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Get, like, totally educated about PSP's features

Who said girls don't use PSPs? Sony's released a new "educational" video that's intended to teach users how to make the most out of their systems. The problem? It's so incredibly fake. While it certainly doesn't border on the horrendous "All I Want for Xmas" debacle, there's something horrifying about 30-something actors pretending to be teenagers. No one talks like this, do they? It's forced rubbish, and the worst part is: it doesn't really tell you how to use your PSP. Sorry Sony, but this is not going to help you target the teen market.

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1. That is really bad ... so this is Sony's idea of 'getting it' ... I hope that 3rd party devs finish what they're working on before seeing this ...

Posted at 4:16PM on Apr 10th 2007 by txa1265

2. What the hell was that? Do those lousy actors have no shame?

Posted at 4:40PM on Apr 10th 2007 by Saigon

3. I feel sick... I think my semen count just went down and my I.Q. was reduced, and now I can't do my multiplication tables anymore. I are scared...I think this video might be the first sign of the Apocalypse


Posted at 4:50PM on Apr 10th 2007 by Firebrand

4. This looks like an advertisement for a 4GB pro duo LMAO

Posted at 5:21PM on Apr 10th 2007 by spir

5. Aw, come on. It's not that bad. Fake? They're not trying to pass if off as real. It's no more fake than any other commercial. They woman in the office watching her TiVo content was actually kind of funny. Having said all of that, I can't figure out who (besides me) is going to seek that out and sit through it. It might be good for one of those commercials you see before a movie at the local theater.

But really. You can't compare this to the "All I Want for Xmas" mistake.

Posted at 5:44PM on Apr 10th 2007 by RadioScott

6. I thought it was quite interesting really, it really highlights what the PSP can do for those who are willing to pay and shell out loads of money.

Posted at 6:22PM on Apr 10th 2007 by Tristan

7. This is a good ad, it's not intended for the current PSP crowd who know what the PSP is all about, it's intended to showcase the things the PSP can do besides kick the DS's ass in games. I think it might be informative for those who simply don't know what the PSP can do, or assume it only does games.

Posted at 6:27PM on Apr 10th 2007 by PSP Fan

8. I didnt think it was that bad. Of course could be better. Whatever works I guess. Valley girls...

Posted at 6:34PM on Apr 10th 2007 by TwoLOUD

9. that video was kind of funny... lame, but in a funny way.

Posted at 7:22PM on Apr 10th 2007 by thatpspkid

10. Better on a sampler UMD or something of the like. Not as bad as some describe it. will sell the PSP.

Posted at 7:31PM on Apr 10th 2007 by Johnny Lasley

11. You've got to be fCuking kidding!! Someone should do a homebrew version of this video, that would be embarassing. 'wow, look at all the amazing stuff you can do for free, TVU, N64 emu, PSPRadio, BackUps, Faster than UMD loading time, IR Remote etc...etc..'

Posted at 7:31PM on Apr 10th 2007 by calllus

12. I noticed somthing that surprised me in this video. When the girl on the beach talks about video on the Memory Stick, the subtitle says that "MP4, AAC and AVI formats can be played." Since when can the PSP play AVI? I didn't think it could, but maybe I'm mistaken. Or maybe it's a future update?

Posted at 7:51PM on Apr 10th 2007 by Chronos777

13. "BackUps" haha right calllus

Posted at 8:12PM on Apr 10th 2007 by NoBullet

14. I was hoping for a sarcastic 50/60s style educational video, or maybe even a "get to know your PSP" style crappy orientation film. The actors they've got would have been perfect, it just needed a couple sound effects and worse editing. Maybe a boom mic sliding into a couple shots and some nice transitions. mmm star wipe.

Posted at 12:25AM on Apr 11th 2007 by mccomber

15. Better than the "Wii would like to play" commercials.

Posted at 12:32AM on Apr 11th 2007 by Shane

16. Reply the AVI query above: the PSP can only play AVIs created on the system, i.e. with the PSP camera.
It's pretty silly of Sony to mention this (I think) as AVIs can be encoded in so with many different codecs, that the PSP doesn't support.

Also, the guy using the PSP in the airport reminds me of myself - I'm always checking emails, IM'img people and other stuff with the PSP Web Browser (especially at airports). And everytime I fly, I normally find myself downloading the previous day's firmware too ( Sony seem to time releases perfectly ;) ).

Posted at 12:56AM on Apr 11th 2007 by pjak

17. Just seen there is a PSP version of this vid (31.6mb):

Total rad, dudes! ;)

Posted at 1:53AM on Apr 11th 2007 by pjak

18. It wasn't that bad. Of course all current PSP owners know this stuff but it wasn't for us.

Nowhere near the worse commercial I've ever seen. Kinda hokey but it's just a commercial. And how many bad commercials have we all already seen on TV?

Anyway, I do think at least ONE of the little pieces should have at least MENTIONED that you can play GAMES on your PSP as well. If you didn't know anything about it you'd never be able to you can play games on the thing.

A common mistake of marketing is to assume everybody knows what you are talking about. Even iPod adverts make sure you know it is a music player. In fact, I can't remember a single iPod commercial that mentions using the thing for movies and Tv shows and such, hmmm.....

Posted at 2:38AM on Apr 11th 2007 by Aaron Walker

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