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PS Fanboy Best of 2007: Best Original Soundtrack

Stay tuned all this week as we reveal the our nominees for the very best games of 2007. Winners will be declared on December 27th.

Get your headphones on. Some fantastic tunes were created for PSP games this year. Check out our nominees for games with the best original scores -- the kinds of games that had us booting up our games to simply listen to them.

And the nominees for PSP Fanboy - Best Original Soundtrack of 2007 are:

Final Fantasy Anniversary
Square Enix | Square Enix

Any Square Enix fan can tell you that one of the most memorable aspects of the Final Fantasy franchise is its music. Victory music fanfare is instantly recognizable, and can be found as geek's cell phone ringtones worldwide. Final Fantasy Anniversary takes the first game's memorable soundtrack and enhances it for the modern era. Classics are great -- but modern versions of classics are even better.

Gallery: Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Square Enix | Square Enix

As is the case with most (if not all) Final Fantasy games, Tactics features a moving score, with a fantastic themes that hold everything together. The soundtrack may not have received an overhaul like Anniversary did, but the tunes of Tactics still keep us coming back for more.

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
Sony Bend | Sony Computer Entertainment

Azam Ali's haunting theme to Logan's Shadow is but a small part of what makes the soundtrack to this PSP exclusive adventure a winner. Combining interesting ethnic elements with a full orchestral sound gives Logan's Shadow's soundtrack incredible weight and power.

Stay tuned to PSP Fanboy on December 27th for the winners. Best of 2007 image based off of work from Studio469.

Reader Comments (Page 1 of 2)

jarret kramer1

12-17-2007 @ 3:39PM

jarret kramer said...

i would nominate Crush.
if the soundtrack existed i would buy it.


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12-17-2007 @ 3:39PM

EDW said...

my vote would go to WotL because i haven't played Logan's Shadow yet and when playing Final Fantasy on the GBA i don't remember being particularly moved by the soundtrack


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12-17-2007 @ 3:51PM

aaron_k7 said...

Write-in vote:

Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles

This game wins best soundtrack based on SOTN alone...hands down.


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12-17-2007 @ 4:06PM

sak3r said...

dudes wtf?
akira yamaoka?
silent hill?

how is this game left out??? it's by far the bestselling soundtrack of all psp games


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Silver R. Wolfe5

12-17-2007 @ 4:14PM

Silver R. Wolfe said...

Gotta go with Tactics. The soundtrack has always been superb and distinct.


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Andrew Yoon6

12-17-2007 @ 4:15PM

Andrew Yoon said...

Both Silent Hill and Castlevania were being considered for nomination. Unfortunately, we wanted to keep the list short to only include three nominees, and these were what surfaced to the top.


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12-17-2007 @ 4:35PM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

Bummer. Well I think SH0 would've been a better choice than FFT but whatever. I can't wait to see who wins all of these different awards.

btw, will their be a user-voted version of these Best-Of awards?

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12-17-2007 @ 5:17PM

aaron_k7 said... long as Castlevania wins for "Most frustratingly hard game to play such that you will rip your hair out by the roots," I will be satisfied. That game's difficulty is legendary...kudos to PSP Fanboy for completing it for the review.

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12-17-2007 @ 4:34PM

Sean said...

I have to vote for Final Fantasy Tactics. It was teh bestest


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12-17-2007 @ 5:00PM

merc25 said...

Strangely, I never remember the music from Final Fantasy's outside of the theme, battle, and victory music of a particular game(FF9 being the exception). Suikodens' music on other hand are always memorable, because they have same talent the Castlevania uses for their games' music.

So my vote would go to Castlevania, but seeing how that's not an option for us, I would side with SP:LS(just to anti-vote the FFs).


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12-17-2007 @ 5:10PM

merc25 said...

Andrew why did you limit the PSP awards to only 3, when you let the PS3 have between 4-5 nominees. The PSP had more game releases this year shouldn't it be logical to give it more entries.

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Andrew Yoon12

12-17-2007 @ 5:21PM

Andrew Yoon said...

Actually, all the PS3 categories had only 3 nominees each. Some of the writers got a bit carried away when actually writing the post...

But wait until we get to overall GOTY nominations. PSP has a lot more than the PS3.

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12-17-2007 @ 5:18PM

Blagardson said...

Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the games soundtrack kicks ass, even if no one has played it


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12-17-2007 @ 6:05PM

Saffie said...

None of you guys thought Final Fantasy I for PSP has great music? Aside from the original music in the game, what about the remixes of some of the other Final Fantasy songs when fighting secret bosses. Like FFVI's boss battle, and FFV's Gilgamesh battle song. I like it SO~ much!


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Michael K.15

12-17-2007 @ 11:05PM

Michael K. said...

FFT, but castlevania really deserves it.


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12-18-2007 @ 1:23AM

randomflashbang said...

It's weird that you have two FF games on there... honestly the all just sound the same to me


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12-18-2007 @ 2:25AM

randomflashbang said...

(it didn't post part two of my comment :p )

Of the year though Castlevania. and Silent Hill origins were the only ones that struck me as worth listening outside their game, And Origins was striking even for a Silent Hill OST

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12-18-2007 @ 2:32AM

rhugghed said...

Yeah, you forgot CASTLEVANIA: DRACULA X CHRONICLES. Quick, put it on the list before the others make their votes!


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12-18-2007 @ 3:49PM

aaron_k7 said...

I already mentioned Castlevania above...doesn't look like it made the cut!

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12-18-2007 @ 5:06AM

orgy said...

what about wipeout pulse? even though i dont "love" that kind of electronic music it is the best fitting soundtrack ever for a game to be created (almost).


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