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Rumor: A 'design sample' of the PSP-3000

According to a poster on the PSPChina forums, the above is a "design sample" of another iteration of the PSP. The poster claims this information comes from a "reliable inside source" and that Sony had already finalized this basic design by the end of 2007. The only new addition so far is a built-in microphone, but otherwise the size and shape is the same as the PSP-2000. The Home button has been replaced by a PlayStation logo button just like the PS3 controller. Also noted is the hole between the volume buttons and the PSP logo, which the poster claims is where the microphone is located. The size of the metal ring has been reduced, allegedly to reduce scratches on it.

The poster claims he doesn't know the actual model number of the this PSP -- it could be a PSP-2100 or 3000 or something else entirely. "The pictures are actually of a design sample; whenever a new system is to be created, designers will follow Sony's instructions in creating several different versions. This is one of the versions that was created and then discarded. Next year when we buy this PSP, it will be slightly different, but I believe the microphone and smaller metal ring will remain."

Another set of pictures shows a black version of this so-called PSP-3000. The PlayStation button is slightly rounder and larger. The poster admits that the final design of real PSP-3000, or whatever the model number happens to be, is still unclear. Basically, even if everything this dude/dudette says is true, what we'll be seeing on store shelves might look completely different, assuming there is even a redesign in the works. Six more pictures after the jump.

[Via Joystiq]

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Rumor: Trophies on PSP

This isn't the first time rumors have been going around, but it's the first time we have some real evidence. During a presentation yesterday during E3 for Buzz! Master Quiz, producer Emerson Escobar talked about an in-game medal system, which isn't too surprising for a quiz game.

But then, Escobar begins talking about a "trophy system" where depending on the speed you answer a question, you get a different trophy. When asked if this meant trophies for PSP, Escobar responded with a nervous chuckle and a "check back with us later," without saying anything else.

No comments from Sony at this time. But trophies on the PSP seem almost natural at this point, so we are wondering more as to when trophies will be available on our favorite handheld.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Suikoden VI listed, then removed, as a PSP title

German news site GameFront recently posted an interesting story regarding the listing of Suikoden VI for the PSP on a retailer's website. The story has been roughly translated on the NeoGAF forums. The retailer was in Japan and the entry has been removed -- but the rumors live on. Is Konami hard at work on Suikoden VI and moving the series onto the PSP? Or was it a clerical error and should have read PS3? Either way, until Konami makes a statement, we'll have to wait and see if anything comes up at E3 or the Tokyo Game Show.

Rumor: Star Soldier collection of four games in September

This is classified as a rumor, but it really makes too much sense for it to be false. A collection of four Star Soldier games will be released by Hudson under the banner of PC Engine Best Collection. The collection will include Star Star Soldier, Final Soldier, Soldier Blade and the never-before-released in the US Star Parodier. It will retail for the budget price of 2,940 yen (less than $30) which might translate to even lower if and when it is ever brought over to the US. Some of us here loved the Star Soldier series growing up and would love to relive those memories on the PSP.

PSP Phone rumors resurface

These PSP Phone rumors just won't go away, will they? Another one has surfaced today via UK marketing magazine, Marketing Week. Their sources say that a phone incorporating elements from the PSP will be out in time for Christmas 2009. Interestingly, the article also intimates that "the relationship between Sony and Sony Ericsson has become 'frosty'" and that "Sony would "never give its PlayStation branding" to the Sony Ericsson joint venture." Interesting.

If this phone is in the works, despite a breakdown between Sony and Sony Ericsson, could Sony be working on it alone? GameIndustry.biz state that Sony have previously confirmed that they are not working with Sony Ericsson on any such device. We'll be keeping our ear to the ground in case any new information becomes available.

[Via GI.biz]

Rumor: New accessories coming in April

A supposedly leaked PowerPoint presentation revealed some potentially new accessories from Sony. If this information turns out to be true, PSP owners can anticipate a new traveler case and Media Manager software this coming April/May. Both will retail for $20. More exciting, however, is the potential for a Skype Headset Kit. Currently, PSP owners must purchase two separate accessories in order for Skype to work. Providing one easy to purchase solution is far more ideal.

The same PowerPoint presentation also mentions that SCEA is planning to release the GPS peripheral in America for under $150. Unfortunately, when asked for comment, a SCEA rep informed us that "any information is speculation and rumor."

Sony Magazine says 'PSP style phone in the works'

You'd think something named "Sony Magazine" would know a thing or two about what's going on with Sony. But they oh-so-casually appear to reference "a new PSP-style phone" in the latest issue. It doesn't go into too many details, but suggests that "it could be in the shops as early as February." That seems unlikely, considering we haven't heard a peep from Sony regarding the matter, and it wasn't showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Phones are electronics for consumers, right?

But this isn't the first time we've heard of the so-called PSP phone. So many rumors have rocked the web that we feel like it's not a question of it, but rather a question of when.

