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Worldwide PSP releases for the week of October 5

Four straight weeks with games all across the board -- it looks like that summer drought is officially over. The fall season is packed and it seems everyone wants to get in on the holiday shopping spree. Phew! We were a little worried there for a moment.

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:
Vitality has been pumped back into the PSP, we can officially say.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 28

So okay, Pipemania didn't come out a week early. It's coming out now. Blockus didn't come out in Europe last month either and while it's listed yet again for this week, we're shaking our heads -- it's probably not happening. Anyway, we like seeing a full week such as this; it's the third one in a row no less.

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:
As for Japan, they're getting high school girls + explosive clothing ... enough said.

Deal of the Day: Buzz Master Quiz for only $15

Are you a PlayStation Underground member? If you are, you may have already seen this one in your inbox. The latest e-mail from the official PlayStation community sends you a link to a coupon that's good for Buzz! Master Quiz or Buzz! Quiz TV on PS3. It knocks off $5 off the MSRP of $19.99. That's a brand new PSP game for only $15.

The offer is only good at Best Buy retail stores and will last from now until October 25. Just follow this link to grab the coupon. Go print it out and then head on over to the store to get the discount. Anyway, you've still got a month to decide if you want to take advantage of the offer or not; while you mull things over, have a read of our review.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 21

Talk about a turn around. A healthy amount of releases for two straight weeks in a row ... it's unbelievable. Two weeks of not writing "no new releases" -- it feels good. We are impressed with this. We are satisfied.

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:
It also looks like Pipemania will be hitting retailers a week early. That's good to hear we suppose. Patapon is going cheap in Asia ... though they're still paying slightly more for what we pay over here. That's it for this week; hopefully the next will keep the momentum going.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 14

Ebb and flow -- that's the PSP for you. Sometimes the tide brings in a bounty; other times, we head home empty-handed and with sandy feet. This week is one of the good ones. Just take a look at what washed up on shore:

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 7

So there's only one game out this week for all three major regions. That's just sad. Just plain sad. It's difficult not to vilipend the PSP sometimes, but what can you do when the only game for the week is some Cabela shovelware?

NA Games:
EU Games:
  • No new releases
Asian Games:
  • No new releases
Even Asia is feeling the pinch this week. At least their lack of games is actually tolerable since they're still getting a steady flow of titles most of the time.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 31

It's one of those weeks again. It's another backlog catch-up week. Of course, there will come a time when that backlog will run out and this high frequency of down time will come back to bite one's behind. So watch out; we wouldn't want an epidemic of sore bums on our hands.

NA Games:
  • No new releases
EU Games:
Asian Games:
In Japan, however, three rehashed titles are now cheaper and will re-hit the store shelves. There must be some sort of racing event going on because all three games are, as you guessed it, racing games.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 24

Ah, we're back in business. We're no longer manufacturing misery with our weekly dosage of gloomful "no new releases." This week, we actually have games, and look, we technically beat out Asia, too. Here are the releases for the week:

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:

Get 25% off used PSP/PS3 games at GameStop

Print high resolution image.
It's that time again, folks. GameStop's oh-so-valuable 25% off used game coupon lets you score any used PS3 or PSP game from their retail stores at a pretty significant savings. Some suggestions from us? Why not check out our list of top 20 games under $20 -- if you can find any of these on the store shelves, you'll get them for even cheaper.

[Via CAG]

Top 20 PSP games for under $20

Love your PSP but you are on a tight budget? Worry not, for we have compiled a selection of twenty PSP games that will satisfy your hunger for quality gaming without breaking the bank. Seven of them are under $10 and five of them are between $10 and $15. We've listed our recommendations along with its lowest price from a reputable retailer. ProTip: If you shop from GameStop, use coupon code CAG16 and SAVER to get 16% off the used game price and free shipping. [Via CAG]

Check it out here.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 17

There is nothing really new this week. There's just a handful of old games getting bargain bin pricing and a whole lot of empty space. This must not be very exciting to read about week in and week out ... writing about it isn't any peachier. Here's this week's (non)releases:

NA Games
  • no new releases
EU Games
  • No new releases
Asian Games:
Perhaps instead of writing words and sentences to convey that we're not getting any games for the entirety of the week, we should just write a single ellipses and be done with it.

[Image: TBF]

Street Fighter Alpha hits PSN this Thursday

Most of us know that there are so few PS One titles on the North American PS Store and we're all wondering when the next wave of PS One games would be coming. While this isn't particularly a 'wave' per se (insert Hadouken jokes here), it is quite a powerful title with a lot of influence in the fighting-genre arena. We're talking about Street Fighter Alpha -- the first one. It was a title that prequeled the main Street Fighter series, fleshing out some of the world warriors' back stories.

If you missed it back in the day, then your chance to give the classic a try is coming. This Thursday, during the weekly scheduled PS Store update, Street Fighter Alpha will be available for download onto your PSP or your PS3. Capcom hasn't officially revealed the price yet, but we imagine it shouldn't be much different from other PS One classics.

[Thanks Eduardo!]

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 10

This week is all about Madden ... even in Asia. Can you believe it? They're getting Madden NFL 09, but not sharing Memories Off. Seriously, we didn't think the people of Asia (and Europe for that matter) liked American football. Even the Canadians do not 'get' the sport. Well, whatever, they can get it if they want to; we'll be too busy unboxing our blue PSPs to take any notice. Yeah, those sexy blue slims will be out Tuesday, and this blogger will be picking one up for himself.

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:

PSP software support way down, recovery is likely

We knew software support for the PSP was relatively dire but this chart says it all. According to Siliconera, who've compiled a comprehensive analysis of publisher support, 2006 was the peak while 2007 saw a huge decline. The top six contributing publishers to the PSP's software library have all taken a considerable dip in scheduled titles, but Siliconera also points out that 2008 is actually starting to curve upward.

Does that mean we're on the cusps of a healthy and steady recovery? Possibly, as games like Dissidia: Final Fantasy and LocoRoco 2 are on the way this year, and future titles like Resistance: Retribution and The 3rd Birthday are also on the way. The report is a very good read; we suggest you check out the whole thing at Siliconera for an in-depth look.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 3

If a gamer turns on a PSP and there are no new games to play on it, does it bring gratification? See, this is the sort of philosophical inquiry that you'll have to ask yourself; look deep within and reflect. Go ahead take your time ... it looks like you'll have a lot of free time on your hands this week.

NA Games:

  • No new releases
EU Games:
  • No new releases
Asian Games:
Well okay, there are new games this week ... for Japan. Even then, three out of the four are reprints. But hey, look on the bright side; at least Japan isn't refining their spirit and intellect like us!

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