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PSP-2000 Traveler Case discovered

Original PSP owners can frequently be seen with a hard case, such as the ones made by Logitech. However, the slimmer PSP-2000 series do not fit in those cases. What's a PSP-2000 user supposed to do, then?

They can pick up the Traveler Case, a hard PSP case which will store the system, Memory Sticks and UMDs -- all for $20. We spotted them on sale (with discount) at both and The case will be available at the end of the month.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

Gallery: PSP-2000 Traveler Case

Capcom announces new Monster Hunter PSP

It wasn't too long ago when Sony and Capcom partnered together to release a limited edition Monster Hunter 2nd Summer PSP bundle. Well, it looks like they're at it again with Monster Hunter Portable 2G. Called the Hunter's G Pack, the limited edition bundle will hit retail shelves on March 27 in Japan for 25,800 yen and will include the PSP, Monster Hunter Portable 2G, a carrying case and limited edition wrist strap, as well as the AC adapter and battery.

The system's model number is PSP-2000 ZN, so don't worry, you will be able to Skype with it. Admittedly, the new bundle looks a lot like something from Zelda, but we're not complaining because it looks darn sweet!

[Via Official PlayStation forums]

Original PSP doesn't have enough RAM for Skype

As reported earlier, Skype will be available exclusively on PSP-2000 systems only. The revised handheld features additional RAM, previously used for UMD caching. According to Nick Sharples from SCEE, the additional memory onboard the new PSP is crucial for running the VoIP application. He told Pocket Gamer: "We had studied the possibility of supporting Skype with PSP-1000 but had to give it up because of the smaller size of main memory on PSP-1000 series."

Skype is coming before month's end. For more images of the application, visit GPara. For those with homebrew-capable PSP-1000 systems, new homebrew VoIP applications may be worthwhile to you.

Skype support will be limited to PSP-2000

The rumors of Skype support coming to the PSP have now been confirmed by Japan's Nikkei Net news organization. Unfortunately for most PSP users, however, the news service stated that Skype support will be limited to the PSP-2000, but that it may come as soon as this month.

Skype service will be free for PSP-to-PSP and PSP-to-PC calls and vice versa. Additionally, users can register for a dedicated number for around $20 every three months for what should provide support for landline and cellphone calls. The software will more than likely be part of a future firmware update, and users will use an external microphone for communication.

At this point, we're not entirely sure why service is limited to the PSP-2000. Could there be some other hardware addition to the updated handheld that we didn't previously know about, or could this be a diabolical scheme to get us to upgrade our PSPs? Whatever the case may be, we know we certainly want to use this new technology that more or less answers the question whether Sony is interested in a PSPhone.

[Via Gamespot, Thanks for the tip, Jay!]

PSP Slim headphones on the cheap

Official PSP-2000 headphones are now available on, and they're just $20! It's a pretty good deal, so we'd definitely recommend getting a piece of this action while it lasts.

Unfortunately, the headphones that came with PSP-1000 are not compatible with the newer models. Without a compatible remote, PSP users will find themselves unable to use other accessories, like the PSP headset.

[Via CAG]

PSP-2000 sells 1 million units in Japan

After only two months on the market, the PSP-2000 has sold a million units in Japan as of Nov. 22, Sony announced. What makes it more impressive is it reached the milestone two weeks faster than the original PSP when it launched in December 2004.

"Along with the ever greater sales of the PSP system, more and more software titles are released, with more than 500 software titles available in Japan alone," Sony said in its release. "Looking forward, many more titles in various genres are scheduled to be released this holiday season from third party game developers and publishers, as well as SCE Worldwide Studios Japan Studio titles. The new slim and light PSP offers more convenience in portability and more choice in colors to match users' lifestyle."

Hitting this number so quickly isn't entirely surprising considering that the PSP-2000 sold 500,000 in just two weeks after its launch and has been in the top hardware spot in the weekly hardware sales charts several times, as well. It will be interesting, however, to see how long it takes Sony's newest version of the PSP to hit that mark in the other two regions.

Finally, a battery cover for the PSP-2000

... that will accept the larger batteries from the old PSP model. Why would you want to use the older batteries? Well, they'll increase battery life of the system. No official Sony peripheral supports this, but if PSP-Vault is right about these third-party covers, this is what you've been waiting for. At less than $4, there isn't much risk involved in finding out.

Spider-man PSP bundle revealed

Europe will be getting a new PSP-2000 bundle, featuring a red and black PSP Slim and Lite, a copy of Spider-man 3 the video game, and Spider-man 3 movie UMD. The red PSP will feature black buttons and a black back, giving it a truly distinct look.

Earlier in the year, The Simpsons PSP-2000 bundle was also announced, and we're assuming it will also bundle both the game and the movie with a limited edition system. The yellow PSP can be seen in our gallery below.

