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Afraid of bricking? Try the "safe" 2.8 downgrader

Some people are wary that the use of downgraders will leave their systems essentially useless, or "bricked" as they say. The process isn't the simplest to follow, and copying over system files is always a dangerous thing. However, the homebrew team at N00bz have created the "safest" downgrader yet. It has built-in security checks, support for TA-082 and TA-086 motherboards, and includes most every file you'll need to revert your 2.80 PSP down to PSP 1.50.

This doesn't mean that it's 100% fool-proof, as the warning attached to the downgrader states. However, there's also a new alternative: by downloading and installing HEN-D to a PSP version 2.80, you'll be able to launch a good deal of homebrew without having to downgrade at all.

[Thanks, Rajat Jain!]

2.80 downgrading made easy

There's always someone out there that updated their PSP, only to regret it moments later. Well, for those of you that have been patient enough not to upgrade past 2.80, an "easy" way of downgrading to homebrew-compatible 1.50 has been released. This guide from PSP Vault will help you every step of the way, but they warn:

-If you have a TA-082 motherboard in your PSP, no [sic] not even attempt to downgrade.
-If you are clueless and don't feel that you can follow this guide step-by-step, do not attempt to downgrade.
-If you have a fear of bricking your PSP and are nervous, I will say this guide has been used several times over, but perhaps you should wait for some sort of "safe downgrader".

If the scary red text doesn't change your mind about downgrading, then you're ready to go! First, you'll have to download eLoader and xLoader, PatchSFO and finally the downgrader program. Make sure you have a USB cable ready to connect your PSP to your PC. You'll run the downgrader, but watch out for the next few steps, indicated in the guide. You don't want to brick your system, do you? With 3.02 firmware emulation entirely possible, it appears that a whole new slew of people can now be introduced to homebrew.

[Thanks, Joel!]

DevHook updates, offers 2.82 emulation on 1.50 PSPs

After an extended absence, it appears that the programmer Booster is back. There was a scare back in August, when Sony approached the coder with some legal action. Now, nearly three months after firmware 2.80 was decrypted, a new version of DevHook is available for the homebrewing crowd out there. The latest version allows you to run homebrew directly from emulated 2.82 firmware, so there's less need to messily switch between firmwares. The latest version also includes an enticing folder called "3.0," but that doesn't seem to be in effect... yet. With DevHook, you can run most modern legal games and whatever homebrew applications you already have. Once again, it seems like the emulated firmware is better than the real deal.

Custom gameboots work dangerously on 2.80 [Update 1]

Those with homebrew on their PSPs have enjoyed a featured called "custom gameboots" for quite some time. These gameboots replace the PSP's default introductory sequence when launching a game. Players that were bored with seeing the PSP logo appear in front of a plain white background made cooler intros, usually involving anime characters, or ironically, gameboots from other machines.

It's been revealed on PSP3D that custom gameboots now work on PSPs with firmware 2.80. However, the method used is somewhat complicated that those without strong technical skills will certainly brick their PSPs trying to use it. "There are absolutely no safeguards in place when you use this program, and it allows you to do anything to any of the files in flash0. On firmware 2.80, even replacing a single PRX module will nearly guarantee a brick. We feel it's important to keep you guys safe, so we're going to keep this relatively quiet until a safer method can be published."

It appears that Sony's official firmware 2.80 has been cracked open like an egg. Expect the development community to continue to develop more and more interesting uses for the PSP as the weeks go by.

[Update 1: Program is now available.]

