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World Neverland collection going to Japan

Japan <3s obscure RPGs. Many of these games will never make it stateside, and that's the vibe we're getting with the World Neverland collection on PSP. This compilation combines the two PS1 World Neverland RPGs.

According to IGN, "The two World Neverland games tell of the Kingdom of Olerud and the Republic of Pluto. You play as a citizen of these countries and, after joining up with a guild, experience life surrounded by AI-driven residents."

We're doubtful this'll ever make it stateside, but hardcore importers may want to check out Famitsu for more screenshots.

Ape Escape heads into RPG territory

What won't Sony's simian sidekicks do for attention? The Ape Escape franchise is expanding to new territory, yet again -- this time, the monkeys are starring in an RPG in their next PSP outing. Cleverly titled The Record of Piposaru War (a parody of Ryo Mizuno's classic, we assume), the monkeys must seal three demons that were accidentally unleashed upon the world.

Looking at screens released by Famitsu, it appears that there will be a healthy amount of mini-games present in the game, as well. The Ape Escape games have been slow-coming to the States, so don't expect this to be translated any time soon.

[Via PSPHyper]

First screenshots of Phantasy Star Portable

Abbreviated PSP, Sega's upcoming PSP port of Phantasy Star Universe is set to enthrall the audiences that snagged a PSP to play Monster Hunter. Just like Capcom's RPG, PSP will allow collaborative RPG play with other players ... provided you're all in the same room. At least the style and graphical flair of the Phantasy Star world have come through successfully in these first screenshots of the game.

[Via PSP-Vault]

New PSP RPG has you playing as the villain

RPG bosses are pretty cool. Not only can they summon foreign planets to crash into their enemies, they can send out hordes of minions to go after potential do-gooders. But, it seems like they're prone to getting murdered by teams of three or four adolescents bent on taking away their treasure. No more!

A new RPG is being prepared for the PSP. Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaiki da (or as IGN has translated it "For a Hero, You're Pretty Impudent") has you playing as the villain. As the Demon Lord, you must create a dungeon and dispatch monsters to get rid of any heroes that try to get in your way. Apparently, all fighting is done automatically, which makes this game stray very far from its RPG roots. Fascinating.

Over time, your dungeon and minions will grow stronger -- but so will your opponents. This inventive twist on RPG gameplay is set to hit Japan on December 6th. We can't wait to find out more.

Brave Story gets official release date

Game Republic, creator of the Genji series, is bringing a new RPG to the PSP in two weeks time. Entitled Brave Story, this RPG tells the story of a boy that must enter the world of Vision in order to save his friend from a mysterious illness. Through the game, the hero can build various attributes, such as Friendship, Courage, and Growth.

Like many other RPGs, new accessories can be forged by collecting and combining the right materials. In addition, players can collect special birds for use in mini-games. Game Share and Network features will allow players to trade birds and mini-games with others.

Check out screenshots and art of the game in our galleries below. Brave Story arrives on PSP on July 31st.

Gallery: Brave Story

Gallery: Brave Story: Characters

Dungeon Maker website reveals silly plot

Dungeon making fans, take notice. XSEED's Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground has an official website now, with a projected release date right around the corner in June. XSEED also released Valhalla Knights awhile back, a title that was lampooned by critics for its restrictive game play and lack of story progression. How does the story in Dungeon Maker fare? Well, the new website contains some insight into the background story elements we think you'll find ... interesting.

You control the Architect (not that Architect), a hero that arrives in town wanting to develop a monster-luring dungeon so he can sharpen his fighting skills, net some serious gold coinage and become the baddest dungeon maker who ever lived. The hero must face skepticism from the townspeople that don't believe the Architect has what it takes to make the ultimate dungeon. But eventually, the Architect begins to win support of the townsfolk by luring rare and powerful enemies into his ever-growing dungeon. In turn, the townspeople equip the Architect with new dungeon making abilities. Will our hero be able to lure the powerful and elusive Wandering Demon, freeing the townsfolk from its reign of fear and terror once and for all?

Wow. The plot seems utterly ridiculous so it might be 0/2 for XSEED. On the other hand, a dungeon making game for the PSP is certainly unique. Perhaps its appeal might overcome such a far-fetched plot. We'll know a lot more once Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground is released in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out the game's website for more information.

Eat this! You never had a chance against my swords!

We love the gameplay of Tales games: the real-time battles certainly make for some intense clashes. Tales of the World looks to be just as fun as its console counterparts, but we're concerned about one thing: voice acting. The new videos posted on IGN might look good, but they certainly don't sound too pleasing. The one-liners that the characters spew every time they say an attack became tiresome even within this tiny clip. Please, Namco Bandai: let us turn off the voices, okay?

Jeanne D'Arc readies up for North American release

The folks over at Gamepro have an early preview of Level 5's upcoming turn-based RPG, Jeanne D'Arc. Previous information has been gathered from the original Japanese release and now, we get a taste for what to expect when the anticipated title comes stateside.

The game draws obvious inspiration from true-to-life Joan of Arc and appears to be much more light-hearted with its approach to the source material. Early impressions from the Japanese release seem overall, pretty positive. This title should satisfy gamers looking to satiate their hunger for more strategic game play, and having exceptional visuals is of course, a welcome addition to any party. Jeanne D'Arc is headed for North American shores in August. Until then, enjoy the screenshots!

