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Peachy keen new Tales of Rebirth screens

Seems that Jeux-France has gotten hold of some fascinating new screenshots for the upcoming PSP game Tales of Rebirth. As with most Tales games, it has a great visual flare and the new screens show us some of what appear to be regular magic spells with a large piece of art depicting the character casting the spell. You also get a glimpse at the "Dramatic CD" you'll never see stateside. The game looks great -- we're very pleased they stuck to a 2D sprite mechanic. Those were the better ones anyway.

Tales of Destiny 2 to have extra content

Game Watch has reported that the PSP version of Tales of Destiny 2 (due out February in Japan) will have several differences from its previous release. The biggest addition is the three new characters, but the game will also have an illustration gallery and a new anime opening movie.

These additions are all great, but only make it more difficult to take if the game never comes out in English. While you wait to find out if it does come out here though, you can check out our previous Tales coverage.

Legend of Heroes III announced for US audiences

Just like Bleach on the PSP, some franchises seem to get new versions on a much too frequent basis. Such is the case for Namco Bandai's upcoming US release of Falcom's latest RPG, Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean. The series hasn't been too strong at earning critical acclaim, but it doesn't seem like most PSP RPGs can. Considering how PSP owners will have to wait quite a while before either Crisis Core or Final Fantasy Tactics come out, will the latest Legend of Heroes be able to satisfy the RPG urge? We'll find out when it comes out in January.

See more screenshots after the cut.

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Legend of Heroes trailer

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Tales of the World is hottest games video, baffles Joystiq

The writers of Joystiq are SO B1A53D!!! They showed off an amazing looking Tales of the World trailer, and the best commentary they could come up with was calling the game "Fable Lite". Lame. Us PSP fanboys know that this Tales game allows you to create your own character and go on a fantastic quest with stars of previous Tales games. Unlike the upcoming DS Tales of the Tempest, the PSP-exclusive Tales of the World will also feature downloadable levels.

The commercial reveals that people that pre-order the game in Japan will receive a bonus DVD: "Lemon Gumi." Unfortunately, a US release hasn't been announced, so Tales fans like myself may be forced to simply import the game. With impressive graphics, and a cast that includes characters from Symphonia, Legendia, Phantasia, and more, it might be worth it.

Namco Bandai officially announces Warhammer

Namco Bandai officially announces Warhammer for PSPLast month, we reported that Warhammer would be coming to the PSP, but just recently Namco Bandai has officially announced it plans to ship Warhammer: Battle for Atluma, a card-based battle game, this fall.

"One of the more compelling card-based games to date, Warhammer: Battle for Atluma goes beyond simple player interaction and encourages an inclusive sense of community among players through head-to-head battles, card collecting, trading and strategy sessions," said John Whitmore, Director of Internal/External Development at NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. "This unique dynamic coupled with the strategic, fast-paced nature of the game certainly sets Warhammer: Battle for Atluma apart from other games in its genre."

While the press release didn't offer up any new gameplay information, it did mention the game will be rated "T" for teen, and the title's developer is JV Games, which has most recently developed James Bond 007: Nightfire for the Gameboy Advance.

Bounty Hounds downloadable demo

Done with your Ape Escape demo? No worries! Have fun with Bounty Hounds, the arcade shooter from Namco Bandai. This demo requires firmware 2.80 and above. Once you're done playing, give us your opinion. Is it different from what the critics think? The game is now available in stores.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy ULJS00021 folder into the GAME directory.

Check out our new demos site:

Gundam Battle Royale gets set to win Japan

You may remember that SD Gundam was the best selling PSP game ever in Japan, selling more than 150,000 units in its first week alone. It looks like Bandai and Sony are ready to kick some ass again. Battle Royale allows four players to jump into their favorite Gundam and fight against or with their friends in a pretty cool-sounding cooperative mode. It looks like the entire franchise is represented in this outing, so Gundam geeks are going to go wild when this game hits Japan in October.

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SD Gundam G Generation wins in Japan

Tales of the World screens look radiant

fans in the US just don't get enough love. Tales of Phantasia never left Japanese shores, and Tales of Eternia was fully localized... for Europe only. Hopefully, the upcoming original PSP Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology won't meet the same fate. Like previous Tales of the World games, the game will feature characters from other Tales games, like fan-favorite Tales of Symphonia. The battle system is ripped from Tales of the Abyss, and lets you control up to four characters per team.

Look at the screenshots, and try to tell me this game doesn't warrant a US release. C'mon, Bandai Namco: get your act together. I want to get Tales of the World (and Tales of the Tempest) ASAP!

[Thanks daniel-kun!]

Blazing hot Ace Combat trailer & screens [Update 1]

Famitsu has beautiful new screens of Ace Combat X, an all-new continuation of the Ace Combat series. Famitsu also grabbed a trailer, which is voiced in English so you can fully appreciate the cheese. The graphics are sharp, and features some potentially awesome multiplayer. Makes me want to watch Top Gun again. Wait... I never want to watch that movie ever again. The game comes out September 17th.

[Via PSP-Vault]

[Update 1: Trailer is now embedded after the cut, for your viewing pleasure.]

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Namco's looking for a few good Katamari cosplayers

Did you fly that geek flag of yours proudly the last time Halloween was on by dressing up as the Prince of All Cosmos? Was it even Halloween? Wait, don’t answer that. Namco has no problem befriending all you diehard Katamari Damacy followers, however. From today until June 30, Katamari cosplayers can submit their "favorite Katamari-inspired apparel" for a chance to have it posted within the official site’s new cosplay gallery. Think of it, all those hours you spent crafting that elongated green headdress and matching skirt could be on display for posterity on the Me & My Katamari website. And your parents told you crafting costumes of video game characters would never get you anywhere!

Prizes like Prince puppets, t-shirts, and autographed copies of the soundtrack will be waiting for those who can come up with the best Katamari-related costumes or apparel (as judged by the brains at Namco Bandai America). Get rolling!

Buena Vista takes over publishing for Lumines 2

A press release issued this morning revealed that Buena Vista Games (which, considering its connections, could possibly be referred to as The Happiest Game Publisher on Earth™) will act as publisher for the upcoming puzzle game Lumines 2. The first Lumines title, created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and developed by Q Entertainment, was published by Ubisoft and Bandai. BVG will take over the reins for the sequel as well as three other titles from the developer: Every Extend Extra (PSP), Lumines Plus (PS2), and Meteos: Disney Edition (DS). The titles are due to land softly (but will still carry big sticks) on store shelves this Fall.

[Thanks John]

Ace Combat X: SOD to take flight this Fall

A press release sent out today from Namco Bandai revealed a veritable motherlode of details for their upcoming Ace Combat game for the PSP. Referred to under the working title Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, the flight sim-ish game will feature wireless ad-hoc multiplayer hookups, an all-new storyline, strategic AI (your actions determine your objectives), and the ability to tune your own planes with parts unlocked during Campaign mode. Aircraft nerds can rejoice in the knowledge that licensed planes like the F-14D and the Tornado F3 will make an appearance in the game when it lands on store shelves this Fall 2006. Check out our brief coverage of the game here.

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