These bundles are exclusive to Europe, and are unlikely to find their way to the States.

Gallery: PSP-2000: Spider-man and Simpsons

Webcaster shocked and lol'd over new PSP

We knew the PSP-2000 is like the Bionic Man - better, stronger faster, but it's also lighter, too. Apparently, this guy didn't know just how light it was when he recently unboxed a Daxter PSP bundle on his live webcast. After several loud exclamations of surprise mixed with joy and disbelief, we couldn't help but be reminded of a certain boisterous youth on Christmas when he was given a certain Nintendo console.

For the impatient among you, fast forward to about the four-minute mark to witness the shock and awe.

Homebrew endows PSP-2000 with full screen TV output

Once again, the homebrew community is teasing and taunting Sony by adding key features missing in their official firmware. This proof-of-concept "TV Out Example" will let your homebrew-enabled PSP-2000 the ability to output games content full screen, no borders! Even more surprising is that it'll even work with the composite cables, allowing those without ED/HDTVs to enjoy the wonder of playing PSP games on the TV. Certainly, if this ragtag team of enthusiasts can do it, Sony can as well? We're hoping that the official firmware development team doesn't take this lightly and follows pursuit as soon as possible.

[Via PSP Hacks]

Fanswag: Win a new Darth Vader PSP-2000 (Day 1)

Click for high-resolution image.

Don't be afraid to admit it: you want the new PSP-2000. With its slimmer figure, lighter weight, TV-Out functionality, and faster load times, it's a remarkable improvement over the PSP Phat. But, haven't been able to snatch a system for yourself? Don't worry -- we got you covered. Along with our friends at Joystiq and PS3 Fanboy, we're giving away one of five brand-new limited-edition Darth Vader PSP-2000 systems each day this week. These Ceramic White systems feature Darth Vader's menacing profile on the back, and are a must-have for the dedicated Star Wars nerdcore. Not only that, the package includes the brand new PSP-exclusive Star Wars Battlefront game.

So, how do you enter? First, find out what the PSP Fanboy team thinks about Star Wars Battlefront (Andrew, Jem, Nick, and Colin) and then write down one thing you learned from their previews and leave it in our comments section, as well as on the corresponding giveaway posts at Joystiq and PS3 Fanboy. We'll select one comment from all three sites at random tomorrow morning before we giveaway another PSP-2000

Of course, there are rules. You must be a US resident, 18 years or older. Limit 1 entry per person per site ... or else (that means three entries spread out, no more)! This entry period ends at 11:59am ET tomorrow, so get your entries in before then. For complete rules you can shared with your loved ones, click here. And much thanks to the fine people at LucasArts for the great prizes.

PSP-2000 sells half a million in Japan

The next big console success in Japan is ... the PSP?!

Color us shocked, but the one-two punch of the redesign and Crisis Core has made a serious impression on the Japanese. The slimmer PSP-2000 has sold over half a million units in less than two weeks. With numbers like that, you'd think that there was a brain training game somewhere hidden in the system.

We predict good things to come as a new Gundam game hit Japanese store shelves yesterday. We hear that they're somewhat fond of that franchise.

S-video cables won't be coming to North America

Unlike the rest of the modern world, gamers in North America won't be getting official S-video cables for their PSP 2000s as Sony decided to only support composite and component cables in our region, according to a story published by Game Informer.

A Sony spokesperson said the company wants to streamline its selection by offering the two most commonly used video standards. While some gamers might be a bit bummed by this announcement, we don't think it's that big a deal since getting the most out of the PSP 2000's video output will require component cables in the first place.

However, if you really want to stick it to the man, there's always the option of importing, right?

PSP-2000 core systems now available

According to various reports from our readers, it appears that PSP-2000 core systems (in Piano Black) are finally available in the wild. We'll admit it: we're frustrated by how SCEA has handled this launch, making it one of the most confusing system launches in recent memory. Instead of providing concrete release dates, the launch of the redesigned PSP appears to be quite stealthy -- is that appropriate for generating hype? We think the confusion surrounding the new PSP's launch will guarantee it comes nowhere near the success it's found in Japan. Unfortunate.

We've heard the system is now available at Target stores and online at Have you been able to pick up a system?

UK PSP-2000 launch surges sales

Although sales of the PSP slowed to a crawl in the weeks before the PSP-2000 launched in the United Kingdom, all is forgiven thanks to Sony's new handheld, which help push 17,000 units in its first week.

According to a Sony representative, the PSP-2000, which launched in the UK Sept. 14, sold four times what the "old" PSPs did in the previous week. "We are very happy with the launch of Slim and Lite," a Sony rep said to MCV. "We expected sales in previous weeks to be low as we moved old stock through the channel."

As you all know, the next hurdle for Sony is to continue the momentum its built. But with so many great games on the horizon, the PSP-2000 could very well be the big hit this Christmas.

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