Mastiff floods retail chain with budget copies of Gurumin

Remember the Deal of the Day we had over a week ago? We reported that the cutesy beat-em-up RPG Gurumin was available for $20. Well, it looks like that's no longer a Gamestop-specific deal: the game has officially become a budget title.

Mastiff is flooding the retail chain, alleviating previous "supply issues" the title was facing. The publisher is hoping that by lowering the price, and increasing the title's availability during Sony's aggressive PSP marketing, it will be able to gain an even larger audience for the niche title. "Between the increased availability and the economical price, RPG fans should now have no trouble getting their hands on Gurumin," said Bill Swartz, "Head Woof" (we're not kidding) of Mastiff.

PSP Fanboy previously reviewed the title, awarding it with a 7.5.

Dragoneer Aria Screenshots

This summer, publisher Nippon Ichi is gearing up their release of a new multiplayer RPG, titled Dragoneer Aria. Up to 4 players are expected to be supported in the final version, via ad-hoc. In typical J-RPG fare, expect to face off against "bad" dragons using magical abilities aligned with each of the popular elements: thunder, ice, water, earth, wind and fire. No word on a North American release at this time, but if this title takes off like hotcakes, you can expect its chances coming stateside to increase exponentially. Take a look at these new screenshots.

[Via Game Watch]

First screenshots of Dragoneer's Aria

Last month, we unveiled NIS and Hitmaker's newest RPG, Dragoneer's Aria. The concept art looked a bit edgier and darker than usual PSP RPG fare. While we were excited to see a RPG on our handheld take a slightly more mature approach to the genre, we're admittedly disappointed by these new screenshots of the game, provided by Degenki Online. The graphics look primitive, with blocky character models and barren environments. The game is due out soon, so it doesn't look like this game will have the chance to improve much before its release.

[Thanks, Saigon!]

The prettiest 8 bits you'll ever see: Final Fantasy footage

The Final Fantasy remakes are certainly a bizarre thing to behold. The graphics are a strange mix of new and old: redone sprites and backgrounds mix with strange particle effects gamers from the NES era dare not dream of. GameTrailers has some gameplay footage from the game, allowing you to judge whether or not this game is worth the pricey $30 entry fee when it releases later this year.

Continue reading The prettiest 8 bits you'll ever see: Final Fantasy footage

Silverfall bringing bloody hack 'n slash action to PSP

Have you heard of Silverfall? This PC hack 'n slash RPG came and went pretty silently, failing to earn the attention of many gamers. It looks like the newly announced PSP version may do the same, considering its stealthy debut announcement. The original game failed to earn the respect of critics, with many noting its highly derivative gameplay. We hope that Kiev Games will take all the criticism the original earned and apply it to the PSP version--we can certainly use a solid Diablo-style RPG.

Read more about the game at To the Game, and check out a trailer of the PC version, after the cut.

[Thanks, Raviv!]
[Update: Take-Two is publishing the game in Europe. Check out IGN for first screenshots of the game.]

Continue reading Silverfall bringing bloody hack 'n slash action to PSP

Metareview: Valhalla Knights

Valhalla Knights looked so promising when it was first previewed so many months ago. Looks like it'll join the ever-growing collection of RPG failures on our system. The critics, for the most part, have bashed XSEED's latest, telling you to stay far, far away from it:
  • 1UP (35/100) likens the experience to torture: "I can't remember the last time I felt so constricted as a gamer. Sure, running around the dungeons and slashing through enemies is enjoyable enough -- and, dare I say it, even fun at times. But as soon as you attempt to play through Valhalla Knights like its an actual game, it completely falls apart. The viselike grip Valhalla Knights holds."
  • G4 (40/100) thinks the game is too old-school for its own good: "This is not a game for the impatient, especially since there's no in-game help system. When it comes to combat tactics or building a party, you have to learn by doing (and probably dying)."
  • IGN (53/100) wanted to like the game, but couldn't: "Valhalla Knights succeeded at impressing me with fun, real-time combat, completely pissing me off with drawn-out quests and eventually driving me away due to the complete lack of anything resembling story progression."
Ouch! Those are some of the harshest reviews we've read in quite some time. Valhalla Knights is now available in stores ... if you dare pick it up!

Final Fantasy remakes outraeously priced and dated for US


What do you think a remake of a decades-old RPG should cost? $5? $10? How about $20? Well, Square Enix has a surprise for you. The Final Fantasy remakes are heading to the US for a whopping $30 each. Final Fantasy, rated E10+, will ship to retailers on June 26, 2007. Final Fantasy II, rated T, will ship to retailers on July 24, 2007.

Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto states in the latest press release: "It is amazing to see how far Final Fantasy has come in the past twenty years, and we cannot wait to continue bringing fans more Final Fantasy titles in the next 20 years." Of course, if Square Enix continues to price games this way, gamers may not be able to afford their games. Remember the original Final Fantasy I & II collection on Game Boy Advance? Each individual UMD costs the same as that cartridge from years ago. This really is a shame, Square.

Gallery: Final Fantasy I (PSP)
Gallery: Final Fantasy II (PSP)

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