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One more Monster Hunter accessory to customize PSP

Monster Hunter mania is really turning into pimp-my-PSP. There's just way too many Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G items for sale: from cases to potions, and limited edition PSPs to art books and CDs. Now there's even this attachable grip that you can latch onto your handheld system. Only super hardcore fans would need something like this. The grip is only compatible with slim PSP-2000 models though, and goes for about 1,890 yen (US$20).

In light of all these collectibles and products, however, anyone else thinking that yet another one will slip out right before Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G's release? At this rate, it wouldn't be surprising. Keychains perhaps? No no, how about special edition edible gummy-monsters. That would surely fly off the shelves.

Monster Hunter gets PS Pictogram X Porter case

Another collectible for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is available for pre-order in Japan. This time, it's a black leather PS Pictogram X Porter series carrying case. The case can carry either the PSP-1000 or PSP-2000 series. So whether you jam a fat or slim PSP in there, it won't matter. It comes with a carabiner, an extra pouch for a UMD game, and a loop for one's belt.

The MH PS Pictogram case will go on sale for 11,800 yen on the e-Capcom Japan site. That's roughly US$118 -- pretty expensive. It's also totally not as awesome (or furry) as this other Monster Hunter pouch.

Monster Hunter craze spawns new art book, music CD

Monster Hunter fever is sweeping over Japan as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G draws closer and closer to release. Playing on MH fans undying lust for everything Monster Hunter-ish, several new series collectibles will be hitting the market. First up is Monster Hunter Illustrations, an art book consisting of sketch work, monster information, and staff commentary from both the PSP and PS2 iterations of Monster Hunter games. Not much else is known about the book, but we do know it will be out at Japanese retailers on March 25, two days before 2nd G's release. It's also available for pre-order on play-asia.

Another way to get in on the craze is with the two disc music CD that should be coming out much later on April 16. The CD features 36 tracks from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. This baby is also ready for pre-order.

Monster Hunter 2nd G: new monster details

Saw yesterday's TV spots for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? While those clips were entertaining, they had little to reveal about the game itself. Today, however, we have details on some of the new monstrous baddies that you'll need to hunt down.

In the picture above, the baboon creature on the far left stalks the desert territories. It attacks by hurling huge boulders, and kicks sand at you to slow you down. The crab creature has a long reach with it's lengthy claws; it can also can shoot out a blast of water from its mouth. The last beast with the big belly is difficult to classify ... so let's just call it the "ugly thing." You'll find this creature in the jungle, probably all alone. Why? Because this thing attacks with a deadly fart, that's why. Totally not making that up. Ah, fond memories of Primal Rage seep in. Anyway, to see more of these beasties, check out the screenshots at Famitsu.

Swim away Nessie! Monster Hunter Portable 2G announced

We're scared for Nessie, our underwater ally, because after Capcom sponsored a hunt for South America's Bigfoot and giant anacondas to promote Monster Hunter Freedom 2, we just know they're going after her next as the company announced its plans to release Monster Hunter Portable 2G.

No, it's not a full sequel, but it will build upon the Japanese hit by featuring new monsters, fields and systems. While the game doesn't have a release date, we won't be surprised if this one never makes it our way. But one thing is for certain, all mythical creatures now have nowhere to hide.

[via 1up]

Capcom's real life monster hunt

As part of their marketing for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Capcom has decided to sponsor a real life Monster Hunt. The exhibition will travel to Guyana in order to seek out didi - South America's version of Bigfoot - and giant anacondas. We're not sure how financing a wild goose chase will help sell a PSP game. Presumably by having news sites and blogs reporting on it.

Did it work?

[via Joystiq]

Japan takes Monster Hunter summer school (seriously)

What could these summer school students be studying? If you guessed Monster Hunter Portable, you're absolutely right! The course was held at a school in Tokyo and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto was there to look on and greet the gamers. At the end of such rigorous "study," there was a special quest for download, and a t-shirt to don. If only real school could be this cool ...

[Via PSPHyper]

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 pre-order gets $10 cheaper

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 caused near-riots in Japan, as fervent Japanese fans grabbed over a million copies of this PSP action RPG. Will it do the same in America? Unlikely. But, just in case -- you may want to pre-order.

