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PSP-3000 reference discovered on PlayStation website

On its online instruction manuals, Sony Computer Entertainment has a few images for use as labels. There's one for the original PSP-1000 series (click here), and another for the current PSP-2000 series (click here). However, curiously there's also a placeholder image for the logical next-step: the PSP-3000 series (click here).

The availability of the PSP-3000 image on the PlayStation site shouldn't come as a signal that a redesign is impending -- it's clear that Sony plans on revising the hardware through its supposed ten year life cycle. However, it does seem to display a bit too much forethought from the web designers that created and uploaded this image. How long will it take before we hear rumblings of yet another PSP redesign?

[Thanks, GSK!]

This fan-made PSP redesign is sexy

A new PSP isn't likely to come any time soon. However, that hasn't stopped this designer from making his own concept design. We have to admit, this is really quite attractive. When closed, the unit looks very iPhone-esque, with a sexy PlayStation button that would act like the PSP's "Home" button.

When slid open, the unit reveals a D-Pad, two analog nubs, and the face buttons -- all in a super-slim case. We know it isn't real, but we want it! Perhaps, the next generation of PSP will look something like this.

[Thanks, BluezPS!]

PSP firmware 3.60 reveals hidden USB Charge feature

We got our hands on a fully functional redesigned PSP, and we immediately grabbed pictures of the firmware that was installed on the system. Currently unreleased, version 3.60 was installed on the system. All of the features that are available in 3.60 will not work on the old PSP system, and it's unclear whether or not an older PSP system will even display the features found in this update.

Check after the cut to see the screens.

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Hands-on with the new PSP

We spent some alone time with the newly announced PSP redesign. At first glance, the system appears to be identical to the original system, but getting our hands on the system revealed that this is, in fact, a significant upgrade to the original. The most immediate thing we noticed was how light the system is: the original was in no ways heavy, but the new handheld is certainly much lighter, without making it too feathery.

The glossy new finish of the redesigned PSP is very attractive, although we're afraid that it might attract fingerprints much more easily than the already susceptible original. Regardless, the shiny new sheen makes the system makes the original look dull in comparison.

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Comparing the new PSP with the old

Is the new, slimmer PSP all that different from the original? It may be hard to see at first glance, but direct comparisons show that the system does, in fact, come with a number of significant changes. One can easily see that it has an even glossier look (fingerprints beware!). The system loses some girth all around, but there are a few other more interesting changes to note: the never-used IR port is removed, and the standard battery pack is smaller (how does that make battery life longer?).

[Thanks, Vahid!]

Slim PSP rumor cut down with another rumor

We cast a huge shadow of doubt over Kotaku's supposed findings of a slimmer PSP. We know it's happening ... we just don't know when, or how. Rumor Reporter has seen its fair share of video game rumors -- and has for the most part, thoroughly debunked them, Mythbusters-style. They've earned their credibility, and we find that their redesigned PSP concept makes a lot more sense:

"My undisclosed sources tell me that Kotaku's report is mainly factually inaccurate ... [but a] new slimmer PSP is indeed in the works." The redesign, according to Rumor Reporter, supposedly has a slot loader replacing the UMD drive. The entire system will have "an even 'cleaner' look, much like the DS Lite." The system will feature the same sized screen (something Sony has been adamant about), but will have a "sidekick-esque" flip-screen, reducing the overall size of the system.

This "probable" rumor concludes with the same prediction that Kotaku made: the redesigned system will cost consumers the same price as the current model. However, unlike Kotaku, Rumor Reporter is stating that the system will only have 4GB of memory, as opposed to 8GB. With E3 only a few weeks away, we'll see which one of these redesign rumors are the most accurate.

PSP Slim details leaked?

We're sure that a PSP remake is coming ... but when? Kotaku, in a "rumor" from "several sources close to Sony," suggests that a thinner PSP will be unveiled at E3 next month. The system will supposedly feature a new LED screen that delivers a crisp image in a new, thinner size. Due to new screen technology, battery life will also increase, up four-fold. Amongst other features is a faster UMD drive, 8GB of internal flash memory, and a revamped D-Pad. All of this is supposed to come in at a surprising cost: only $170, the same cost of the system now.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe. We contacted Dave Karraker from SCEA and he commented: "This is pure rumor and speculation, for which we don't comment."

We honestly find many of these details to be much too extravagant, especially at such a low price. (How much money would Sony lose on each system sold? 8GB of memory alone would make the $170 price much too costly for the manufacturer.) We'll have to wait until E3 to see if Kotaku's bold claims have any weight to them.

PSP hardware to undergo refreshing change?

When speaking of PSP, many gamers come up with one of two qualms. Firstly, the absence of a PSP store, similar to the PLAYSTATION Store found on PS3 consoles. As we reported earlier, this problem is finally being addressed. The second complaint -- a much more common one -- is the hardware design: many people are clamoring for a revised PSP design.

Well, looks like that's going to be happening too. While unlikely to be a true successor to the PSP hardware, Sony seems intent on making a slightly altered system. In a statement that Gamasutra picked up, it appears that Sony is working on a "hardware refresh." Certainly, an interesting choice of words. What could a "hardware refresh" mean? It could be something as simple as a new system color ... or it could be something far more drastic, akin to the change from the original DS Phat to the sexier DS Lite.

Let the speculation and conspiracy theories begin.

