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Paper-thin display inspires redesigned dreams

The tumultuous journey to the mythical PSP redesign is still going strong. This video of a new portable screen developed by Sony only adds fuel to the grandiose rumors that have been spreading throughout the web. This new technology seems ideally suited for a handheld device, but it may be too bleeding-edge for it to come out in this generation of PSPs. For now, Sony's official stance is that a redesign is simply rumor. But, wouldn't it be incredible to see this tech used in the "PSP Slim"?

[Via IGN Boards]

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6-13-2007 @ 9:23AM

shastar said...

Holy Sh*t... :)


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6-13-2007 @ 9:47AM

Alien said...

I dont think so . Also , what would it be great for . It can be probably easily damaged :?


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6-13-2007 @ 10:31AM

TheGuy said...

I've seen video of that screen before. Its specialty is that it's malleable without being damaged, so I don't think it would be needed in the PSP. That kind of screen would have future applications more in the lines of future newspapers, not as the next screen for the PSP.


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6-13-2007 @ 10:43AM

whackmushrooms said...

looks expensive ... might take a while to go into mass production ... oh wait this is sony .. WHOLY! cant wait for E3!!!! oh wait


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6-13-2007 @ 12:30PM

Brian said...

it would be amazing if they use that in a new or redesign psp


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6-13-2007 @ 12:40PM

Brandon said...

If you placed it behind a strong layer of clear plastic, you wouldn't have to worry about durability. But anyway, this is a ways off from being in any consumer product, let alone one that is under 170.


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6-13-2007 @ 1:02PM

BlackFox5 said...

Looks interrestig. Would fit perfectly for a PSP Slim design. Come to think about it. If your PSP falls, the screen won't brake that easily.


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6-13-2007 @ 3:42PM

wisemanleo said...

This tech isn't "new" at all, it just has yet to be mass-produced. It's called OLED, as in organic light emitting diode. The first OLED compounds were made back in the 50s...but it wasn't until the 90's that we've seen prototype displays. TV's based on OLED-tech have already been made also. Run a search for OLED on
I also wouldn't count on Sony using this on the PSP, since the life-span on OLED displays are relatively short.


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6-13-2007 @ 4:02PM

merc25 said...

I remember reading their patent on this technology last year.


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Tom Southgate10

6-14-2007 @ 3:20PM

Tom Southgate said...

Easily damaged I guess, but that is amazing! I'm shocked.

That is just truely unbelievable.


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6-14-2007 @ 8:34PM

Jay said...

Absolutely awesome.

I give it a year before Apple do something similar and the iBoys claim Jobs et al invented it back in 1994.


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