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Ready at Dawn working on non-PSP project

Ready at Dawn is viewed as a hero of sorts for PSP owners. With both Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus under their belt, the team has been praised for its ability to bring console-styled gameplay and technology to the handheld.

Well, it looks like the team is looking upward and onward, moving towards a new project. Unfortunately, it's not a PSP game ... it's a Wii one! Ready at Dawn is working with Capcom to produce Okami on Wii. It's a fantastic game that deserved more notice, and we're confident that the studio will bring something truly magical to Nintendo's platform.

Congrats on the move to the consoles, guys! Don't forget us too, okay?

[Via Joystiq]

Wiimote control the PSP

You've seen the PSP controlled by an Xbox 360 controller. You might have even seen the PSP controlled by a DualShock. Now see the PSP controlled by a Wii remote instead! It's as simple as connecting your homebrew enabled PSP to your PC wirelessly, then your Wii remote to the PC via Bluetooth, and finally having the PC translate the Wii remote information into PSP controls somehow. That is to say, it's not very simple and rather cumbersome. But at least it's possible, and that's the important part.

PSP vs Wii: graphics showdown

The guys at Sega Nerds have noticed something that may upset some Wii fans. They insist the PSP version of Alien Syndrome looks as good as, if not better than, the Wii one. The Nerds point to cleaner and clearer textures that lead to the improved PSP visuals (though you can use the image above to judge for yourself). Certainly no one thinks of the Wii as a graphical powerhouse, but it should be putting out better graphics than the PSP. So is the Wii's Alien Syndrome graphics a victim of PSP being the primary development platform, an unfinished product, the game engine, an inexperienced developer or something more damning? Either way, the very existence of the Wii means more games for PSP due to several developers' desire for cross-platform releases and in the end, that's all that matters to PSP owners.

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

A solution for the Ferrari Challenged

The above image is from Ferrari 355 Challenge for the Dreamcast. The reason it's on a PSP blog is because System 3 is making a new Ferrari Challenge title. System 3 as you may remember is also bringing Impossible Mission (among other games) to the PSP, so they have experience with the handheld. The previous Ferrari Challenge was a realistic and difficult game, though little detail was given for the direction of this version. We do know that Ferrari Challenge will feature 4-player wireless multiplayer (a feature that will be missing on the Wii version) and game-sharing. While I'm sure gamers love the idea of driving Ferraris, I hope there are other car types available in the racer as well.

[ Via Games Radar ]

Kid makes PSP play Wii games

Using a LocationFree Player and a homemade sensor bar, obiwan222222 has crafted an ingenious way to play Wii on the go. However, with a six second lag, most games would be nigh impossible to play. Hey, at least he can participate in some of Wii's non-gaming functionality, like the Everybody Votes channel.

Is there any use for having this kind of setup? Not really. But it demonstrates the strange things that people are doing everyday with their PSPs.

[Via QJ]

PSP getting ports from new sources

It's no secret that the PSP (as with any system) gets ports of games from other consoles. Most of the ports to PSP logically come from the PlayStation 2. But all that is starting to change. With the PS3 on the rise and the PS2 on the decline, PSP is starting to get ports from some unexpected places.

The DS has many a game that it's shared with the GBA, but recently it seems like more and more GBA games are jumping over to Sony's portable. The most obvious of these are all of the recently announced Final Fantasy projects. From Final Fantasy Tactics to just plain ol' Final Fantasy, these GBA remakes are being remade again for the PSP. But it doesn't just end there, the PSP will also see a port of the GBA RPG title Riviera (which is great for me, since I never played that game).

Of course, while it seems like quite a few PSP games are from GBA land, that isn't the only system sending off titles to PSP's library. Xbox games like Xyanide and Painkiller: Hell Wars are reported to have versions coming out this year for PSP and the DS racer Asphalt Urban GT 2 will be out shortly. Even the PC isn't exempt as fantastic physics platformer Gish has a release date for our system of choice.

The future though seems to be the Wii and PSP connection. While Alien Syndrome is one of the only Wii/PSP games announced so far, the fact that Wii games have to be developed independently from the rest of the home consoles means many developers may be looking to PSP versions as another source of profit. Of course as with any business move, these ports will have to make money if this is to become a serious trend.

Andrew's raving and random rants: in podcast form

For those of you willing to kill an hour of your life listening to my whiny, irritating voice can head over to Tired Thumbs. I was invited to speak rant on a variety of gaming topics, and you'll hear my (incorrect) answers to questions like:
  • Which system has better wi-fi connections? The Wii or the PS3?
  • Is World of Warcraft the work of Satan?
  • Is Gears of War the best thing since peanut butter?
  • Why do I hate Resistance?
  • Why do you never, ever, keep a disc inside a PS3?
I may have also mentioned the PSP somewhere along the way. If you have nothing better to do with yourself on this lazy Sunday, you may want to check it out. by clicking the link below. Once you're done, feel free to flame me here.

Japanese hardware sale chart - Sept. 4 - 10, the war in percentages

Japanese hardware sale chart - Sept. 4 - 10, the war in percentagesWell, look how the mighty have fallen. The Nintendo DS Lite, which is the PSP's biggest competitor, saw a 50-percent decline in hardware sales last week. Never mind sales numbers ... who cares about those anyway? It's all about percentages, baby.

The PSP surged on with a six-percent jump in sales that can most likely be attributed to Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Edition's total domination in the software sales chart.

