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Firmware 3.52 now available on Network Update

Yet another surprise PSP firmware update strikes Network Update tonight. PSP Update version 3.52 doesn't offer much new:
  • Revisions to strengthen security have been added.
  • The number of PLAYSTATION Network titles that can be played under [Game] has increased.
Hopefully, this means that we're going to see a new surge of downloadable PS1 games on the PlayStation Store later this week? Certainly, we're having a blast with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

[Thanks, Random!]

Firmware 3.51 now available on Network Update

Days after a Lumines exploit allowed all PSPs to be downgraded, Sony has released a minor security patch in the form of firmware 3.51. This incremental update doesn't offer any new functionality. Rather, it corrects the flaw found in Lumines. Those that are interested in upgrading to the latest firmware should use Network Update from their PSPs. Officially, the update includes:
  • Revisions to strengthen security have been added.
And that's it.
[Thanks, Reuban!]

Firmware 3.50 now available on Network Update

We told you it was coming, and here it is. Firmware 3.50 has a woefully short feature list. Along with the much-anticipated Remote Play improvement comes a single other addition. The 'full' feature list, then, is as follows.
  • Support has been added to allow remote play over the internet in [Remote Play]
  • [RSS Channel Guide] has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel]
While the expansion of Remote Play and its new ability to be used to connect to your PS3 from anywhere in the world is excellent, the lack of any real accompanying features leaves us a bit cold. Perhaps it's the idea of a list consisting of just two items. Is a list really a list if it has less than three? That's something for you to ponder on while the update downloads and installs.

No doubt we'll be posting our thoughts on the new firmware later today, after we've had a chance to test it out. In the meantime, why don't you try it yourselves and get back to us with what you think? It's a two way thing, you know.

[Thanks, Lucas]

Download the update from PSP Fanboy. Include file in directory PSP/GAME/UPDATE.

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Firmware 3.40 now available on Network Update


As predicted, PSP firmware 3.40 is now available via Network Update. The latest update to Sony's handheld includes the following features:

  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
  • The method of managing certificates under [Game] has been changed.
Certainly not one of the more exciting updates in recent memory. Coincidentally, the PLAYSTATION 3 has also been updated today. The PS3 can now supposedly play downloaded PS1 titles, and by using the two systems in tandem, one can play a game on PS3, save, and then continue playing that title on the go. Unfortunately, as of this writing, we've been unable to make this work.

To download the latest update, run Network Update on your PSP.

[Update: The update is now available to download via a computer. Visit the official US PlayStation site.]

Certificate Utility removed in firmware 3.40


The Korean PlayStation website has announced the arrival of yet another update to PSP's official firmware. However, unlike previous updates, this revision will actually remove some functionality from the system. We've translated the text--it appears "Certificate Utility" will no longer appear on the XMB. Rather, the information used to be available in this section will be embedded directly into the games downloaded from the PLAYSTATION Store. This is a rather minor, but puzzling change.

According to the Korean website, the firmware will be released tomorrow, 4/19.

[Via PSP Hacks]

Firmware 3.11 now available on Network Update

Another we told you so moment. Another firmware upgrade has been made available for your PSP, but don't expect to get much out of it. This will only fix bugs found in R-TYPES, a PSone game downloadable only in Japan. The official word from Sony goes as follows: "Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded."

Yay? Download it via Network Update.

[Thanks, Rueben!]

Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 5

Every Saturday, PSP Fanboy will answer your burning questions. If you have a question for the team, send an e-mail to andrew @ with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy."

Q: I subscribed to "The 1UP Show" RSS feed and had it download overnight. When I go to it under videos it says "unsupported movie type" or something like that. It is a mp4 file and if I run it through PSP Video 9 it'll play. But I'd like to to play right off the bat. Any clue? I'm also having the same problems with "On the Spot" from Also what are the restrictions on mp4 files for the PSP?