Gamestop is offering a bonus plush with pre-order, but for Cheap Ass Gamers that want to save a buck (or ten), you'll want to check out Overstock: they're offering the pre-order for only $30, $10 cheaper than retail price. And really, who doesn't like saving money?

Monster Hunter PSP sets for those who love hunting monsters

Do you really, really love Monster Hunter games? If so, you might want to at least browse over the newest offerings at Play-Asia regarding a Monster Hunter 2nd Summer PSP bundle. If you shell out the cash for the bundle, which is an overpriced $250, you get a fancy blue PSP with the latest Monster Hunter game. But when faced with the Final Fantasy VII slim PSP on the horizon -- why would anyone want this instead? In fact, let's open it up to discussion -- if you could get a custom PSP designed after any game you wanted, what would it be? A zany WipEout PSP, perhaps?

Land of the rising sun? More like land of the rising Sony hardware sales

If you'll pardon the rather heavy handed pun in the title, we can let you in on some choice information regarding Sony console sales in Japan. The week ending the 1st of July saw increased sales for the PS3, PS2 and PSP. We've collated all the interesting statistics into handy bullet points for you, so check them out below. All increases are compared to the week ending the 24th of June.
  • PS2: 16,316 sold. An increase of 26%
  • PSP: 38,305 sold. An increase of 15%
  • PS3: 11,914 sold. An increase of 20%
The rise in PSP sales can no doubt be put down to the recent release of Monster Hunter Portable 2, the latest in a series which has been a huge hit in Japan. The latest in the series hit the top spot on the Japanese charts, beating Wii Sports and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. We look forward to seeing how the game does in the coming weeks and whether it influences even more PSP sales. We'll let you know.

Monster Hunter dominates Japanese sales charts

Nothing, not even the mighty Wii Sports, could get close to the awesome sales of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd. Japanese sales for the first half of the year have been tallied up and surprisingly, this PSP game rose to the top of the list.

It should be comforting to publishers to see a PSP game do so well. Hopefully, this will encourage Japanese publishers to continue developing for the platform. The top three games for PSP this year so far include Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops.

[Via IGN]

Pre-order Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and get a plush

Asia got some pretty awesome loot for their pre-order bonuses. Posters, scarves, gold rings ... So what does America get? A Watermelon Pet Poogie plush.

Cute? Yes. Exciting? Not really. To get your pre-order bonus, stop by a GameStop.

[Via CAG]

Thousands of PSP fans appear for Monster Hunter event

Over 6,500 people showed up to a recent Monster Hunter Portable 2nd tournament held in Tokyo. Of course, one could argue that if the game had Infrastructure support, the need to meet up with other systems physically wouldn't be needed ...

The festivities don't end there, though. Capcom is continuing their "Monster Hunter Fest" with similar tournaments to be held in Osaka, Sapporo and Nagoya. The finals will return to Tokyo on June 10th.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Monster Hunter interview extols the virtues of multiplayer

Ryosuke Tsujimoto, producer of the Monster Hunter series, spoke to GameTrailers about how the Monster Hunter series gained in popularity. Word of mouth was crucial to the game's success, and PSP was the ideal platform due to its portability. People would look at the screen, say "sugoi," and buy their own copies.

Not to beat a dead horse, but once again, we'd like to remind Capcom that because multiplayer is so crucial to the game experience, they should've done more and include Infrastructure. Regardless of our frustration at Capcom's lack of foresight, we do admit that the game looks quite marvelous graphically.

Lack of second analog makes Monster Hunter better on PSP

People are enamored by Monster Hunter, even with its suspicious lack of online gameplay. Why, you ask? 1UP's Milkman describes his personal Monster Hunter obsession on his personal blog: "I love a game where you try and collect the coolest gear possible. It's why I loved Diablo II, and it's why I played the sh-t out of Phantasy Star Online and Final Fantasy XI."

Considering how Monster Hunter Portable 2 includes content from the never-released-in-America Monster Hunter Dos, Milkman seems overly eager to get his hands on the game. Interestingly, the series has improved on its transition from PS2 to PSP due to the lack of a second analog stick. On the console, attacks were relegated to the right analog, which felt unnatural: "I like the controls a lot better on PSP too, since it dispenses with the analog nonsense and just puts the attacks on the buttons." Do you share Milkman's enthusiasm for the title too?

See tons of new screenshots and artwork from VG Gen.

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