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What Sega Genesis Collection is missing

The Sega Genesis Collection has been earning some good reviews from critics. Featuring 28 games at a bargain price, it's certainly a steal (especially compared to the insane prices of Sega's Virtual Console offerings). However, Modojo points out the titles that could've been part of this collection to make quite possibly the greatest game anthology ever. Here's but a sampling of their suggestions:

  • Gunstar Heroes Treasure's action game is beloved by hardcore gamers everywhere. It's probably not included in the Collection simply because people like myself will be buying it on the Wii Virtual Console... at least two times.
  • Toe Jam & Earl Yet another game that Nintendo Wii owners will be downloading. Classic platforming.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Well, the first two are in the collection.
  • Sonic & Knuckles See above.
  • Streets of Rage It's only like, totally, the best beat-em-up, like, ever created.
  • Streets of Rage 2 See above.
  • Disney's Aladdin I think this breaks the rules, as the game was developed by Capcom. However, this is licensed platforming at its best.
  • Michael Jackson's Moowalker No comment.

Considering how many more classics remain in the Genesis library, it wouldn't surprise me if Sega didn't make yet another compilation of these games, and more. In fact, if Sega made a compilation of just these games alone, they'd be more than worth the price of admission. C'mon Sega! Let me give you more money!

IGN picks its top 10 PSP games for this holiday

IGN picks its top 10 PSP games for this holiday
Just in time for next week's infamous Black Thursday, IGN has released its 2006 Holiday Buyer's Guide and has also added their 10 choices for PSP games that should fill your stockings this Christmas. That's if you've been a good boy or girl, because if you've been bad, you get Family Guy.
  • Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
  • Daxter
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
  • Killzone: Liberation
  • LocoRoco
  • Medal of Honor Heroes
  • Mercury Meltdown
  • Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
  • Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
  • Tekken: Dark Resurrection
What, no Sega Genesis Collection or EA Replay? And while Daxter is a very good game, I don't think too many kids will go Nintendo 64 Kid crazy over getting a game released in March. Still, this is a pretty decent list, and I can't argue with it too much. If you're PSP shopping for someone, you might want to refer to this list.

Modojo rounds-up retro PSP games

Modojo rounds-up retro PSP gamesI can't remember a time in a system's life when it had more retro compilations than the PSP is seeing right now. And with games the likes of Sega Genesis Collection, Metal Slug Anthology and EA Replay releasing this week, it's a veritable wet dream for us old-school gamers out there.

And Modojo has gone through each title and decided which are worthy of your purchase and which are worthy of the trashcan.

We're Not Worthy!
It's Not Worthy!

I gotta say I don't agree with his choices for Sega Genesis Collection and EA Replay. In fact, I think Sega Genesis Collection may be the greatest compilation to ever be released. How would you fellas rate these games?

[Thanks, kukyfrope]

PSP Sega Genesis Collection doesn't ship alongside PS2 version

PSP Sega Genesis Collection doesn't ship alongside PS2 versionSega recently announced Sega Genesis Collection is now available in stores ... on the PS2. In the press release, Sega said the PSP version will ship later this month.

This really surprises me, because I've been expecting the two versions to ship simultaneously, and even IGN still has the PSP version with a Nov. 7 ship date. However, if we can believe Gamestop, they have the game set at a pre-release date of Nov. 16.

Sega gave no reason for the delay, but did mention the game will be rated "T" for Teen. I guess 15-year-old Genesis games can be too much for those 12-year-old kids out there.

Altered Beast, Vectorman 2 Sega Genesis Collection videos

Of all the classic games in Sega Genesis Collection, Altered Beast is probably the one I have the most fond memories of. I remember, as a wee lad, going over my cousin's house to see him play it on his new Sega Genesis. Back then, the graphics were so unbelievably awesome, and when I saw the main character transform into a werewolf, I just about died with excitement. It's truly a classic.

And the Vectorman series is a classic in its own right. In Vectorman 2, which was released in 1996, you are charged with battlng mutant insects and ultimately saving the world by defeating the Black Widow Queen.

Super Thunder Blade Sega Genesis Collection video

We've been receiving a steady stream of Sega Genesis Collection videos the past few weeks, and with each passing video, my anticipation grows. Today's video features Super Thunder Blade, which was inspired by the 1982 film Blue Thunder.

