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Wipeout Pulse looks good (even in German)

Here's the German trailer for Wipeout Pulse. The German text that narrates the video doesn't bother us a single bit. For all we care, it can just be saying "this is awesome" over and over again (not that it does). We were particularly impressed by the lighting and weather effects we saw in this hotly anticipated sequel. Thankfully, it isn't too long until its launch later this year.

Speed through this new Wipeout Pulse video

Okay, so we're in love with Wipeout Pulse. Can you blame us? Its silky smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, and sweet new tracks are seriously tempting us ... and we can't take it anymore. This video highlights everything we love about Wipeout, and the one thing we don't -- it's not out yet. Please, Sony! Get it to us faster!

Hands-on: Wipeout Pulse

Franchises rarely improve this much over time. Wipeout Pulse, the newest addition to the long revered Wipeout series, somehow manages to improve upon the already-sublime PSP launch title, Wipeout Pure. It isn't a revolutionary change from previous iterations -- but significant tweaks can be immediately noticed within a few seconds of play.

Of most importance must be the game's altered controls. Ships handle tighter than ever before, something that casual gamers will certainly appreciate. Using the analog nub feels even more precise than before (although we still prefer driving with the D-Pad). Ships still can't do hairpin turns like in F-Zero GX, but the Wipeout series always did have a different flavor than Nintendo's racing classic.

The updated HUD looks sleek -- we love seeing it shake every time we scratch the car. Weapons feel even better in Pulse: they feel more damaging, and look especially good. The ability to absorb power-ups returns, which adds a welcome layer of strategy to each of the races.

Pulse adds custom soundtracks, Infrastructure gameplay, and an in-game photo capture tool to make this one of PSP's most features-packed games yet. Pure still looks incredible on PSP ... and somehow Pulse looks even better. Futuristic racing fans will find almost nothing to complain about: Pulse is easily on its way to becoming the definitive Wipeout experience.

Gallery: Wipeout Pulse

Complete Wipeout Pulse soundtrack listing

The Wipeout series is known for its incredible techno-heavy soundtrack, and Pulse doesn't look to disappoint. The upcoming racer will have yet another licensed soundtrack, which CVG has unearthed:
  • Flat Out by Dopamine
  • Chemical by MoveYa! & Steve Lavers
  • Tokyo by Stanton Warriors
  • Break ya self - Wipeout mix by B Phreak & Groove Allegiance
  • Slingshot - Wipeout mix by Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM
  • X-Project (100% Pure mix) by DJ Fresh
  • Frontline by EdRush, Optical & Matrix
  • Seven Stitches by Noisia
  • Smart Systems by MIST
  • Exceeder - special mix by Mason
  • Steady Rush by Booka Shade
  • Fenix Funk 5 [wipeout edit] by Aphex Twin
  • Aero Dynamik by Kraftwerk
  • Suspicious Thoughts by Skream
  • Sea of Sound - Wipeout mix by Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber
  • City Lights (Martin Buttich remix) PSP Cut by Loco Dice
Of course, if this doesn't suit your tastes, you have customizable soundtracks as well. With customizable ships, infrastructure multiplayer, and significant gameplay improvements, Pulse sounds like it will almost certainly be a winner. We can't wait to find out more.

WipEout Pulse interview reveals vehicle customisation tool

In an interview with, Tony Buckley - Director of WipEout Pulse - laid out some more details for the upcoming PSP game. Discussion includes PSP technical limitations, graphical improvements, the Photo mode and custom soundtracks. Have a read, it's good stuff.

Also mentioned during the interview is a vehicle customisation tool. This will allow players to produce their own skins for their ships, Forza 2 style. While it is unclear as to how exactly this will work, we assume that the actual designing process will take place on a PC, with the edited texture downloaded onto the memory stick for use in the game.

This has never been done before on the PSP and, with the right amount of 'Game 3.0' added, could make for an exciting new dimension in WipEout gaming. Buckley already mentioned his idea for a ship texture contest. Though he might have to come up with a better prize than a date with him, if he wants a decent amount of entries. The only danger with functionality like this is that people will be spending more time designing their vehicles than they will be driving them.

Wipeout Pulse gets previewed (we're jealous)

German gamer and long-time Wipeout fan eLhabib has received a preview copy of the upcoming Wipeout Pulse, and has posted a detailed write-up of his experience at the WipeoutZone Forum. A sample blurb is drenched with excitement: "Where do I start? First of all, the art style: as I stated before, a perfect blend of purE and w3o, so pretty much a dream come true for me and many others around here. The HUD is very slick, minimalistic, with a very noticeable w3o touch - cool thing about the new HUD: it blurs with the speed as you activate a turbo or go over a speed pad, it shakes as your ship gets hit or bottoms out!"

There are pages of rants available, and as fellow Wipeout fans, we have to admit that the wait for this game is painful. Hey Sony, we're friends, right? Where's our preview copy?