[Via Engadget]

EGM rumor mill suggests Everyday Shooter to PSP, God of War to PS2

The rumor-mongering masters at EGM have a few juicy tidbits to contemplate in their upcoming March issue. The notorious Quarterman is back, with a few more rumors:
  • They say: God of War: Chains of Olympus will move to PS2.
    We say: Yeah, that's almost a certainty. But, how long will gamers have to wait for a console port? PSP games that move to the home console usually take a year to transition, and by then, PSP owners will have already moved on to bigger and better games. If you need your GoW fix any time soon, you're going to play it on Sony's handheld.
  • They say: Everyday Shooter will arrive on PSP.
    We say: Yep, that's also almost certainly going to happen. flOw made the jump from PSN to PSP, and we're confident that many games will follow. Considering Everyday Shooter's simple control scheme, it's perfect for PSP. We can't wait.
See also: The top PSN games we'd love to see on PSP.

Rumor: R-Type Tactics coming to US, courtesy of Atlus

One of our favorite publishers, Atlus, may be bringing Irem's PSP-exclusive tactics game, R-Type Tactics, to the US soon. The tentative date for release is supposedly March 4th and will retail for $39.99 under the title R-Type Command. Unlike previous R-Type games, Command is a turn-based strategy game.

[Thanks, Joe! Via Kotaku]

Gallery: R-Type Command

Rumour: Another Metal Gear Solid PSP title in the works

EGM's resident rumour-monger, Quartermann, has suggested in the latest issue that Kojima Productions have another PSP Metal Gear Solid game planned. This is completely unconfirmed and, at this stage, nothing more than a rumour but, to be honest, we wouldn't be surprised.

There are no other details other than the implication that the game will be based on the early days of Snake's career. Makes sense really, seeing as how Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the last chapter of Snake's story - going backwards in the timeline is the only choice left.

Rumor: Target may stop selling Manhunt 2 in stores

Calling this just a "rumor" is sort of complicating things -- this is complete hearsay and by that we mean unconfirmed prattle. Apparently, a member of the Evil Avatar forums got hold of a memo being passed around Target stores claiming that Manhunt 2 will not be sold in their stores or online. At any branch.

This is getting the push because of the bad press the game has received the last couple of days, member Dr. Finger advocates. Who knows, perhaps its the violence that can be unlocked as well. Either way, this is a complete rumor until a lot of people actually start looking for games in Target. A few sold out stores here or there aren't proof positive. Not yet.

[via GamePolitics]

Rumor: Kingdom Hearts prequel heading to PSP

We've just landed in Tokyo, getting ready for the Tokyo Game Show. Supposedly, Square Enix will have a few surprises regarding the Kingdom Hearts series tomorrow. The focus will be primarily on the handhelds, and according to 1UP, PSP owners can (hopefully) look forward to a prequel to the original PS2 fan favorite. The next iteration of the franchise, though, will most likely appear on a next-gen console, with PS3 very likely.

Stay tuned -- we're sure to find out the true details soon enough.

Rumor: Oblivion finally put to rest

After an incredibly underwhelming first appearance, the PSP version of Oblivion has disappeared. Constant delay after delay on retailer websites suggested troubled development, and if Kotaku's rumor can be believed, it appears the game is finally canned.

We can't say we'd be too shocked or too saddened by the loss of Oblivion on PSP. It wasn't shaping up to be anything like its console counterparts, and there's much better looking games to look forward to instead.

[Thanks, Joe!]

Rumor: "Secret Agent Clank" game in development

Could High Impact Games be working on a new Ratchet game for PSP? Quite possibly. David Bergeaud, composer of the Ratchet series' soundtrack, supposedly added a game called Secret Agent Clank for PSP to his online resume. However, the website appears to have changed, no longer listing the potential title. Could it be a hoax?

Reader zellhazard has pointed to a screen capture of the site, with the title in question on display. Sony's E3 conference is only a few hours away ... maybe we'll see more then?

Confirmed: Firmware 3.50 unlocks full 333MHz speed [Update]

According to QJ's "insider" at Sony, firmware version 3.50 allows UMD games to use the full 333MHz of the PSP. If true, this is great news but brings up a few questions. Using the total available processing power will potentially allow for smoother framerates and quicker load times. The problem, however, comes with the battery life. The reason games are locked to 266mhz (only one game has been allowed to use even that much - Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters) is due to the very limited battery life when the PSP runs at full speed.

This would coincide with Kotaku's PSP redesign rumours, which claim to have a much heftier battery life due to a much more economic screen. If this feature really is already in the current firmware update, does that mean we will be seeing a redesign much sooner than we expected?

[Update: Developers have confirmed that new 3.50 SDKs allow for full clock speed use.]

[Andrew's note: Older games will not run at the higher clock speed. However, any new games developed from this point onwards will be able to utilize the full clock speed of the PSP. This is intrinsic to firmware 3.50, and any new games that require 333MHz will need firmware 3.50 or above.]

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