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First-ever screenshots of The Warriors

The French site, Play France (O, RLY?), seems to have the very first images of the upcoming PSP port of The Warriors, Rockstar Leeds' follow-up to the first two GTA Stories games. These renders are at a much higher resolution than actual gameplay footage, meaning it'll look sharper than what will appear on your PSP. Regardless, considering the team's penchant for technical superiority, there should be little doubt that the game will look quite good on the PSP when it ships next year.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

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1. if you look at the pic, all the bad guys are exactly the same.
"go forth my clone army, and do my bidding!!!"
i hate when they are too lazy to switch up the textures. unforgivable!

Posted at 12:22AM on Dec 4th 2006 by danknugz

2. They are in the same gang and wear the same identifying
clothes. Watch the movie from the 70's and you'll understand.

Posted at 1:52AM on Dec 4th 2006 by Mingo Schrupa

3. no, i get that, but theyre the same person, too. you have to admit, alot of games to cheese out and use the same badguys over and over, wave after wave of clones.
im just saying...

Posted at 2:17AM on Dec 4th 2006 by danknugz

4. That third pic looks like The Fonz with a mime in a headlock. You now have my attention.

Posted at 3:28AM on Dec 4th 2006 by vitiate

5. I was sure I'd seen these somewhere before.

Posted at 11:13AM on Dec 4th 2006 by Danny

6. Warriors come out to play! Yes, one gang dresses up as mime baseball players, favoring bats as their weapon of choice. The PS2 version got good reviews. You should definitely check out the movie sometime. Its more about being in a gang than being a gangster. Its about being a tough guy, and taking on the city with your fists and wits, when every other gang in the city is on a mission to kill you.

Posted at 9:55PM on Dec 11th 2006 by voivod

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