Off-screen video is embedded, after the cut.

Gallery: Wipeout Pulse

Continue reading Wipeout Pulse gets previewed (we're jealous)

Separating challenge from speed in Wipeout Pulse

As acclaimed as Wipeout Pure was, many found the game unbalanced in terms of difficulty. In an interview with IGN Australia, lead designer Colin Berry noted: "Some people felt that Pure was perhaps too hard and that they didn't get to enjoy the faster speed classes as they were too fast and also the AI was too hard. We also had the hardcore Wipeout fans saying that the game was a little too easy and they wanted something more challenging to keep them coming back."

In an attempt to make the game more accessible to gamers, the team has now separated the difficulty from the speed. "We then have an easier setting which will allow players to play at the higher speed classes against less competitive AI, thus they can enjoy the speed of the game without always feeling they have no chance to compete. Then we have the hard difficulty setting which means that even on the slower speed classes, the hardcore Wipeout fans will face a challenge from the AI, and at the higher speed classes they have something to keep them coming back again and again."

Certainly, this will allow novice players to play at faster speeds ... a welcome change from the original. For more details on Pulse, make sure you read IGN's full interview.

Smoking new Wipeout Pulse screens

Spanish language gaming site Meristation seems to have taken a ride on Wipeout Pulse, Sony's long-awaited sequel to the critical hit Wipeout Pure. Pure was easily one of the system's best looking titles at launch, standing up quite well even to this day. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though Pulse is adding much to the visuals. While it certainly doesn't look bad, new screenshots on Meristation don't show off significant visual improvements ... besides the rad new smoke effects (pictured, above).

We're confident that the gameplay will more than make up for the graphics. Hopefully, we'll be able to give you more once E3 rolls around.

[Via NeoGAF]

Wipeout Pulse interview reveals ambitious upgrades

Wipeout Pure is one of the best, if not the best, entries in the series. The PSP launch title featured brilliant graphics (which hold up to this day), the best handling of a Wipeout title, and a seemingly never-ending amount of content, thanks to brilliantly executed downloadable extensions released months after the game's launch. Eurogamer was able to talk to Clark Davies from Studio Liverpool about their upcoming PSP sequel, Pulse. Some highlights include:
  • Improved controls. "The handling is smoother, the ships are more evenly balanced. We're confident that the control is the best and most accessible the series has seen to date."
  • Grid creator for players to create their own challenges.
  • The ability to absorb weapons remains. However, the Disruptor weapon is gone. In its stead are a few new weapons, some of which will affect your ability to play: "things like smoking engines, fire damage, HUD interference, etc."
  • The adrenaline-pumping Zone mode is back, but this time there are no levels designed specifically for the mode. All levels will be playable in Zone, and all of them will get a visual makeover when playing in Zone.
  • Downloadable content returns. When questioned why content is available at launch (why not put it on disc?), Davies reminded readers that "a game is finished about two months before it hits the shelf ... So it's the case that we've scheduled our time well enough so we can carry on working on extra content once the rest of the game is ready."
We have to say this interview got us even more excited for this futuristic racing sequel. Even if the game didn't have improvements (if it were simply Pure with more tracks), we're confident it would still be fantastic. Let's hope to see more footage of the game soon.

First-ever Wipeout Pulse trailer!

Wipeout Pure is one of our favorite games on PSP, and the newly announced sequel has us quivering in anticipation. Wipeout Pulse looks to bring even more trademark futuristic racing--only this time, it's going online. Check out this first trailer of the game, provided by IGN.

Wipeout Pulse gets custom soundtracks & Infrastructure

As we revealed earlier, Wipeout Pulse is heading to PSP. This sequel to Wipeout Pure will feature a number of enhancements over the previous iteration of the series:
  • Pulse will feature 24 new tracks.
  • Licensed music from Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors.
  • Multiplayer via Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure
  • Eight new teams, including "EG-X".
  • New "Mag-strip" feature allows ships to magnetically stick to tracks. This will allow certain tracks to feature loops, 90 degree plummets, and other mind-destroying tricks.
  • Custom soundtracks allow playback of MP3s stored on Memory Stick.
  • Photo Mode captures in-game screenshots.
  • Like Wipeout Pure, the game will feature downloadable content, such as new tracks and songs, immediately after release.
Check out Eurogamer for screenshots of this hotly anticipated sequel. The game will hit Europe this September.

Check your Pulse: Wipeout sequel named

The Wipeout franchise is known for its notorious sense of speed, and incredible high-stakes weapons-based racing. At a European convention over the weekend, the title of the upcoming PSP sequel was supposedly revealed: Wipeout Pulse. What kind of mind-shattering courses will Studio Liverpool create for Pulse? What kind of daredevil antics will we perform as the speed (and our blood pressure) rises?

More details will be forthcoming in an official press release. Wipeout Pure is still one of PSP's best titles, and the prospect of a sequel has us already shivering with anticipation.

[Via IGN]

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