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PSP games not much more expensive than DS games

Think PSP games are expensive? You'd be wrong. Things have changed greatly since the system's release more than two years ago, with the $50 price point for some UMD games a thing of the past. Curmudgeon Gamer took a look at the upcoming releases on both handhelds, and noted that only one game currently has a $50 MSRP: Oblivion. The average cost of a PSP game is $29.89, only $2 more than the DS average of $27.29. Curmudgeon Gamer has a few other interesting statistics:
  • EB Games lists 102 new games for the Nintendo DS and 94 new games for the PSP. There's no games for PSP? Incorrect.
  • The median game price for each system is $29.99
  • About 33% of all PSP games retail for under $25. (DS has about 41%.)
This doesn't come as surprising for long-time PSP fans. Hopefully, the rest of the gaming world will soon understand that although PSP games feature better graphics, they don't have to cost more.

Which publisher is the PSP's biggest supporter? [Update 1]

The other day I got to thinking about how many antelope it would take to kill a professional wrestler. After I was done thinking about that, I wondered which publisher is the biggest supporter of the PSP. Then I remembered that I have no life and also blog on a PSP site, so I decided to get an answer to that question.

Before I started looking into it, I assumed Capcom would be in first or second place for supporters just judging my library and what I typically see in stores.Surprisingly, they weren't even the third biggest supporter with only ten games on the system. My next hunch was that either EA or Ubisoft (being the giant companies they are) must have the most games on the PSP. They do have a lot of games out, but at eleven games each, they can't take the crown of biggest supporter. Activision did beat out many contenders with their number of games totaling fourteen, but they also were not the winner.

So who is the PSP's biggest supporter? While this may or may not be surprising, it's Sony themselves. SCEA has at least twenty-six games on their own platform and easily bested all comers with their release library. While a first-party publisher winning may be obvious, to many PSP fans (including myself), I often think Sony isn't doing enough to support their portable. While that may or may not be true, they still have by far the most games out on the platform. Let's just hope that Sony as well as other publishers continue to be kind to our beloved portable in this new year.

[Via Gamespot]

[Update 1: Fixed font error.]

Debunking a PSP myth: it has no good games

Anyone that has been around the Internet block or visited a game store lately may have heard someone claim the PSP has little to no good games on the platform. If you're anything like me, you like to wear your girlfriend's underwear and you also hate to hear bad words about the PSP. My personal PSP game collection is larger than my DS or Xbox 360 game libraries and after hearing about the lack of great games on the system so often, I began to wonder if perhaps I just had a terrible taste in games. While I can't prove that my gaming interests are worthwhile, I did dig up some info on the PSP library and whether or not there are many quality games on the system.

It isn't just gaming fans who dis the PSP, critics do as well. Keeping that in mind, I wondered how the PSP game library critically stacked up against its competitor; the oft praised DS. What I found may be surprising.

Data Collected from Metacritic

Amount of US released PSP games rated 80 and above: 38 (not counting Advent Children since it isn't a game)

Amount of US released DS games rated 80 and above: 28 (and 4 of those are versions of Nintendogs)

So it seems that these same critics that praise PSP games, must have a short-term memory when they bash the system's lack of quality titles. I'm in no way trying to put down the DS with the example listed above, just attempting to prove that the PSP isn't devoid of quality like an episode of War at Home. Hopefully fellow PSP fanboys can use the above proof to dissuade negative words about your system of choice. In any case, it should make you feel good about owning the system.

TGS 06: Gamespot goes hands on with Jean D'Arc

TGS 06: Gamespot goes hands on with Jean D'Arc
Gamespot has just went hands on with Jean D'Arc, the strategy RPG based on Joan of Arc, at the Tokyo Games Show.

Although they couldn't read a lick of any text due to the game being in all Japanese, they did play enough to tell the main game will be similar to other grid-based games, like Nippon Ichi's insane library of great SRPGs.

One aspect of the game that seems pretty interesting is when Jean receives damage, she, at times, will take a page out of the Hulk's book by transforming into superpowerful Jean and inflicting major damage upon her enemies. After a few turns, Jean returns back to her normal self.

They go on to say all the basic elements of an SRPG are here and graphically, is much better than any other similar game on the PSP to date. Unfortunately for us, there's no definitive information on whether we'll get this game stateside. Keep your fingers crossed boys and girls.

(Via Gamespot)

TGS 06: More Metal Slug Anthology screens uncovered

TGS 06: More Metal Slug Anthology screens uncovered
I don't think I can ever get bored of Metal Slug's super expressive and detailed sprites dying ultra-violent deaths, and this year's Tokyo Game Show kicking off today, Gamespot has uncovered a cache of new screens for us all to drool over.

Now, in case you don't already know, Metal Slug Anthology is a collection of six previous Metal Slug games. It is set to ship Nov. 7, 2006 and will support two-player wireless multi-player.

God, I love this franchise and to think we get six games in one really gets me excited.

(Via Gamespot)

New ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 screens released

New ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 screens released
I'm not very familiar with ProStroke Golf, which recently had a name change from
World Tour Golf, but it released today in Europe and will release in a few months here. The game focuses on "the perfect swing above all else. The game lets you alter all aspects of your shot, from your position on the ball to the path of the club, allowing you to play shots exactly as you would in real life," according to Gamespot.

Developer Gusto Games added in real golfers like Ian Woosnam, Sergio Garcia, and Mark O'Meara and a total of 18 different courses.

"All versions of the game will include four-player multiplayer modes, though, including the PSP version over ad hoc wireless. Also, if you've created a map and want to play it with your friend, the PSP will stream the map over to them so that they can try out your designs," said Struan Robertson, ProStroke Golf's producer.

Sweet! I'm a sucker for map editors, especially when I can share them with friends.

(Via FCS Publishing/Gamespot)

Bleach demo

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