Tutorial for running homebrew on 2.80 firmware

Being able to play homebrew on firmware 2.80 is an amazing accomplishment. However, most people that have firmware 2.80 probably don't know the very basics of running homebrew on their system. While there have been guides created in the past, a new one has popped up on the PlayStation boards. Shamoo teaches you the steps necessary to run fan-favorite DDR clone, PSP Revolution, on your system.
  1. Download the eLoader on your computer.
  2. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB.
  3. Install the eLoader.
  4. Make sure you choose this kind of installation: "TIFF, Installatron + Xloader - RECOMMENDED"
  5. Ensure the following options are checked: "TIFF, xLoader (for 2.80), Installatron, emenu"
  6. You're done installing the eLoader. Now, it's time to get homebrew programs.
The full tutorial shows you how to download and install PSP Revolution on your system. It's not complicated at all--it just involves moving some folders into your PSP's GAME directory, and a few more steps. Of course, with firmware 3.0 on the horizon, what choice will you make? Stick with homebrew, or keep advancing with Sony's official upgrades?

Kriek! 2.80 homebrew loader released [Update 1]

The newest version of noobz's popular eLoader, strangely called "Kriek," now supports 2.80 firmware, for those of you that upgraded, but now want to go back into the world of homebrew. This software allows you to run most new games and demos and homebrew at the same time. Another bonus for this release is the xLoader, which allows you to launch homebrew applications directly from the XMB interface. The Install-o-tron is also included so that "in principle, you may never need to manually install any homebrew ever again."

Very impressive, noobz! It looks like the homebrew community is making those all-important steps to being as easy and user-friendly as possible. To download, visit noobz's site now.

[Thanks, jamie!]

[Update 1: I guess I had too much to drink of that stuff over to the right. Yeah........ Anyways, everything should be corrected.]

Firmware 2.80 decrypted

Sony's not doing well in this battle against homebrewers. Although they just released 2.81 (to very little fanfare), the hacking community never seems more than a step or two behind. Firmware emulation has been an option for many people with 1.5 PSPs, as it gives them the flexibility of running all homebrew, while accessing the latest games and features of Sony's official firmware upgrades. Dark_AleX has decrypted firmware 2.80, which will theoretically allow those with DevHook to emulate firmware 2.80. DevHook hasn't been updated to support the firmware, and with Sony keeping a close eye on the program, who knows how long it will take?
I'm assuming the talented homebrew community won't take long. Already, it appears that 2.81 can also be successfully decrypted using the same methods.

[Via PSP Hacks]

Say hello to homebrew on 2.80 PSPs

Over the past few weeks, the homebrew community has been working hard on a new exploit in PSP firmware that would allow users of PSPs 2.0+ (including the recently released 2.80) run homebrew without Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. NOPx86, a team of coders, worked to take advantage of a flaw in libtiff. What that means is that the potential for homebrew is here: and it's easy as well. The team released a "Hello World" application as a proof of concept, and you can try it out yourself here. Just extract the image, place it in PSP's PHOTO directory, and then try to view the image. You'll see the homebrew message working, even on a 2.80 PSP!

This is absolutely fantastic, especially because of how incredibly easy this is. Try it out, and who knows what kind of exciting new developments we'll see?

[Thanks PSPFan]

The ultimate collection of video podcasts

After weeks of delay, it's finally done: the ultimate collection of video podcasts, compatible with your PSP... and accessible from your PSP! I've taken all the podcasts that were already featured on the site, took your suggestions, and even found some more. Then, to sweeten the deal, I put it on my personal PSP-compatible page. To access it on your PSP, simply type anyo.org into your PSP browser. It'll take you where you need to go. For all the RSS feeds that I found, go past the cut.

[Thanks to everyone who contribued!]

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Podcasting PSP-style

One of my favorite things about the 2.80 firmware is its ability to download video podcasts. While visiting podOmatic, a sudden realization came into my mind: we can make our own podcast! (And so can you at podOmatic-- check it out, awesome site.) People have told us to make a PSP-compatible version of PSP Fanboy, but isn't a podcast so much better?

Here's my proposal. The podcast will feature:
  • A weekly audio show featuring Chris and myself, reviewing the best of PSP news. Why read when we can READ FOR YOU!!!
  • Downloadable videos highlighting the best video content of the week.
  • Maybe some more content/collaboration from Joystiq & the other Fanboy sites. (DS Fanboy VS. PSP Fanboy podcast? Bring it on!)
  • And of course, it's all compatible with your PSP.
So, vote in the poll above and then give us your comments below. With enough enthusiasm and support from you guys, it might be a reality!

