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PSP year one: a look back

The good folks over at the Chicago Tribune have paid tribute to the PSP's first year in the domestic market. For all the love and criticism that Sony's little black wonder gets, there is no denying  that the PSP's stats and accomplishments are rather impressive:

" I love my Sony PlayStation Portable, which turns 1 year old on Friday. It boasts more than 100 games ($20 to $40 each) that get better all the time (Must-haves include new releases "Daxter," "Syphon Philter: Dark Mirror" and the still-good "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories). It has about 350 movies and TV shows ("Chappelle's Show: Season 1" makes bus rides bearable). And it stores music and photos, as well as surfs the Web via your home wireless network ( has details) or Wi- Fi hot spots ( will find one near you)."

You can read the full love letter here.

Here's to many more wonderful anniversaries with the PSP (or PSP2).

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1. Sadly the link requires registration.
PSP requires UMDs and Memory sticks, both which cost a premium. The games are limited and repetitive. Homebrew on it sucks. Battery life sucks. Good luck keeping the screen scratch free.
I guess you can say it is only good for pictures.

One word : Over-rated..

Posted at 3:56PM on Mar 21st 2006 by mandarin

2. wow, i didnt realize it was the one year b-day. haha, ironically today i sold my psp for a ton of ds games one year to the day apparently

Posted at 4:26PM on Mar 21st 2006 by Steven J. Fox

3. Loading...

Posted at 4:46PM on Mar 21st 2006 by monkey

4. Quote from the article: "The PSP has the best screen of any handheld game machine..."

He's obviously not heard of the DS lite.

Posted at 4:55PM on Mar 21st 2006 by sea-men

5. I heart my PSP too. If you fly or use mass transit she's a nessecity.

Posted at 7:37PM on Mar 21st 2006 by halflotus

6. I was just picked up a DS Lite this weekend in Tokyo, but I doubt it would ever replace my PSP. I use my PSP to watch videos every time I ride the subway. I don't know about others, but I am pretty satisfied with mine.

Posted at 8:42PM on Mar 21st 2006 by Robert

7. If PSP took SD memory cards (1 Gig is $50, much cheaper than mem stick duo), and excepted slightly more formats. It would've pwned.

But it didn't, so I sold mine and got one of those funky Play-Yan things, not so good on resolution, but a hell of a lot cheaper.

Lumines was pretty awsome though. :)

Posted at 9:34PM on Mar 21st 2006 by NergiZed

8. #6 - I just bought a 1gb memory stick duo from for $57.99 and after purchasing I noticed that newegg had them for a couple bucks less. SD cards are kind of bulky IMHO and not much cheaper.

Plus what is with the anti PSP vibe on here? I love my PSP, yes I own a DS as well. Syphon Filter is my latest purchase and it's amazing. Load times are not an issue, graphics are console quality, it's got a sweet single player and robust multiplayer mode with stat tracking, unlockables, buddy list, clan support, email, voice chat and lag free gameplay. I suggest any looking for a good title to check it out.

Posted at 5:08PM on Mar 22nd 2006 by aDub

9. I'll tell you what's with the Anti-PSP vibe. Lead blogger Rafael old boy is a dyed in the wool PSP hater/basher with a thin veneer of lame humor. The lurking DS fanboys eat it up and finally can't resist from posting their agreement with his not-so-subtle, not-between-the-lines anti-PSP theme. More proof that this isn't a PSP fansite, but a PSP bashsite.

But they make the same old empty claims: DS Lite better than PSP screen. Sure, it's okay the thing is tiny and low rez, the fact that it's brighter and cuts that 10 hour DS battery life in half makes it better. Which would mean my PSP at 6.5 hrs. average gets better battery runtime than the new DS. *cough*

PSP games suck - yeah, we've been hearing that one from the DS fanboys since before day one. Funny, seems there's roughly (give or take a couple) as many high rated games on PSP as DS according to Metacritic and all the major review sites. But nah, all PSP games suxxorz. Nevermind the recent spate of good games.

I've got a message for Raffie and his DSser fanboys: You're the laughing stock of the video game industry. You really are -- Those of us who make games and own or have owned many Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Atari, etc. products see the hilarity of the fanboy mentality - and the hysterical jealousy and anger that the 'new handheld on the block' has inspired in you. It's funny, yet also not a little pathetic.

Posted at 11:30AM on Mar 23rd 2006 by pixelator

10. Interesting that DS fanboys would troll a PSP fanboy site, that is pretty sad. It's nice to read that someone else notices this. I wonder how they have so much time to post on a site that caters to a product they dislike, I would think they'd be glued to their superior handheld playing super mario kart and have little time for any other activity.

Posted at 8:08AM on Mar 24th 2006 by aDub

11. The problem is that the DS was trashed from the begining by sony fanboys cq Pspfanboys. Eventualy DS took over the position as the superioir handheld by providing a beter game experience. I think that fair to say, being the fact that in my opion the PSP is more a media device. Despite recent announcements by sony. The DSfanboy like to say 'I told you so!'. Now its time for the PSP fanboy to defend there favourite handheld, i think..

Posted at 1:20PM on Mar 24th 2006 by ernstreet

12. I totally agree with pixelator. I own a DS and PSP and like them both for different reasons. I find fanboys so pathetic. True gamers appreciate the quality of a game or console based on how it plays...not the manufacturer and brand name stamped on it.

Posted at 1:05PM on Mar 25th 2006 by gemixin

13. But what about that Birthday cake huh?

I want to roll my katamari all over it.

Posted at 11:22PM on Mar 27th 2006 by Wry Cooter

14. I've seen a site that sells all sorts of modchips and mod things that sells a PSP memory adapter that lets it use SD cards and microdrives. look around for it, although I wouldn't want it because I have a 1 gig card I got for $50. And the addon unit destroys the sleekness of the unit.

Posted at 12:39AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Lekko

15. pixelator, if you really hate this site so much, why do you bother lingering around here (probably in your lingeries too)? Why don't YOU post a "more favorable" article for the site then? God, I was wrong about you. You're not just fanboy-in-denial. you're a troll. and probably a butt ugly one too.

Posted at 11:48AM on Mar 30th 2006 by soupbun

16. DS plebians always feel compelled to respond whenever there is mention of the PSP. The batter life is a true six hours, the memory stick, UMD,blah-blah-blah... those are a testament to it's versatility-not a disadvantage. I'm a grown up and can actually own nice things without scratching them. The price on all components have come way down and basically you DS folk don't have anything of value to add because you are stuck in homebrew. Get off the couch.

Posted at 3:33PM on Apr 23rd 2006 by Rodney R. Itier

17. On metacritic:
games rated 75 and above
PSP: 42 games
DS: 32 games
The look on a DS fanboy's face when they realize the 'PSP has no good games' argument is dead: priceless

Posted at 4:18PM on May 12th 2006 by Jimmy

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