- DS Lite: 113,831 115,108 (50.28%)
- PSP: 29,141 1,642 (5.97%)
- PS2: 19,882 2,821 (12.43%)
- GBA SP: 2,104 647 (23.52%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,801 10 (0.56%)
- Xbox 360: 1,094 156 (12.48%)
- DS Phat: 1,058 738 (230.63%)
- Gamecube: 696 159 (18.60%)
- GBA: 13 9 (40.91%)
- Xbox: 5 5 (infinite%)
- Wii: 0 0 (0%)

The PSP needs to keep looking in its rear-view mirror, however, because the DS Phat also saw a big spike in its percentages with a whopping 230-percent increase. But, I expect this to be short lived due to its "teh suck."

Also, look at how crappy the Wii is selling. Hah hah, it's being outsold by the original Xbox and hasn't even sold a single unit! Those percentages look pretty bad.

(Via Joystiq)

PSP XMB crosses over to home theatre

HD Beat is one of my favorite blogs here at Weblogs Inc, and they recently called something "a bigger revolution in home theater than the Nintendo Wii controller is to gaming." Can you guess what they were talking about? They're referring to the XMB interface, but adapted for the home theatre environment. As you know, the PlayStation 3 will also be using a similar design to the menu we've come to love on our PSPs and the upcoming STR-DA5200ES (catchy name) will take the idea one step further. CNET has tons of pictures of the menu in action, and I have to say: it looks pretty sweet.

[Via HD Beat]

Analyst becomes less bullish for Sony

Wedbush Morgan is one of those places where people sit around in a dark room, pondering the future. They make up numbers that predict future sales, shoot lightning out their hands, and they have three heads. Michael Pachter is one of those men. While he was optimistic for Sony's handheld at the beginning of the year, he seems to be reconsidering his position: "We are lowering ... our forecast for PSP sales from 8.5 million to 7.4 million, and increasing our expectation for DS sales from 6.5 million to 8 million."

This isn't really too bad: even if PSP isn't number one in sales, it still has done much better than any non-Nintendo gaming handheld in the past. Regardless, the analyst had tons of good things to say about Nintendo, and not so much about Sony: he decreased his 2006 PS3 hardware sales estimate by 1 million units (to 3 million) and increased his 2006 Wii hardware sales by 500,000 to (4 million). Of course, it's not just the analyst that sees good things for Nintendo: the shareholders do as well.

[News via Gamespot]
[Sales chart for US. DS has a few weeks extra data due to an earlier launch. Via VG Charts]

The winner of Leipzig? PSP

NOTE: This editorial is the opinion of Andrew Yoon, and does not represent the opinion of PSP Fanboy, Joystiq or Weblogs, Inc.

Every video game convention, there's a "winner" of some sorts. It's pretty safe to say that the Nintendo Wii "won" the last E3, proving that waving around our hands can be fun. Not only did the Wii prove that the control scheme works, there was an amazing list of exclusives, from Nintendo's own Mario to third party efforts, like Red Steel. Nintendo wowed the crowd at E3 because of the amazing quality and potential of the games for its system.

Did Nintendo pull the big win at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany this year? No. Did Microsoft? No. Sony took the win for this year's show, but not because of a great showing of PlayStation 3 goods (there were none at the show), but because of Konami's absolutely excellent lineup of upcoming PSP games. Yes, you heard me right: PSP "won" Leipzig.

Continue reading The winner of Leipzig? PSP

Epyx returns to PSP

The retro compilations keep on coming to the PSP. If the Genesis-era of gaming is still too new for you, then you'll be glad to know that the popular line of Commodore 64 games published by Epyx are making a comeback. Impossible Mission will hit in January and California Games will follow in May. The Last Ninja trilogy will be making a comeback as well. Although these games will be remakes, they won't be 3D:
"You gotta keep the gameplay mechanics the same or else it ceases to be the original game and you're only using the game brand to sell games," Kale (System 3 founder) said. "It ceases to be Impossible Mission or California Games or what have you. ... What we're doing is we're incorporating the original gameplay and mechanics and bringing the gameplay up to date."
The remakes will also be available on the DS and Nintendo Wii.

[Via DS Fanboy]

Sega does what Nintendon't on your PSP

If you're into classic games like me, you're probably eagerly awaiting the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console feature so that you can play not only some Nintendo games, but some Genesis games as well. For those of you Sony fanboys that'll avoid the Wii like its a smelly grandmother, there's finally an alternative: Sega Genesis Collection, a compliation of nearly thirty Genesis games is heading to the PSP. The disc will not only come loaded with the games, but exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. PSP owners can rejoice in knowing that an exclusive wireless multiplayer mode is being created just for them. Maybe it'll even support Game Sharing? (I hope so!) Here's the list of games:
  1. Alex Kidd
  2. Altered Beast
  3. Bonanza Bros.
  4. Columns
  5. Comix Zone
  6. Decap Attack
  7. Ecco the Dolphin
  8. Ecco: The Tides of Time
  9. Ecco Jr.
  10. Eternal Champions
  11. Flicky
  12. Gain Ground
  13. Golden Axe
  14. Golden Axe II
  15. Golden Axe III
  16. Phantasy Star II
  17. Phantasy Star III
  18. Phantasy Star IV
  19. Ristar
  20. Shadow Dancer: Secret of Shinobi
  21. Shinobi III
  22. Sonic the Hedgehog
  23. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  24. Super Thunderblade
  25. Sword of Vermillion
  26. Vectorman
  27. Vectorman 2
  28. Virtua Fighter 2
Whoa... out of breath just reading that list. Visit 1up to see details about all of these classics.

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