In the game, you begin the level in a third-person view behind the helicopter, and you'll eventually switch into a more-traditional, top-down view. According to the game's Wikipedia page, the Genesis version didn't feature the smooth control of its arcade predecessor, Thunder Blade, and was plagued by jerkiness and repetitive gameplay. However, the gameplay seems pretty fun from the video and should be great for a few minutes of play every now and then.

See also:

Gain Ground and Golden Axe 3
Ecco Jr., Shinobi
and Phantasy Star IV
Decap Attack

Virtua Fighter 2, Sword of Vermillion and Bonanza Brothers
Phantasy Star 2
and Golden Axe

Kid Chameleon
Ecco the Dolphin and Columns

Gain Ground, Golden Axe 3 Sega Genesis Collection vids

Two more Sega Genesis Collection videos have been released, and here are more games I have yet to ever play. Actually, I do believe I've played Golden Axe 3 before, but I'm positive I've never even heard of Gain Ground.

But never playing most of these games before is exactly what makes me so excited for this collection. I'll be able to revisit these classics on the PSP's big, beautiful screen anytime I want.

Sega Genesis Collection will be available Nov. 7. God, I can't wait.

See also:

Ecco Jr., Shinobi and Phantasy Star IV
Decap Attack

Virtua Fighter 2, Sword of Vermillion and Bonanza Brothers
Phantasy Star 2
and Golden Axe

Kid Chameleon
Ecco the Dolphin and Columns

Taito gets in on the old-school resurgence

Taito gets in on the old-school resurgence
It seems like Sega Genesis Collection, EA Replay and Metal Slug Anthology have been getting all the attention lately. However, some of you may not know that Taito is throwing their hat in the ring with Taito Legends.

packs in 25 classic Taito games ranging from Space Invaders to The Legend of Kage. And although the game won't feature multi-player support, players can share up to 21 games wirelessly with other console owners via the PSP's game-sharing function. Also, Cameltry, Crazy Balloon, Balloon Bomb, and The Legend of Kage have each received graphical upgrades along with being adapted to the PSP's widescreen.

Gamespot, who just recently previewed the game, said "It's also a shame to see that little effort has been made to expand Taito Legends beyond including emulated versions of classic games. It's good to see that the PlayStation Portable's features have been used to allow wireless game sharing, but aside from the games themselves, there's little to keep you going for a long time."

It looks like the retro compilations are starting to pour in, but I think companies will have to do more than stuff a bunch of their old games onto a UMD and send it out the door for them to be successful.

Three new Sega Genesis Collection videos

You know what I love about all these classic compilations coming out? I'm realizing just how many games I missed out on as a kid, but the great thing about these games is we don't have to miss out on them anymore.

Today's videos are Ecco Jr., Shinobi and Phantasy Star IV.

Check out Phantasy Star after the jump.

See also:

Decap Attack
Virtua Fighter 2, Sword of Vermillion and Bonanza Brothers
Phantasy Star 2
and Golden Axe

Kid Chameleon
Ecco the Dolphin and Columns

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Decap Attack Sega Genesis Collection video

We might as well call today retro-Thursday what with all the old-school news that has been posted on the site today. I always was more of a Nintendo gamer back in the day, so I don't feel so terribly noobish that I haven't played Decap Attack, which is one of nearly 30 retro games in Sega Genesis Collection. Hell, to be perfectly honest, I've never even heard of it before.

Well, I've done me some research and learned the game's protagonist is Chuck D. Head, an aptly named mummy who throws his decapitated head at his enemies. In the game, you must travel across a skeleton-shaped island throughout beautiful locales like Abdomainland and Armington to battle it out with the evil Dr. Frank N. Stein.

See also:
Virtua Fighter 2, Sword of Vermillion and Bonanza Brothers
Phantasy Star 2
and Golden Axe

Kid Chameleon
Ecco the Dolphin and Columns

Kid Chameleon Sega Genesis Collection video

With every new video release for a Sega Genesis Collection game, I continue to get filled with more and more nostalgic memories. We've already seen videos of Columns, Ecco and Alex Kidd. Well, there's a new kid on the block with a Kid Chameleon video that has just been released.

Released in May 1992, you may remember Kid Chameleon as that silly platformer with the kid who wore a variety of masks, each transforming his features and giving him special powers. There was even a goalie mask, a la Jason Vorhees, that enabled Kid Chameleon to throw axes.

You'll be able to enjoy Kid Chameleon and more than 30 other old-school Genesis titles Nov. 7.

[Via IGN]

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