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PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 20

PSP Fanboy offers the latest and greatest movie and game trailers, formatted for the PSP in this new weekly feature. Check it out every Saturday. PSP owners can download files wirelessly via

Instructions: Save all movie and thumbnail files to the VIDEO folder. These high resolution 480x272 videos require firmware 3.30 or above. (Note: OE custom firmware will also play these videos.)

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow [PSP]
Download MP4 (8.1MB) | Download JPG

The following Gamers Day videos are featured after the break: Jeanne de Arc (PSP), PaRappa the Rapper (PSP), Pursuit Force Extreme Justice (PSP), SOCOM Tactical Strike (PSP)

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SGD '07: Round up

You know what they say. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many ingredients make the blog soup unreadable. Something like that. In short, there are an overwhelming number of new posts this morning, due to a certain Sony Gamer's Day. Use this as your handy guide to everything that we posted from the event.

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SGD '07: Practical Intelligence Quotient 2

D3 Publisher is sending PSP owners more puzzle fun this summer. One part Cube, another part Hot Brain -- this puzzler attempts to find the "Practical Intelligence Quotient" of its players. The game keeps track of the moves and speed of the player and uses Infrastructure mode to compare the intelligence of the player to others around the country, and the world. (It's developed by Professor Masuo Koyasu of Kyoto University ... so it has to be good!)

PQ2 will offer more than 250 puzzles for players to solve. And, if that weren't enough, a level editor will allow users to create their own puzzles for sharing through Infrastructure. Finally, the game wants to share the love: the game supports Game Sharing so that friends can experience ten levels of brain-squeezing fun.

Check out our screenshots below. The game releases June 12th.

Gallery: PQ2

SGD '07: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

The first ever Naruto game to be developed exclusively for US and European markets is Ultimate Ninja Heroes, a new PSP-exclusive fighting game. This brawler will feature 20 characters, all of which can be customized through collectible Parameter Power-Up Points.

Like the manga that inspired the game, players can tackle various missions which will challenge their ninja skills. Being successful can lead your character up the ninja ranks -- ultimately leading them to the ultimate Hokage position. While we wait for this game to be readied for the fall, check out these new screens from Sony Gamers Day.

Gallery: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

SGD '07: Final Fantasy I & II

The incredible PSP remakes of Final Fantasy I and II are heading to the Americas this June. Although they'll cost you a pretty penny ($30 each), the revamped visuals and presentation certainly are a noticeable step up from its NES roots. To remind us of how spectacular these games look, Square Enix released some more screenshots from these RPG remakes. Check them out here:

Gallery: Final Fantasy I

Gallery: Final Fantasy II

SGD '07: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

Not to be confused with SOCOM: Tactical Strike, Dungeon & Dragons Tactics strives to bring a hardcore D&D experience to the handheld. While it may be too difficult for mere simpletons like me to understand, the response from the PSP community has been overwhelming for this game. Surprising -- was the franchise really that strong?

Check out some screens in our new gallery:

Gallery: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

SGD '07: Dead Head Fred

D3 Publisher's upcoming Dead Head Fred game certainly has an interesting premise. You play private detective Fred Neuman (pictured, alive), who was savagely murdered and then resurrected in a bizarre scientific experiment without his memory ... or his head. To uncover the mystery and enact his revenge, Fred will have to use the talents of his enemies against them. Fred will be able to attain one of 9 different heads from his enemies, and each offers a unique gameplay mechanic.

The game looks like it's made some progress since we saw it last and we can't wait to get our hands on it. The title hits PSP systems August 21st. While you wait, check out the new screens we've collected below.

Gallery: Dead Head Fred

SGD '07: Crush

Sega's psychadelic dimension-bending puzzler Crush is due in just a few day's time. However, that didn't stop Sega from releasing a few new screens to tease us just a little bit more. Of particular note is the creepy box art: what's that guy wearing?

