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Hands on with Juiced Eliminator

PSP owners aren't really hard pressed for another racing game, so Juiced Eliminator has that much more to prove coming right out of the gate. This isn't necessarily a mediocre game, the developers just have to step it up and make it shine in the midsts of other racing titles.

The demo level I tried out allowed me to set up all of the environmental conditions from the beginning. Rain, morning, night, sunshine and blue skies: the versatility here was a nice feature, but not uncommon to the genre. The controls were done well enough to keep your attention span, and the nitro boost added an extra level of speed. If only there was a way to get some back after using it all up. Overall, Juiced Eliminator is slightly above average, but hardcore racing fans might want to look elsewhere.

The real question is: Do PSP fans really want another racing game?

Hands on with Killzone Liberation

There's a strong argument that the PSP needs more games like Killzone Liberation. It doesn't feel like a forced experience similar to certain titles that seem to flare up on the portable console. The top-down view works perfectly and the game mechanics don't choke when things get hasty on the buttons.

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First impression: Coded Arms Contagion

We're still not sure why Konami was so defensive about the new Coded Arms, considering that they wouldn't let us into their press event and all, but it could have something to do with the complete awkwardness of the game.

When I showed up to finally see what Contagion was all about, I was a little bit disappointed with how uncomfortable the whole thing felt between my hands. Graphically, it was okay for an FPS on the PlayStation Portable. Not any better looking than the first installment though.

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First impression: Ratchet and Clank

At first glance, this portable platformer shares an uncanny resemblance to the PS2 iteration. Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters takes advantage of the PSP's power very well. There were a few little nuances that stood out, but considering it was only a demo, it still means good things for platforming fans on Sony's portable.

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New Coded Arms: Contagion slated for PSP

More early previews from the show floor reaveal a new installment to the Coded Arms franchise for Sony's PlayStation Portable. This unsolicited picture shows the new Coded Arms: Contagion getting prepped for play. We won't be able to formally get our grubby hands on this until tomorrow and Wednesday, but PSP owners will be craving some fresh titles coming out of E3.

The handheld doesn't have the best track record for new and innovative games (erm... homebrew?), so hopefully this title will provide something that PSP gamers can sink their thumbs into.

Oblivion due on the PSP? Fortify Luck!

Thanks to a leaked release list (shyeah, right), word's gotten out that Bethesda, makers of the fine Elder Scrolls RPG for fans of open-ended exploration, is planning to release a version of their mega-popular Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion title on the PS3 and PSP. A portable version of the hardware-hogging game is targeted for release this November 6, 2006.

The air is already atwitter with speculation of whether Oblivion will be Sony's flagship platform to push their PlayStation Network Platform service. It very well could be since the Xbox Live Marketplace has been a hotbed of downloading lust since Oblivion hit the Xbox 360 last month, and it only stands to reason that Sony will want to test out their shiny new online service with a proven test subject. Also, will both the PS2 and the PSP version of the game allow for intregration like Nintendo did with the Gamecube and the Game Boy SP? Chances are we'll find out more when E3 comes around, so feel free to make wild, outrageous guesses in our comments section until then.

[Via Gamer Andy]

UPDATE: Bethesda says "nuh uh". We never did check if the word "gullible" really wasn't in the dictionary.

GameSpot manhandles Loco Roco, but in a good way

Gaming know-it-alls (we mean that nicely, of course) GameSpot got their hands on Loco Roco at a Sony's Pre-E3 press event and they liked what they saw. They've got high hopes for the title given its originality, appealing visuals, and accessible control scheme. A potential snag could be whether a game like this can hold our attention for several hours. Again, and as expected, we won't really know anything until E3, but we're crossing our fingers that this may be the game that'll let us stick it to all those people who told us the PSP had no original games on it. If not, I'll be in my room weeping at what could have been.

UPDATE: You can download a trial version of the game here. Keep in mind that you'll have to upgrade to Firmware version 2.7 for it to work. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

PlayStation Spot may appear at Sony's presscon in May

Joystiq reports an interesting tidbit they came across while registering for Sony's Pre-E3 press conference in Culver City, California this May. In the invite, attendees were encouraged to bring along their PSPs "for access to downloadable content". While not explicity said, our fellow bloggers surmise that this will likely happen via a PlayStation Spot kiosk (the very same ones that have already come out in Japan) considering its appearance at this year's Game Developers Conference. This news, of course, means nothing to Joe Everyman unless he or she can score an invite to this exclusive event. Here's hoping Sony decides to have Christmas early by declaring these kioks US-bound.

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