PSP Fanboy podcast?
Hellz yeah!
My 133t 1.5 PSP can't podcast, noobs!
What's a podcast?
You guys hate the PSP so much, it would be like listening to DS Fanboy.

Hidden secrets of firmware 2.80

PSP Vault has an impresive story detailing some of the potential hidden secrets of recently released firmware 2.80. Using their mad Japanese skillz, they took a look at Sony's PSP manuals for the firmware, which can be found here, here and here. The video standards have finally been revealed, and they show how Sony still refuses to make it easy on the end user.
So for H.264 videos, you're looking at support for files ending with a .MP4 or .M4V extension. They must be 768kbps or under, have a framerate of 30fps or under, and be Level 1.3 or under Baseline Profile, or Level 2.1 or under Main Profile (but CABAC only). The audio tracks of these videos must be in the AAC format, be 128kbps or under, be 48kHz or under, and be in stereo.
Uh... okay. Can't we just dump random files into our system without thinking about these technical specs? Another interesting discovery of the article shows how the recent firmware upgrade can allow for PSP-specific codes to be written into websites. For example, webpages can be created to offer downloads... but only for users of the most current firmware. Or, it could lead to some really exciting game and internet synergy. It appears that there's a lot hidden in the PSP; too bad Sony hasn't been upfront with all of it quite yet.

2.80 Blowout: The aftermath

NOTE: This editorial is the opinion of Andrew Yoon, and does not represent the opinion of PSP Fanboy, Joystiq or Weblogs, Inc.

With that out of the way, I'd like to take a minute to look how the new firmware upgrade released today has worked, and what it has shown about Sony and the PSP as a whole. While homebrew may be a hot topic, it's clear that most people use the PSP the way Sony wants us to. We got nearly twice as much traffic today on a day with this new firmware than we did yesterday. What does that mean? I think it means that people are genuinely interested in updating their PSPs and getting the most out of them.

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World Tour Soccer downloadable demo

Many of you were wondering where the second downloadable demo was today. I was wondering the same thing as well. It appears that for now, the demo is available for download through Sony's European website, YourPSP. Although the demo is completely playable, for some reason the US site has the demo listed as "TBA". It's a solid demo that lets you play a game: France versus Italy. I don't think you'll find any Zidane headbutting hijinx in there, but I guess it never hurts to look.

1. Download the demo collection zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCUS98631 folder into the GAME directory.

Check out our new demos site:

2.80 Blowout: Video podcasts [Update 2]

So, you know that "video podcasts" are the big new thing about this new firmware. But what are they? How do they worK? Sony has provided a pretty clear website that you can browse on your PSP. It even includes a sample RSS feed from which you can download music and videos from. Try using the website to get a good feel for it. Visit the following URL:

Then, if you'd like to add more video podcasts, visit the ultimate collection of video podcasts story.

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2.80 Blowout: No more stupid file name format [Update 1]

Today at PSP Fanboy, I'm going to show you all the new functionality of the newly-released 2.80 firmware. Did you know that you no longer need to follow Sony's archaic naming format for videos now? Hell, you don't even need to put it in some weird folder, or encode it specifically for the PSP. Any good ol' fashioned (non PSP-formatted) MP4 video will do. Let's take a look:

When you connect a 2.80 PSP, you can create a folder in the root directory called "VIDEO":

Simply dump the file into that folder, and voila! You're done:

So, essentially, any video that's been encoded for a video iPod can now work on a PSP. Pretty sweet, right? But don't throw away your MP_ROOT folder quite yet... It appears that PSP-formatted videos will not work in the new VIDEO folder. You must still put those in the usual MP_ROOT folders. Lame! But, I'm pretty sure that's a small glitch that'll be fixed in a future firmware revision.

[Update 1: Added clarification.]

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