Gallery: Crush

SGD '07: Crazy Taxi Fare Wars

When in the shadow of gaming titans such as Silent Hill and God of War, this PSP Crazy Taxi port doesn't seem too hot. Although it may not be pushing the eight billion polygons that Chains of Olympus may be pushing*, the game still has a lot of potential to be fun. Check out Sony Gamers Day pics in our gallery.

Gallery: Crazy Taxi Fare Wars


SGD '07: Silent Hill Origins

Once thought to be dead, Silent Hill Origins has managed a spectacular return, not unlike the villainous stars of this survival horror title. See new images of the game in our gallery below, and check out the game's incredible intro sequence, courtesy of

Gallery: Silent Hill Origins

SGD '07: Sony releases latest sales statistics

Sony has just unveiled its latest metrics data for PlayStation hardware and software sales worldwide. Of particular note to avid observers of the handheld console wars is NPD's data on "portable hardware dollars market share" for the calendar year 2006. According to the data (seen above), Sony's PSP system actually beats Nintendo DS by a fraction of a percentage. This makes sense, considering PSP's significantly higher asking price. Although DS clearly has far more units in households, this kind of data proves that Sony isn't out of the game.

See even more statistics, after the cut.

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SGD '07: God of War: Chains of Olympus

Before being deceived into killing his wife and daughter in the original God of War, Kratos was a mere puppet of the Gods. The PSP-exclusive Chains of Olympus tells the story of Kratos' perilous journey before the original God of War where Kratos will have to battle "the most feared creatures of Greek Mythology." This exclusive PSP title, developed by Ready At Dawn, will be available this holiday season. Check out new screens from Sony's Gamers Day below. Then, check out a video, after the cut.

Gallery: God of War: Chains of Olympus

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SGD '07: Jeanne d'Arc

This Level-5 developed PSP-exclusive strategy RPG is coming stateside this August. The game melts fantasy and history in a unique retelling of the classic story of Joan of Arc. Demon armies are trying to invade the human world, and it's up to five heroes to restrain the demon gods. As France and England battle during the Hundred Years' War, Jeanne must use a mysterious armlet to fight the demons and save the world.

Sony is promising a 40 hour adventure with tons of customizable options. There will be over 150 different skills and abilities, and a total of 14 playable characters. Check out new screens from Sony's Gamers Day in our gallery below.

Gallery: Jeanne d'Arc

SGD '07: NBA '08 Block Party

Sony's NBA series returns for yet another outing this year. In the 2008 version, PSP gamers will be treated to the return of Conquest Mode, allowing players to manage and acquire territory. For gamers-on-the-go, a variety of mini-games will be available. HORSE, Dodgeball, Own the Court, PlayStation Skills Challenge, and 3-Point Contest will all return. However, there's even more to look forward to:
  • Shooting Bricks - an Arkanoid-inspired brick-breaking game.
  • Breakaway - Quick running game where users alternate offense and defense.
  • Elimination
There will also be additional Carnival-style games for those that, for some reason or another, don't actually want to play basketball in NBA 08. For those that do want a game of b-ball, the game will feature an "improved" season mode, new commentary, highlight reels, and wireless multiplayer. Downloadable content will update pinball boards and roster lists on a weekly basis. The game is set to release on October 2nd, and we have the very first images of the game right here.

Gallery: NBA '08

SGD '07: Pursuit Force Extreme Justice

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is officially heading to America this fall. Players will once again play as an acrobatic cop who will do anything to stop the gang violence plaguing the streets. Unlike the prequel, players won't have to do it alone: four new playable characters join the adventure. The game looks to be quite massive, featuring more than 50 levels in seven distinct environments. Sony estimates that the game offers 20 hours of gameplay right off the bat -- and that doesn't even include planned downloadable content packs (a la Wipeout Pure).

There are 12 different vehicle types, including hovercrafts and new "boss vehicles" specifically designed for boss encounters. Extreme Justice will also offer an expanded weapons arsenal: more than 30 in all. The game also includes four-player multiplayer. Unfortunately, it's Ad-Hoc only (we hope that will change).

Check out screenshots from Sony Gamers Day in our gallery below. Then, go past the break to see a video of the game in action.

Gallery: Pursuit Force Extreme Justice

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