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Rock(man) the vote: make Mega Man go PSP

Don't you want a new Mega Man game for PSP? Make it happen! A new Capcom poll asks fans which platform should be graced with a brand new Mega Man. Considering this is PSP Fanboy, you should know what to pick. Please use the handy guide, pictured above, when considering your vote.

[Via PSPHyper]

Battle of the ports: PaRappa versus Crazy Taxi

Battle of the ports: which do you want more?
PaRappa the Rapper
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Neither: PSP doesn't need any more ports!
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If you haven't noticed, the PSP Fanboy team is totally "t3h b145!!!1" We've been bashing Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars for its sloppy Dreamcast-era graphics. However, we've been going totally gaga for the barely enhanced PaRappa the Rapper. Isn't that unfair? We're going to let you, the PSP Fanboy reader, tell us which of these hotly anticipated PSP ports we should be more excited for. Just check out the videos after the cut, and tell us which one you want more. If you're digging both of them, feel free to vote for both. Of course, if you're feeling particularly jaded today, you can also admit that maybe we shouldn't get so excited over ports--don't we have too many already?

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Do you plan on getting a PS3?

Our sister site, Joystiq, has been reporting that PS3s are now readily available at game stores around the country. Sony's next-gen console has tons of connectivity features with our beloved handheld, so the two go hand-in-hand. So, now that the PS3s are available, will you be throwing down your five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars?

Are you ever going to pick up a PS3?
I already have one.
Yes, and soon. They're readily available now!
Yes, but not for a while. I'll wait until better games and/or a lower price.
Nope. I'm not going next-gen with Sony.
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Sony's flog the best of 2006

The Consumerist is running a poll, chronicling the worst of the worst fake blogs (flogs) to hit the web this year. Among the contestants are Walmart, McDonald's, and of course... Sony's PSP. The "All I Want for Xmas" fiasco caused even more bad publicity for Sony, painting them as desperate for PSP sales. Hopefully, 2007 will see a change in marketing tactics: one that doesn't involve the use of a middle-aged man pretending to speak like the kids.

As of writing, the PSP flog is leading the pack with 74% of the vote.

Will you make the upgrade to 3.0?

Will you make the upgrade?
Yes. I love to have the latest firmware.
No, not until games require them.
No, homebrew FTW!
Firmware 3.0 is out, and not everyone is rejoicing. Some are bitter that they need an impossible-to-get PS3 to download PSone games (for now, at least). Others just don't want to bother with an upgrade. Thinking about all the new features of Sony's latest official firmware, will you make the upgrade? Or, will you keep your current firmware, for whatever reason (homebrew or not)?

Podcasting PSP-style

One of my favorite things about the 2.80 firmware is its ability to download video podcasts. While visiting podOmatic, a sudden realization came into my mind: we can make our own podcast! (And so can you at podOmatic-- check it out, awesome site.) People have told us to make a PSP-compatible version of PSP Fanboy, but isn't a podcast so much better?

Here's my proposal. The podcast will feature:
  • A weekly audio show featuring Chris and myself, reviewing the best of PSP news. Why read when we can READ FOR YOU!!!
  • Downloadable videos highlighting the best video content of the week.
  • Maybe some more content/collaboration from Joystiq & the other Fanboy sites. (DS Fanboy VS. PSP Fanboy podcast? Bring it on!)
  • And of course, it's all compatible with your PSP.
So, vote in the poll above and then give us your comments below. With enough enthusiasm and support from you guys, it might be a reality!

PSP Fanboy podcast?
Hellz yeah!
My 133t 1.5 PSP can't podcast, noobs!
What's a podcast?
You guys hate the PSP so much, it would be like listening to DS Fanboy.

Results: What would enhance the PSP the most?

About a week ago, PSP Fanboy asked you what would enhance the PSP system the most. It was a pretty obvious win: the ability to play PSone games on the PSP. For some reason, Sony believes that the number one most-wanted feature for the system is the ability to connect to a PS3, but as can be seen by our not-scientific poll, it's one of the least desirable functions, barely beating out Text Messaging. But in all seriousness, who would really want to use the PSP "keyboard" to text message anyone? People also seem to want a hard drive, but for some reason that's one of the main functions that Sony's not planning to implement... for now, at least. Here are some memorable comments from the Fanboys:
  • "How about if it were made by Nintendo. And oh yeah, games worth buying." - mitch
  • "I would so love to not have to name files with that useless naming convention." - PodMonkeys (wish granted!)
  • "I would really like it if the PSP came with a touch screen. Or a keyboard. It could be like the SideKick." - Hans
  • "What about the ability to pull pornography out of thin air?" - Player1
  • " A decent way to type, like a Virtual QWERTY keyboard" - MacFanBoy
  • "The greatest enhancement would be the ability to download and play iTunes and Videos from iTunes." - MM
  • "Real Bluetooth (data and A2DP) support would be nice. Then with a few software updates we could use bluetooth keyboards, bluetooth mice, bluetooth GPS devices, bluetooth stereo audio, etc. etc. the list goes on and on." - Ixalon

What would enhance the PSP the most?

Faint88, from the forums, took this picture from Sony's Comic-Con presentation, where they dropped the bomb on new PSP info. This screen shows the percentage of people that want certain features on the PSP. But, what do you, the informed PSP Fanboy reader, want from your system? Take this poll here:

What would enhance the PSP system the most?
Ability to connect PSP to PS3
Ability to play PSone games on PSP
Mini hard drive
Video output
Digital camera
Instant Messaging
Text Messaging

Of course, this isn't meant to be a scientific poll, and is intended just to gauge the interests of PSP Fanboy readers.

Wipeout Pulse review

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