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Metareview: Crush

It's obvious from our review of Crush, that we think it'll be a worthwhile experience. Does the game press agree with us, or do they think Crush is a bomb? Let's find out!
  • GameSpy (90/100) got certifiably addicted: "With levels that build on each other in terms of complexity (and, thusly, difficulty), the game inspires that kind of 'just one more level' feeling of addiction that may result in you freeing Dan from his insomnia but earning yourself a nasty case in return."
  • 1UP (95/100) loves the originality: "Most games can be described as an amalgam of others, as borrowed game mechanics and thematic elements bounce from game to game within a genre. Crush might have a recognizable aesthetic (think Psychonauts in a dark alley), but it's gameplay is wholly -- and compellingly it's own."
  • EuroGamer (80/100) appreciates the challenge: "There's a genuine sense of achievement and enjoyment when a seemingly impossible level suddenly clicks (or crushes into place, and the confident way the game uses its central conceit as more than just a gimmick is undeniably reassuring and appealing."

If only being correct on game quality was like unhatching an evil plan, we'd laugh maniacally right now. Heck, we'll do it anyway. We were right! MWA HA HA HA HA!

Wipeout Pulse interview reveals ambitious upgrades

Wipeout Pure is one of the best, if not the best, entries in the series. The PSP launch title featured brilliant graphics (which hold up to this day), the best handling of a Wipeout title, and a seemingly never-ending amount of content, thanks to brilliantly executed downloadable extensions released months after the game's launch. Eurogamer was able to talk to Clark Davies from Studio Liverpool about their upcoming PSP sequel, Pulse. Some highlights include:
  • Improved controls. "The handling is smoother, the ships are more evenly balanced. We're confident that the control is the best and most accessible the series has seen to date."
  • Grid creator for players to create their own challenges.
  • The ability to absorb weapons remains. However, the Disruptor weapon is gone. In its stead are a few new weapons, some of which will affect your ability to play: "things like smoking engines, fire damage, HUD interference, etc."
  • The adrenaline-pumping Zone mode is back, but this time there are no levels designed specifically for the mode. All levels will be playable in Zone, and all of them will get a visual makeover when playing in Zone.
  • Downloadable content returns. When questioned why content is available at launch (why not put it on disc?), Davies reminded readers that "a game is finished about two months before it hits the shelf ... So it's the case that we've scheduled our time well enough so we can carry on working on extra content once the rest of the game is ready."
We have to say this interview got us even more excited for this futuristic racing sequel. Even if the game didn't have improvements (if it were simply Pure with more tracks), we're confident it would still be fantastic. Let's hope to see more footage of the game soon.

Silent Hill interview confirms development troubles

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Silent Hill: Origins producer William Oertel confirmed previous rumors that the game met serious problems during its production. The solution, it appears, was to switch development teams altogether. "Game development isn't an exact science, and sometimes you need to go back and adjust some things. In this case, it has been for the best. It was decided that moving development to Climax's Portsmouth office would be best for the game, and that introduced delays."

As evidenced by the most recent video footage, the game has certainly come a long way, and we're excited to find out more. It's clear that Origins is in good hands, with the producers understanding what makes a Silent Hill game so unique. "As I'm fond of saying, Silent Hill is an exercise in subtlety, and therefore the changes seen in this game, compared to previous games, reflect that."

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

Open another can of Worms

I'm pretty sure that only devil worshipers dislike the Worms series. It's long been a staple of gaming and has seen a version on nearly every system to ever be birthed into the world. The PSP has already got Worms Open Warfare, but it's about to get even more. Eurogamer is saying that soon we'll be able to play Worms Open Warfare 2. While what changes would be in the sequel were not listed, the title was given a July release date. In the end though, as long as Worms Open Warfare 2 has the same addictive multiplayer, nothing else matters.

[Via DCEmu]

Sony UK talks redesign plans, then denies it (again)

What a tumultuous ride this has been: SCEA says no redesign, and then SCEE managing director Ray Maguire slipped that Sony's current PSP offering was just the "first iteration" of the platform. Speaking at the PSP in Education event, he noted that a smaller, lighter version of the console was coming. Like John Koller, he made specific note that the screen size will never get smaller: it's one of the PSP's best features.

Immediately after the event, a Sony spokesperson told that there are no immediate changes planned for the system: the only developments would come in the form of firmware updates. So, what's the truth, Sony? We've been hearing way too many conflicting reports about this touchy subject.

[Via Eurogamer]

You can chat with Tetsuya Mizuguchi [Update 1]

Do you want to talk to the man behind Lumines, Rez, Space Channel 5, and more? Of course you do. Eurogamer is giving its readers the chance to chat with the legendary game designer, Tetsuya Mizuguchi. If you couldn't figure it out, Eurogamer is a European website, so make sure you adjust for the time difference. If it's 12:30PM there, what time will it be in your part of the globe? I think according to my calculations, it'll be early morning for most of America. Will you be staying up to talk to this gaming visionary?

[Picture via Siliconera]

[Update 1: Unfortunately, Mizuguchi had to reschedule his webchat to a later date. Stay tuned for more information.]

Gran Turismo Mobile shoved aside for PS3 dev

Devil May Cry for the PSP made a brief reappearance today, as did Gran Turismo 4 Mobile. The "indefinitely delayed" game was pushed aside so that the development team can finish their work on the PlayStation 3 follow-up in the Gran Turismo series. Once they're done with that (and who knows how long that'll take?), the development team expects to move onto finishing the PSP game.

Sadly, it appears that the game probably could've been released much earlier: "We've reached the stage where a GT4 equivalent runs on the PSP hardware," Polyphony Digital commented to Eurogamer. While the PSP doesn't suffer from a lack of racing titles, it's disappointing to see one of Sony's premiere development studios simply abandoning work on the handheld.

[Via PSP Vault]

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