A: The PSP has some peculiar restrictions with video playback. The two you should focus on are video resolution and bitrate. Videos are limited to a maximum of 76800 pixels (320x240, for example), and a video bitrate of 768kbps. You should make sure that videos that aren't named in Sony's proprietary Memory Stick format (MAQ, M4V) are placed in your Memory Stick under a folder called "VIDEO."

Unfortunately, it appears that "The 1UP Show" is now encoded at a much higher resolution than the PSP is allowed to play back. You may want to download PSP-compatible files directly from The 1UP Show website.

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Sony releases new 3.01 firmware, a day after 3.00

Firmware 3.00 isn't even available on the US website yet, and it looks like there might be a reason for it. 3.01. Gyuh? Yes, in just one day after 3.00's release, Sony has released yet another firmware upgrade: 3.01. It appears Sony somehow discovered a security hole in the firmware hours after the previous major release.

If for some crazy reason, you desperately need to have the latest firmware, and remove the possibility of homebrew on your system, set your PSP to run Network Update. Just know that there's no other benefits to running the update other than this security revision.

[Via PSP3D]

Will you make the upgrade to 3.0?

Will you make the upgrade?
Yes. I love to have the latest firmware.
No, not until games require them.
No, homebrew FTW!
Firmware 3.0 is out, and not everyone is rejoicing. Some are bitter that they need an impossible-to-get PS3 to download PSone games (for now, at least). Others just don't want to bother with an upgrade. Thinking about all the new features of Sony's latest official firmware, will you make the upgrade? Or, will you keep your current firmware, for whatever reason (homebrew or not)?

Firmware 3.00 now available via Network Update

It's finally here. The Megaton firmware. THREE POINT ZERO ZERO. All you have to do is access Network Update and download the file. (As of this writing, the upgrade is not available on the US or Japanese PSP websites.)

This update includes the following changes:
  • PLAYSTATION Network titles are now supported under [Game].
  • [Remote Play] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • [Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • Timed recording has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel].
  • A visual player has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • 3-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • [Camera] has been added as a feature under [Photo].
  • [UMD Auto-Start] has been added as a feature in [System Settings] under [Settings].
For those of you that don't have wi-fi access, I have provided a downloadable update for you. Connect your PSP via USB, and then go to the PSP/GAME folder. Create the folder "UPDATE" and place the EBOOT file there. From your PSP, access your Memory Stick's games, and choose the update.

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Local game store updates firmware for only $4.99!

A user on the PlayStation forums took a picture with his digital camera of a store offering PSP firmware upgrades... for only $4.99! I do get quite a number of silly e-mails from readers asking how to upgrade the system's firmware. Is it so difficult to visit Sony's official website? Is it so difficult to put a UMD that features an upgrade into one's system to update? Is it so hard to use the "Network Update" feature? WHY?? Why can't people figure this out?!

As long as there's simpletons using the machine, there will always be a market for capitalizing store managers. Is he a smart business man? Or is he just exploiting others for a free feature?

Wipeout comes to an end in Japan

Wipeout: Pure is one of my favorite games on the PSP. The great graphics, music and gameplay were fantastic, but the incredible amount of downloadable content is what made it one of the best games on the handheld. For months after the game's launch, we were presented with tons of new tracks and ships, essentially doubling the length of the game for free, making it one of the greatest values on the system (especially at Greatest Hits price). While the team has gone quiet since the last update, it appears that Sony is officially announcing the end of downloads... in Japan, at least.

It's a little sad to know that there will most likely never be downloads again for Wipeout: Pure, but hopefully that means that the team is working on what I really want now: a sequel.

[Via PSP-Vault]

System update 2.71 details

The latest firmware update has been released for the PSP, which is version 2.71 to be exact, and aside from its homebrew-killing powers, the update provides the following:
  • Internet Browser can now be used to download demo version of games to memory stick. Available game demos are Loco Roco and Kazuo
  • LocationFree Player now displays correct image when selecting the external tune. This affects users using LocationFree base station model LF-B1 (North America/Taiwan/Korea model) and LF-X11 (North America model). LocationFree base station models for Japan/Europe are not affected. 
  • The icon "Goto Network Service" has been added into the "Network" column.

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