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2007 year of the PSP RPG?

The number of RPGs scheduled to come out this year on PSP would not be able to be counted on two hands. In fact, you'd need more than three hands to count them and then you're in Goro territory. Point is, if you're an RPG fan, PSP is the system to own this year. Don't believe me? Well here's the list of RPGs coming out in 2007 according to IGN's release list:

Legend of the Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure
Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner

Valhalla Knights
Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion

Quarter 2
Alien Syndrome

Quarter 4
DC Universe RPG

TBA 2007
Legend of the River King
Far East of Eden: The Fourth Apocalypse
Harvest Moon Boy & Girl
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Jeanne d'Arc
Final Fantasy Tactics

I don't even want to know what the collective amount of hours all these RPGs would take to beat. Which of these are you looking forward to playing most?

PSP Fanboy's New Year's resolutions

Now that the holidays are over, things are slowly going back to the full swing of things. There's sure to be tons of PSP news to come this year, and PSP Fanboy will be all over it like Kryll in the darkness. Our readership has grown a lot over the past few months, and we want to make sure that you get the best experience from us. Therefore, we've made a few New Year's resolutions that we hope you'll enjoy:

1. A new writer: Steven Bailey
It's no longer a one-man show here on the Fanboy. Steve loves the PSP just as much as I do, and he'll ensure that breaking news always appears on the site, even if I become infected with the plague. Unlike our previous writer Chris, he isn't so enamored with the N-Gage, and that can only be a good thing, right?
"When I'm not playing or writing about video games, I like to bore friends and family by talking about them. Someday I hope to make my own video game and I have big aspirations, just like David Jaffe. Except instead of crying, my PSP game will make them vomit."
Expect his big PSP Fanboy debut later today!

2. A new feature: "Ask PSP Fanboy"
Confused about what your PSP can do? Need an update on a certain game or development? The PSP Fanboy team is here to help you! Our new weekly column will feature YOUR burning questions.
To ask a question, simply send an e-mail to andrew @ with the subject line "Ask PSP Fanboy."

3. A new feature: "PSP Fanboy Theatre"
Your PSP can play videos ... take advantage of it! Every weekend, we'll post special PSP-formatted versions of the hottest game and movie trailers for you.

I hope you're excited about the upcoming changes to the site--I know I am. Feel free to leave us your comments and YOUR suggestions for the site. Thanks for reading PSP Fanboy ... expect a great 2007!

5 PSP predictions for 2007

Now that 2007 has started, there's a whole lot of potential for the PSP. In similar fashion to last year, I'll give you five PSP predictions, but be warned: these are far more daring than last year's incredibly accurate predictions. Feel free to disagree with me, or give your own predictions in the comments section.

PSP Prediction #1: Sony will introduce a new portable addition to the PlayStation brand.
And it won't be a PSP redesign. In many ways, it will be exactly the same as the PSP: it will feature an upgradeable XMB that features Photos, Music and Videos. It will even be compatible with PSP accessories, such as the headset, GPS, and camera. Heck, it'll even play UMD movies. However, there's one thing it won't do: play games. The device will be set as a competitor to the iPod and will feature a portable hard drive. It'll be smaller than a PSP, feature a video-out, and will be compatible with a revamped PlayStation Store (see prediction #2).

PSP Prediction #2: Revamped PlayStation store features movies and music.
The Connect brand will be abandoned as Sony moves its digital distribution ambitions to the PlayStation Store. PS3 owners will be able to download HD movies directly to their systems. The 1080P downloads will also include free access to PSP-formatted versions of the film as an added value. The PlayStation Store will expand to the PC (but not the Mac), and will offer games, movies, and music for all of Sony's gaming and non-gaming platforms. With unrestricted access to Columbia Pictures, and a large audience of media-hungry PS3 and PSP owners, the PlayStation Store will be successful (a very distant second next to Apple's iTunes Store).

PSP Prediction #3: A popular Microsoft franchise will appear on PSP.
Although there are rumors that Microsoft plans to transform Zune into a gaming device, I think Microsoft will skip this generation's battle and support the PSP with one title from its library (which includes franchises like Halo, Gears of War, MechAssault). They've already allowed Majesco and THQ to publish multiple DS & GBA games, such as Age of Empires.

PSP Prediction #4: A future firmware upgrade will boost PSP speed to 333MHz.
Sony will finally unlock the PSP's full technical potential by allowing developers to use all 333HMz of PSP's processing power (the system currently is limited to 222MHz). Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories will be among the first games released to take advantage of the upgrade.

PSP Prediction #5: Expect tons of established franchises & far less original IPs.
Okay, I wanted at least one sure-thing on this list. The PSP hasn't launched too many original IPs in its two-year life span. Publishers will look at sales and will continue to bring ports, remakes, and sequels to their established franchises. We'll see some of these announced or released throughout the year: Soul Calibur, Resident Evil, and yes, another Metal Gear Solid.

[Update 1: Corrected some info in prediction #3.]

2007: the best year yet for PSP?

The media is so eager to predict Sony's doom in the upcoming year. While both the PSP and PS3 deserve some of the criticism they've been dealt, many ignore the fact that these two systems have a ton of potential, especially when linked together. Pocket Gamer has broken out of the usual mold and declared 2007 a year where PSP can truly shine, and have its best year yet. Some of the reasons?
  • A redesign? It's been rumored quite often. Will 2007 see a DS Lite-like revolution?
  • Price drop. The system has been at $200 US since its launch (if you consider the initial Value Pack to add $50 of bundled value).
  • Downloadable video content: partnerships with Amazon and other service providers may make the PSP a valuable media player.
  • Even better technology: we've seen progressively better graphics each year, and that's on a system running at 222MHz. The PSP is capable of 50% more horsepower: that can launch a whole new era of games.
There are even more reasons listed by Pocket Gamer, but to me it's clear: with an already excellent lineup of games coming down the pipeline, one should feel pretty excited about PSP's future.

PSP games to look forward to in 2007 [Update 1]

2006 was a stellar year for the PSP, with countless gems hitting the system throughout the year. 2007 looks to be no different, and while we drink eggnog today, let's look towards the future with our currently most-anticipated titles. There are 17 tons of titles after the cut, and surely I'm missing quite a number of releases. Who said the PSP was dying?

[Update 1: Added more games.]

Continue reading PSP games to look forward to in 2007 [Update 1]

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