Sony UK talks redesign plans, then denies it (again)

What a tumultuous ride this has been: SCEA says no redesign, and then SCEE managing director Ray Maguire slipped that Sony's current PSP offering was just the "first iteration" of the platform. Speaking at the PSP in Education event, he noted that a smaller, lighter version of the console was coming. Like John Koller, he made specific note that the screen size will never get smaller: it's one of the PSP's best features.

Immediately after the event, a Sony spokesperson told that there are no immediate changes planned for the system: the only developments would come in the form of firmware updates. So, what's the truth, Sony? We've been hearing way too many conflicting reports about this touchy subject.

[Via Eurogamer]

Uh, not another bad PSP2 mock-up

When making a mock-up of a fake product, you should at least try to make it look better than its predecessor. This dual-screened PSP looks worse than either the DS Lite or PSP. It reeks of further unprofessionalism when you look closely at the logo: PS2P. Good job! (/end sarcasm)

Sony has denied the existence of a redesigned PSP, most recently at GDC. However, that won't stop some people from trying to hoax others into thinking its true.

[Via digg]

GDC 07: PSP won't get redesign; new colors coming soon?

People have been longing for a PSP redesign. It's not happening. John Koller explained that there are currently no redesign plans, regardless of all the rumors that have been on the Internet for ages. One of the main reasons PSP won't get a redesign comes from the issue of screen size: Sony will never make the screen smaller. In fact, the generous screen size of Sony's portable is considered one of the system's greatest advantages.

Rather, Sony is looking to continue to add more value to their existing model. Eventually, Sony of America does plan on releasing new colors, but they're waiting for the right opportunity. It's no secret that handheld owners purchase multiple systems, Koller explained. Especially if they're of new colors. Undeniably, launching a new color will spur sales of the system, even if it doesn't necessarily expand the audience.

Not even a rumor: really bad PSP2 fake

Come one, come all ... let's look at the freakshow that is this PSP2 fake. If this were real, then we'd have to assume that Sony's fired all of their graphics designers because this is one of the worst Photoshop jobs I've seen. Heck, our own fan-created 'shop jobs were infinitely better than this. This horrifyingly uncomfortable-looking device is nicknamed the "Cobalt" and comes with these supposed specs:

• All Metal & Ruggedized Rubber Build
• 200% Brighter Screen
• Dual Analog Controllers
• Visual Battery Display
• 8GB Flash Drive
• Wifi (a,b,g)
• Bluetooth V.2 (A2DP, AVRCP)
• Firmware 4.07

Whoever made this design has either: a) never used a PSP (firmware 4.07???) or b) plays his PSP upside-down. I'd make fun of it more ... but I'll leave that up to you guys.

[Thanks, dondy! Via 1percent]

PSP survey suggests redesign

Well, would you? Sony recently sent a survey to select members of its GAP community polling them on various features for the PSP. This is unsurprising: they've done this quite a number of times before. However, this is the first time the language has suggested a redesigned PSP: would you buy another PSP, just like the hordes of DS owners that threw out their Phats in exchange for the lovelier Lite? Personally, I think the PSP's design is good just the way it is, and being an owner of a 4GB Memory Stick makes me not care too much about a hard drive. However, video out is very important to me. Why? Well, then I can finally give you guys some direct-feed PSP footage. What about you, ye faithful PSP fanboy?

[Via IGN Boards]

[Update 1: Our readers have voted! A whopping majority of you, 62%, would purchase a redesigned PSP. As long as it doesn't render the current PSP useless, I think it's clear that a PSP "Lite" would go over very well with the masses.]

Most wanted feature in next PSP? Not a touch screen.

Pocket Gamer recently polled its readers, asking what feature it would most want in the next-generation PSP. The most requested feature? Dual analog sticks. The older demographic of the PSP has made it a hotbed for more mature games, like first person shooters. However, the single analog nub simply doesn't do the genre justice. The addition of a second analog stick would help ease player's ability to navigate through the PSP's already-detailed 3D worlds. Although touch-screen support didn't win, it came in mightily close, in second place. Of course, if Sony did put a touch screen in the next system, people would accuse them of copying a crucial control feature from another company. Not that they've ever done that before...

Beleaguered Sony looks toward "PSP business expansion"

The internet is filled with comments about how the PSP has yet to receive a real "killer app," a AAA title that causes the masses to go out and buy it. While the PSP has more high-rated games than the DS, it doesn't have a title like Mario Kart Nintendogs, or Brain Age that gets mass market attention. And Sony acknowledges that: "Clearly on the software side, any real killer will galvanize the sales. There have been a number of titles that have been terrific, but not the one title that defines the product," SCEA CFO Robert Wiesenthal told financial advisors on Thursday in a conference call. "We are preparing the wiser use of the PSP for the future... We are always looking at the PSP business expansion," Takao Yuhara, Sony's head of investor relations, said during the same conference call.

With sales for the PSP slowing down so early on in the system's life, it's becoming more evident that Sony will launch a redesigned PSP. "Of course there's going to be a re-design before next summer, more than likely before GDC (Game Developers Conference). I'd put money on it. Only no one, especially not people at Sony, are going to confirm this, because of the potential damage it could inflict on PSP sales in the run up to Christmas," an anonymous PSP publisher told SPOnG.

[Via ITworld]

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