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Vote for your favorite PaRappa the Rapper video

Did you enter the PaRappa the Rapper Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown? Hope so. Contestants performed their own renditions of their favorite PaRappa songs for a chance to win some pretty awesome PaRappa swag. In addition, the grand prize winner will get an all-expenses paid trip to the Penny Arcade Expo. But, who's going to win?

That's where you come in. Visit the official PlayStation website to vote for your favorite. Heck, you don't even have to vote ... it's funny enough to see these classic songs get the real-life treatment by fans. Check it out.

U rappin' good? Go to Penny Arcade Expo for free

U Gotta Believe!

Sony is hosting a new contest, encouraging wannabe rappers to perform their best PaRappa rap. It just takes some ambition, a camera, and some YouTube know-how to enter. Choose one of three songs provided on Sony's official contest page, and swallow your pride.

There are some awesome prizes: PaRappa PSP skins, PaRappa PSP charms, PaRappa's signature beanie and a copy of the game. The first 100 entrants will get the awesome PaRappa tee. Finally, one winner will get to go to Penny Arcade Expo with a friend ... absolutely free. If you're thinking of entering, definitely show us. We'd love to see your moves!

PaRappa heads to US for PSP remake


Ready to rap? Good. PaRappa the Rapper is heading to American PSP systems this July, ten years after the release of the original. This remake features all the characters, levels and songs from the original and adds a slew of new wireless options. According to the press release, players can "go head-to-head in ad-hoc battles; wirelessly share a demo level through Game Share; and use the PSP Infrastructure Mode to download eight additional playable remixes for players to rap along to."

"Bringing PaRappa The Rapper to PSP allows true PlayStation fans to re-connect with this timeless classic," said John Koller, Senior Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "This also introduces the beloved PaRappa and his cast of colorful friends to a new generation of fans and potential hip-hop stars on the move."

For those unaware, PaRappa is considered a pioneer in music games, launching the genre to the mainstream. With Gitaroo-Man Lives!, DJ Max Portable, beaterator, and PaRappa all available on one console, PSP is quickly becoming the gaming machine for music lovers.

Live action Chicken's Rap from PaRappa

Japan was treated to a special PSP version of the classic PS1 music game, PaRappa the Rapper a while back. Anreas Wieslander and his gang have performed a live action version of the "Chicken's Rap." Once you watch it, you'll also want to crack, crack, crack the egg into a bowl.

The rapping grooves of these white kids have got me in the mood for some Pa-Rapping. Unfortunately, SCEA has not announced an American release for the game. Until then, interested importers can check out Play-Asia.

Watch PaRappa rap right on your PSP [m]

Ruliweb got the sweet hookup with some exclusive footage of the PSP version of PaRappa the Rapper. For some mysterious reason, Sony decided to release this on UMD instead of making it downloadable, but hey-- I don't have a PS3, so it works out for me. You can visit Ruliweb to download the clips to your computer, or you can make with the wi-fi and head over to to download PSP-formatted clips directly to your machine now.

Continue reading Watch PaRappa rap right on your PSP [m]

PaRappa to feature downloadable music, but no new levels

PaRappa is one of those games PSP owners would love if the developers put just a little bit more effort into it. Many have questioned Sony's decision to simply make an updated port and put it on UMD, when a game like PaRappa would be an ideal candidate for PSone emulation. Siliconera reports that the game will offer something new for PSP owners: the ability to download new songs through Infrastructure mode. Strangely, the new songs will not affect the gameplay in any way: the levels and corresponding button presses will not change when you download these songs. Gyuh? Sounds strange. Hopefully, Sony's been hiding something from us. The game hits Japan on December 7th.

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