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Taking down the bosses in Patapon

Sure, Patapon happens to be one of the cutest games we've ever seen, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a cakewalk. Just take a look at this newly released gameplay video featuring one of the game's bosses. Defeating your foes will consistently hitting the correct button combinations to order your pint-sized tribesmen to attack, defend and advance through the level.

We just can't wait to get our hands on this game when it releases in February.

New SOCOM: Tactical Strike vids awesome in several languages

After reading Andrew gush over SOCOM: Tactical Strike like a schoolgirl with her first crush, it's hard not to be intrigued at Sony's upcoming tactical shooter. To add to that excitement are these new gameplay videos, which, not only feature the game's impressive squad-based gameplay, but also its multi-language voice acting for our international friends out there. Pretty cool stuff.

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Chili Con Carnage not a port after all

Chile Con Carnage not a port after all
There has been a lot of confusion over Deadline Game's upcoming Chili Con Carnage. From publisher Eidos' initial press release, Andrew thought the game was more of a port of Total Overdose than anything else since it uses the same characters and gameplay. However, according to the game's director, Soren Lund, that's not really the case.

Speaking to, Lund said the game is more of a re-invention rather than a port. While it has the same cast from Total Overdose, the game's stories are completely different, the gameplay has been refined to make the game a "more tight and compact action game" and the free roaming gameplay featured in Total Overdose has been omitted to "provide a much more streamlined and focused gameplay experience."

However, Lund said the biggest difference gamers will see between the two games is the style gameplay. "We've made it a much more integrated part of the gameplay, that the player uses the games' different moves and the combo-system to achieve higher and higher scores thus being rewarded with better weapons, dual weapon overdrive, more loco moves, more health, more combo-time etc. etc.," he said. "We unlock new levels, game modes and playable characters depending on the player's level scores. And for the master players, we unlock unlimited ammo and trophies such as concept art and videos etc."

As you can see, Deadline Games has seemingly worked hard at separating this game from Total Overdose in both story and gameplay. However, the test will be whether they can get that message out to PSP owners who are very tired of ports. We'll see when the game releases early next year.

Gunpey gameplay footage

Some people say I have an unhealthy obsession over Mizuguchi's games. Those people are not incorrect. Gunpey is a totally rad puzzler from the famed Lumines creator, and two new videos showcasing the music-infused puzzle gameplay have been released. The point of the game is to create a line that reaches from left to right... but of course, it's a little bit trickier than it sounds. If you haven't experienced Gunpey yet, now's your chance, after the break.

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Movin' with the B-Boys

Man, I feel like it's 1990 all over again. Sony's upcoming B-Boy looks like it'll be a blast. You control a break dancer trying to prove his worth on the street. We've covered this game pretty extensively so far, so read up and then enjoy this lengthy gameplay video.

Bloody beautiful Silent Hill trailer [Update 3]

A few hours ago, we revealed the very first footage of the game in motion. Now, Konami has revealed an official trailer from the Games Convention in Germany Konami's Gamer Day, and it is absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful. Comparing the game to Resident Evil 4 seems apt, not only because of the gameplay, but because of the insane quality of the graphics. Watch and be amazed.

[Update 1: Footage actually from Konami's Gamer Day, not Games Convention. Also, Gamespot has added two excellent gameplay videos to their site. They seem to feature some awkward hit detection and camera, but hopefully that'll be worked out soon. Check out video 1 here and video 2 here.]

[Update 2: A video interview with the producer reveals that the playable build is very early, with most everything being placeholders. So, yes... the graphics and the animations are going to be much better. Players of the original Silent Hill be able to experience how the town became the way it did, but the main character of the game is not responsible for it. The town will be a mix of old and new, with two thirds of it being new. The game will be large: "a good size PSP game." The game features 4 vocal tracks, one of them being featured in the trailer.]

[Update 3: Another video of the game in motion, now featured after the cut.]

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Silent Hill Origins gameplay footage [Update 1]

PSP Fanboy once wrote: "So how about a port of Resident Evil 4? The new over-the-shoulder camera style would be perfect for the handheld!"

Well, we might not have Resident Evil yet, but it looks like Silent Hill Origins will fit the bill just nicely. This first gameplay video (delivered by Playstation leaked from the floors of the Games Convention in Germany doesn't show off any enemies, but it shows some particularly nice graphics (the fog looks great), atmosphere and familiar controls. Hopefully we'll discover more nuggets of gameplay over the course of the convention, so keep it locked in to the Fanboy.

[Update 1: According to PSP World, the game will offer "a cinematic experience comparable to the previous games, but framed within interactive moments." That sounds a lot like Resident Evil 4's button-mashing cutscenes to me.]

[Via IGN Boards]

Every Extend Extra video blowout

As if going crazy with Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins wasn't enough, has posted three new videos of Every Extend Extra on their site. (And you can download the iPod-formatted videos to your PSP!) You may have already seen 1UP's beautiful coverage of the game, but unless you've imported the game, videos are the best we have until the game ships in a month (for only $30, too!). From what I've played, the game isn't that much better than the original Every Extend, but it certainly is a lot of fun regardless. Spencer Yip, from Siliconera, seems to agree with that sentiment as well. After watching these videos, feel free to read his extensive import review.

An extensive look into Killzone: Liberation has a beautiful, lengthy video of Killzone: Liberation in action. Not only will you see some great gameplay footage, you'll get to see some truly beautiful real-time PS3 footage CG movies. If that made you long for more, don't forget to check out previous coverage of the game. The killing comes to us at the end of October.

Killzone: Liberation gameplay movies

Pictures may say a thousand words, but gameplay movies make your jaw drop to the floor and shut the h*** up. Readers inquisitive about the top-down perspective of this PSP-exclusive can now see for themselves how it can translate into some exciting run-and-gun on the go. Check out Killzone: Liberation at and don't forget to download the iPod-formatted MP4's: they'll work on your 2.8 firmware PSP.

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