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Turning on your PSP: it's like magic

Turn on your PSP ... with the power of your hands! Okay, so you always need your hands to turn on your system. But can you turn it on without even touching it? l0rdnic0 from Acidmods can, thanks to some modding and the clever use of magnets. With a simple wave of the hand, you'll be able to turn on and off your PSP like magic.

Camera gets fitted into PSP innards

Will the Acidmods community ever stop impressing us? Unlikely. Their latest project adds a camera to the PSP. However, unlike all other PSP cameras out there, this is internal, installed directly inside the PSP. The camera is natively supported by the PSP firmware. Neat!

[Thanks, grandpasmurf!]

"Time lapse" video of a PSP being modded

The Acidmods team is at it again, showing off how it's done. These guys are awfully familiar with the innards of the PSP, and they happily rip one apart for you. See how it's done in this new video, and then when you want to see the finished product, click here.

[Thanks, sim!]

Virtually mod a PSP (with no chance of bricking)

Ever wanted to become a PSP surgeon? Too afraid to open up a real PSP? Don't worry! The incredibly talented team at Acidmods have created a virtual modding program, where you can open up a simulated PSP and play pretend-hacker. It's still being tweaked, but the upcoming public beta will sport a number of pretty cool features:

1: Complete Virtual PSP dissassembly
2: X-Ray with power zoom ( sneek peak into the psp )
3: 5X zoom on the Mother board
4: Virtual customizable workspace
5: Tool use ( Screwdriver & Tweezers )
6: Led's (Trigger for now more comming)
7: Random mod generator (later it will have a huge library of combo's)
8: Full screen for screen capture oportunities (show off that psp)
9: Dynamic menu selections

Visit Acidmods for the download link, and tell us what you think about this incredible piece of software.

[Thanks, Kenshinffx!]

A rumbling PSP, seriously

The ninjas at Acidmods can do anything, right? In the midst of E3-related chaos, we missed this awesome modification, which brings sound-activated rumble to the PSP. F00 f00 explains the magic: "In basic terms what is happening here is the volt amp is sending voltage fed by the speaker to the pic, when it hits a certain pitch the pic turns on the motor."

Obviously, this feature isn't included in the upcoming PSP redesign. However, it's awesome to see the community add interesting new features to our handheld all the time.

Another magical PSP from F00 f00

Here's something we've been saving for a while. F00 f00, creator of numerous modded PSPs, has come up with yet another wild creation. Not only does it feature the usual fancy lights, it comes with a few control modifications. See some detailed pictures at Acid Mods.

Groovy sound-reactive PSP LED mod

The incredible team at AcidMods has done it yet again: they've ripped apart another PSP (this time, including the motherboard!) to create a totally awesome, innovative mod for the system. Today, they're showing off a sound-reactive PSP, one that lights up according to the beat of the music. By combining the visualizations of 3.0, a funky beat, and the hypnotic LED lights, your PSP can turn into the ultimate groove machine.

Frankenstein mod combines steering wheel + PSP

Neubit from Acidmods sent us an e-mail to let us know that he's got the first video from his mod-in-progress that sees a PSP marrying a steering wheel. He's stated the mod is for all the racing junkies out there, though I won't believe someone is a true racing junkie till I see them using this while riding the bus. But until then, we'll just have to enjoy the video of another unique Acidmods creation.

Video after the jump ...

[ Thanks Neubit ]

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Controlling a PSP using a DualShock controller

Want to see this modded PSP come to life? Well, now you can (after the break). F00 f00 from AcidMods has crafted a PSP that has all the comfort of a full PS2 DualShock controller. How, you ask? By letting you actually attach a PS2 controller to it. Do these system transformations ever cease to amaze?

I wonder what's next? LocoRoco controlled via the SIXAXIS?!

See also:

Watch! A PSP modded, in front of your very eyes!

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Design the next Camy faceplate for glory (but not money)

Think you can make a better faceplate than the people of Camy? They want you to prove yourself, as they're holding a contest to find the next Camy design. The winner will get four faceplates featuring their design (because y'know, we like to buy more than one?). But, you won't get any royalties. Hrm.

If you're still willing to partake in this contest, and don't mind feeling a bit snubbed for your efforts, head over to Acid Mods for the full details.

[Thanks, grandpasmurf!]

Watch! A PSP modded, in front of your very eyes!

The fine folks at Acidmods never stop to impress. F00 f00 has recorded a timelapsed video of him disassembling a PSP, arming it with dual analog sticks and flashy button lights. Watch as what should be hours of work flash by in seconds.

You can see more photos of this meticulous process by heading over to Acidmods.

If you want it: the PSP cooling fan

The fine folks of Acid Mods have done it again: they've created yet another impressive modification for the PSP. But this one will make you spin your head a bit. It's a cooling fan. Yes, a cooling fan.

While it's true that the system may get a little bit warm when connected via wi-fi, the portable doesn't seem to suffer from overheating issues like its console cousins. However, if you need to play your PSP on a hot summer day, you may want to check this out. Regardless of its practicality, it's certainly an ingenious piece of work.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

See also:
Coming soon: Chotto Shot night vision

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