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Thousands of PSP fans appear for Monster Hunter event

Over 6,500 people showed up to a recent Monster Hunter Portable 2nd tournament held in Tokyo. Of course, one could argue that if the game had Infrastructure support, the need to meet up with other systems physically wouldn't be needed ...

The festivities don't end there, though. Capcom is continuing their "Monster Hunter Fest" with similar tournaments to be held in Osaka, Sapporo and Nagoya. The finals will return to Tokyo on June 10th.

[Via PSP-Vault]

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5-14-2007 @ 1:01AM

cafecito said...

Pretty popular game, huh? I wonder if they fixed the camera controls from the first game... cuz I hated it. It even kept me from playing the game.


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5-14-2007 @ 5:38AM

iceketch said...

There is nothing like a issue of the camera, it's called learning curve, and if you give up just because you're not good in aiming the monsters like it's supposed to be, well it's just because you're lazy.


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5-14-2007 @ 6:13AM

cafecito said...

I never said I wasn't good at aiming at the monsters or whatever. I just said I didn't like the camera controls/behaviour. Most people lose interest in playing if they don't feel comfortable with the controls. Camera rotation using the shoulder buttons would've been oh-so-better than just a "center camera" button. But that's just a personal opinion. And... you know what? I don't think custom button options is too much asking.


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5-14-2007 @ 11:04AM

vR said...

cafecito speaks the truth. iceketch, to call him "lazy" for not being "good in aiming the monsters" or whatever the hell you said is just blind fanboyism and simply idiotic. A LARGE number of PSP games are cited for their poor camera from fans and critics alike because of the lack of a second analog or misuse of the shoulder buttons. Obviously, there are exceptions, but this isn't one of them. I loved this game, but it's far from perfect.

Anyway, this event looks like it rocked. Too bad Capcom doesn't give 2 squirts about their U.S. fan base.


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5-14-2007 @ 9:43PM

Thomas said...

Seems like the psp has found its pokemon!


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5-18-2007 @ 7:41AM

candy7 said...

i say theres nothing wrong with the cam an i play everyday so there! oh and i love it


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5-18-2007 @ 7:41AM

candy7 said...

its good i play all da time


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Kichigai Mentat8

5-19-2007 @ 10:04AM

Kichigai Mentat said...

Gee willickers! If a game is popular in Japan, then maybe it'll be popular in the United States... *hint, hint CapCom...*


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7-10-2007 @ 2:53PM

SilkyZ said...

I want a tournament in the US. That would really show how big it is in the US.


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