English release of the popular PSP music game. Why? The mock-up box art used by PM Studios was a little ... iffy. Thankfully, that's all changed, as they've revealed their brand new much sexier box art (above).

Check out the full box art (back and front) here.

Gallery: DJ Max Fever

DJ Max Fever will also get limited edition run, DLC

The DJ Max games in Korea received some ridiculously cool, and expensive, limited edition sets (pictured, above). Looks like the upcoming US release of DJ Max Fever will follow suit. However, it may be hard to find at your local retailer. Michael Yum from PM Studios explained to Bemanistyle: "We are currently working on the limited edition package. Being a new publisher, it is very hard for us to get commitments from retailers on the limited edition."

Game Director Ki In Kim also added that DLC may be in the works for Fever. "Downloadable content is something we are planning right now." Considering the success of DLC for music games on consoles, we think that's a pretty smart idea.

[Thanks, Deluxe!]

Is your head getting hot for more? Check out our DJ Max page for all our coverage.

PM Studios: PSP drought will help DJ Max

It's undeniable that there's been a serious drought of new PSP software for the past few months. While this may be a deterrent to many publishers and developers, it's actually considered a plus for PM Studios, the publisher behind the upcoming US release of DJ Max Fever. In an interview with Siliconera, Michael Yum of PM Studios noted that "the game should be easy to find. Almost every retailer has made a commitment to the game. The drought of PSP games has really helped us, lol."

That's a great thing to hear, too. We were afraid that this import hit would fall by the wayside. Expect more on the upcoming US release of DJ Max as we get closer to its release.

Is your head getting hot for more? Check out our DJ Max page for all our coverage!

Sample some songs from DJ MAX

It may not be exactly indicative of the content featured in the upcoming US version of DJ MAX Fever, but Korean site Ruliweb has some excellent audio and video samples from the upcoming DJ MAX arcade game, Technika Arcade. The various audio files will have you getting a feel for this unique Korean rhythm game.

[Thanks, James!]

DJ Max is coming to America with a Fever

Wait, what's that in the mail? Our very own copy of DJ Max Fever? ZOMG! The incredibly popular Korean music game is finally coming Stateside. The gameplay should be familiar to those that have played a Beatmania game: you must press buttons that correspond with falling notes. However, DJ Max is known for its notorious difficulty. Beware!

DJ Max Fever is a mix of the two DJ Max Portable games released in Asia so far. With over 100 songs, five difficulty levels, Network Battle Mode, and an unlockable gallery of music videos, soundtracks and images, this looks like a winning addition to the PSP library. Even more surprising, it's coming out soon: November 11th.

Play DJ Max for free on your PC

If the PSP-destroying demo has made you thirsty for more DJ Max, don't fret: the NeoGAF community has written up a guide on how to play a free online version of the game. With their handy guide, you won't need to know Japanese -- all you'll need are ninja-like reflexes to withstand the onslaught of falling notes.

Create a free account here, and then download the game here. (Note: You will need to use Internet Explorer.) Use the NeoGAF guide to help you through the process.

Dress like a DJ: DJ Max Portable shirts available

Hot of the heels of the DJ Max Portable concert, comes DJ Max Portable 2 T-Shirts. Seeing as how great music is only half the equation, it makes sense for some of the art to be shown off in a wearable form. There are currently three designs for sale, but only while supplies last. The shirts are attractive enough, that even non-gamers are likely to compliment you on your wardrobe choice. Each shirt comes in at the reasonable price of $34.90.

I'm not sure I'd ever look as cool as the models wearing the threads in the promo images, but I can't let that stop me from trying.

Virtually there: the DJ Max Portable concert

The Korean music game, DJ Max Portable, is truly an incredible sensation. A concert was held to celebrate the game's wild success, and it appears the crowd had an incredible time. Thanks to Ruliweb, you can watch the concert on your computer or your PSP: it's as if you were virtually there. Check out the sample vid above, and then visit Ruliweb for more.

[Via Kotaku]

It's not a dream, DJ Max turns into a "live miracle"

American gamers may be destroying their PSPs in frustration over DJ Max Portable 2, but Korean gamers are absolutely bonkers for the music title. A live concert called "Live Miracle" will take advantage of the growing popularity of the game, and give fans the rare opportunity to hear their favorite songs from the game performed live. Too bad other games don't get the same kind of treatment. Imagine: a Gitaroo-Man concert. ::swoons::

Make sure to check out Ruliweb for the complete poster, filled with some hilarious Engrish. Live MIRACLE, It's not a DREAM!

[Via PSP-Vault]

PSA: DJ Max demo killed PSP

Did you know that DJ Portable Max 2 is one of the leading killers of PSPs in the country? Actually, it isn't. But, one PlayStation forum user became so frustrated at the incredible challenge provided by the music game's demo, that he threw the system in frustration. While it's ultimately his fault, one can't help but sympathize with him, at least a tiny bit. That game is really hard, as can be seen by the outrage in the demo's comment section:

"god damn this is flipping hard, i can barely get past the first 30-40 seconds... Ahh! how do you do this?!" - Benny
"I still game over in about 10 seconds" - Daz

If only we all could be as good as Joystiq's Jared Rea.

Power Rangers-esque heroes promote DJ Max


Insert your own hilarious caption here!

Aren't promotions supposed to entice buyers? This recent Korean promotion of DJ Max Portable 2 features people dressed up in Power Rangers-esque outfits, begging onlookers to purchase the newest Korean music sensation. I don't know about you, but the very sight would have me running away in terror, shivering in a corner somewhere. Supposedly, these characters are in the game, but that certainly doesn't make this any less creepy.

Video, embedded after the break. More pictures of the event can be found at Ruliweb.

[Via PSP-Vault]

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DJ Max Portable 2 downloadable demo

Are you ready to get your hands on "the best handheld game ever"? Good. Here's a downloadable demo of Korea's most popular music game.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy ULKS46116 folder into the GAME directory.

You will need firmware version 3.11 to run the game. The full import version of the game can be found at Play-Asia.

Check out our new demos site:

Import game releases for the week of 03/25/07

Your PSP can play import games and to serve that function, every week we list the import games for the week. There's only one game of note this week, but it's a big one!

DJ Max Portable 2

We've covered DJ Max Portable quite a bit, so if you don't know what the game is, than you must not be reading PSP Fanboy too much. Still, for those not aware of the game, it is a rhythm/music game similar to Beatmania that has you hitting buttons timed to the music. It's popular not only for its music selection but also the amazing visuals that accompany it. Since the game has plenty of English in it, if you like music games this is a must import for you. Unless you want to wait and see if it comes out in the US.

DJ Max 2 hitting stores outside of Korea

No, it's not coming to the US ... not yet anyway. PSP-Vault is reporting that DJ Max Portable 2 is getting a Japan-only limited edition. This being the first time the series has come out outside of Korea leads PSP-Vault to think a US version may be on the way as well. Especially given the fact that the game was shown at GDC and that it already has an English setting. The Japanese limited edition is similar to the one released in Korea and if you missed out on that version and don't want to take the chance in case it never comes to the US, you may want to order now.

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