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PaRappa to feature downloadable music, but no new levels

PaRappa is one of those games PSP owners would love if the developers put just a little bit more effort into it. Many have questioned Sony's decision to simply make an updated port and put it on UMD, when a game like PaRappa would be an ideal candidate for PSone emulation. Siliconera reports that the game will offer something new for PSP owners: the ability to download new songs through Infrastructure mode. Strangely, the new songs will not affect the gameplay in any way: the levels and corresponding button presses will not change when you download these songs. Gyuh? Sounds strange. Hopefully, Sony's been hiding something from us. The game hits Japan on December 7th.

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10-21-2006 @ 2:52PM

dakinle said...

Wasn't there a second PaRappa on the PS2 - why aren't they at least putting them together to make one UMD - otherwise why isn't this game just being left to PSOne Emulation???

This makes no sense if I can just download the emulated original for $14.99 or less instead of $39.99 or $49.99, or even $29.99 for virtually the same game.


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10-21-2006 @ 4:02PM

daniel-kun said...

Just on a site-note, PS1 games are supposed to cost less than $10. "Many of them under $5", said Peter Dille.
That's good news!

I've seen the Nintendo DS browser being sold for 40 Euro today! Wow, that's really rediculous.


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10-21-2006 @ 4:28PM

dakinle said...

PSP Fanboy wrote:

"Sony's Gamer's Day has just wrapped up, and we're learning new details from around the web. Unfortunately, details of new firmware didn't seem to be revealed. Highlights from the event include:

* Downloadable games will $14.99 or less. To compare, N64 Virtual Console games on the Wii will cost about $10, so we're hoping Sony prices the games a little bit lower to be a little bit more competitive."


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10-21-2006 @ 7:16PM

pixelator said...

dakinle, what part of the post quoting Dille saying PS1 games under $10, some under $5, didn't you understand? The $14.99 figure is likely going to be for PS3 content ala XBLA.


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12-07-2006 @ 9:55AM

pixelator said...

You need a $30+ Opera browser (that isn't currently available in the USA). It's also said to be fairly sluggish and doesn't support much in the way of browser functionality, ie. saving files, any sort of flash or other animation, audio, etc.

That said, it does have a rather sophisticated zoom system and the second screen having touch input makes for a virtual keyboard, so it's not all a wash for the DS. If the PSP had some kind of external or virtual touchscreen keyboard, there'd be no contest whatsoever.


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12-12-2006 @ 7:28PM

daniel said...

ive got a question????? does the Nintendo DS have internet. like can u go on the internet like a PSP??


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