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Dead Head Fred returns in new screenshots

Remember Dead Head Fred? Maybe not. It's been a long time since we've seen this ambitious PSP-exclusive platformer. To refresh our memory, let's go over the basic premise: Fred is dead. Thankfully, he also happens to be undead, which gives him the magical ability to decapitate others and gain their powers. As we described earlier, "It's like Mega Man, only a bit more morbid."

We plan on playing a revised build in the coming weeks, and hope the development team will iron out the camera issues that were plaguing the title earlier. PSP needs all the original content it can get, and we see great potential in this unique puzzle-heavy platformer. Check out twenty new screens of the game in action after the cut, showcasing the game's impressive environments. While they may ooze with style, we can't help but worry that it may be too dark for proper portable play. We'll be getting our hands on a preview build in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more.

Dead Head Fred
is coming out this summer.

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1. Wow , that game really looks amazing :o I never forgot it , and these new screens put themself even batter in my memeory :D

Posted at 1:06PM on Apr 16th 2007 by Alien

2. I had also completely forgotten - but it does look quite dark ... hope they can lighten it up without it becoming washed out.

Posted at 1:52PM on Apr 16th 2007 by txa1265

3. Looks great! Hope it's a little gory as well. I'm missing a little blood on my PSP since MK Unchained.

Posted at 3:38PM on Apr 16th 2007 by Leingod

4. This reminds me of Death Jr. and i didn't like that game...

Posted at 6:37PM on Apr 16th 2007 by eddy_88_nite

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