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LttP: PSPTube proves YouTube videos are possible

Although PSP has an internet browser with Flash support, one thing it hasn't been able to do natively is run YouTube videos. While free online converters have helped PSP owners out for the past few months, a new piece of homebrew software makes it possible to play YouTube videos directly on the PSP system.

The download is available from Japanese homebrew developer, SofiyaCat. The latest download can always be found here. Obviously, a homebrew-capable PSP is required to run the program. After downloading the zip, move the appropriate folder to your PSP. (For example, 3.52 M33 owners will want to copy the PSPTube folder from 200over into PSP/GAME352, with the firmware set to 3.xx kernel.)

Then, you'll have to edit the psptube.cfg file with Notepad. You'll find a lot of weird looking text and then a line that says dev_id="". You'll have to acquire a YouTube developer account and throw in an account ID there. After that, you can launch the program from your PSP. Unfortunately, we were surprised to see that the program is not compatible with encrypted wi-fi signals, so make sure you go to an open network for best compatibility. The videos will play after a small amount of buffering, and will stretch to fill the entire PSP screen. It's not the best interface for YouTube, but we're still impressed by the results. Hopefully, Sony will see that YouTube support is very possible for PSP, and will include it in a future firmware update.

[Thanks to everyone that sent this in!]

Sony launches YouTube competitor, compatible with PSP

One of our readers informed us of a new service from Sony called eyeVio, which will launch tomorrow in Japan. This informative diagram from the site shows a world where cameras, camcorders, phones and other devices can communicate with each other. Next to the defunct boomerang PS3 controller, one may see a PSP. Could YouTube-styled streaming video come to the PSP? Not quite.

Just like Sony's other video streaming service, Grouper, eyeVio will allow users to download PSP (and iPod) compatible video files. More interesting, however, seems to be the mobile version of eyeVio (, which will allow users to also upload files from their mobile devices.

The service will be limited to the Japanese market, so the majority of PSP Fanboy readers will not be able to use the site.

[Thanks, Joel!]

Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 12

Every Saturday, PSP Fanboy will answer your burning questions. If you have a question for the team, send an e-mail to andrew @ with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy."

Q: Is there any way to watch YouTube (or a similar website) directly on my PSP with the web browser?
A: No. Sony hinted that the functionality would arrive in a later firmware upgrade, but that hasn't happened yet. You have two options with YouTube: you can convert the videos and save them to Memory Stick, or you can use Remote Play. If it works for you, the Remote Play internet browser is able to stream Flash video to your system.

Q: Are there any free programs which can change Real media files to be played on my PSP?
A: People still use RealPlayer? The format, to my knowledge, is pretty much obsolete. You can use Media-Convert to try to use them, but remember: you can't convert DRM-protected files, nor can you convert files that have no video data in them. If your .rm file looks really tiny (just a few bytes), it won't convert.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for any good games that utilize my router?
A: The big one to get is probably Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Other candidates include SOCOM, Medal of Honor, Ratchet & Clank and Killzone: Liberation.

Horrible PSP abuse on display

YouTube is filled with people absolutely obsessed with destroying or wasting PSP systems. I guess wasting $150 is really popular with the kids these days ... especially those from the Czech Republic. A series of videos called PSP Destruction can be found on YouTube. These videos, from the "mind" of FaNitos, chronicle the adventures of masked hoodlums trying to destroy every PSP ever. They're already up to an eigth episode (shown above), showing more dedication to the system than most. What's their problem?

At least D2Stemcell won't shell out real money to destroy a PSP. His solution? Do it virtually. While he isn't wasting money, he's wasting something far more valuable: time. Time that could be better spent, y'know, playing games?

Blurry R&C video walkthrough & glitches

IGN Boards user Biozell should become a game tester. This incredible Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters fan has burst open the secrets of the game. See his high-flying acrobatics find all the Titanium Bolts in the game (helpful!). Then, check out his videos of glitches he's discovered by jumping in all the right places. Seriously: how did he find all of this stuff?

There's one unfortunate drawback to the mayhem: the videos are really, really blurry. We know that the PSP screen is hard to capture, simply because cameras don't seem to want to focus on it correctly. If you think you can handle the (very blurry) secrets of Ratchet & Clank, check out Zellhazard's YouTube page now.

Convert YouTube videos for PSP really easily

The PSP is supposed to play Flash video one of these days ... but considering Sony's slow adoption of features we really want, we wouldn't hold our breath for it. Until then, there's a ridiculously easy solution for converting videos from sites like YouTube ... and it doesn't even involve downloading any software!

1. Get the URL of the video you want.
2. Copy URL into the "FLV Online Converter" at
3. Choose "MP4 for iPod/PSP"
4. Wait for the conversion, download file, and then save it to your PSP under the "VIDEO" folder.

Does it get any easier than this? Not really. I found it to work quite quickly, with some impressive results.

[Via Zeropaid]

PS3 XMB walkthrough reveals updated Flash client for PSP

Our sister site Engadget has been giving its readers an extensive look into the upcoming PLAYSTATION 3. We've seen the sleek PSP-inspired XMB of the console before, but this goes into a lot more depth about the system's functionality. Interestingly, a Sony employee talks casually about a new Flash player in the PSP browser in a future, unreleased firmware, at around 12:20 in the video. With the firmware upgrade, PSP owners will be able to watch Flash videos used on sites like YouTube, and here at PSP Fanboy.

This makes us very happy. When this firmware upgrade happens, you'll be able to watch all the videos we put up here when you access PSP Fanboy through the PSP (via Hopefully, the PS3 launch later this month will reveal even more functionality for our system.

[Thanks, Jess!]

Video Sandwich: October 29, 2006

Zombies. Eat. Brains. This is a surprisingly well-made advertisement for Next New Networks. Too bad the actual website seems to be a work-in-progress... I'm assuming it'll offer PSP-formatted video in the future? Maybe we'll find out more soon.

This second video shows off a man in yet another love affair with his PSP. Why? Why are these people putting these up on YouTube? Why do I keep on posting them on the site? And why do you still watch them? Strange. Maybe he's just in love with the deluge of demos that came out today. Enjoy the remaining hours of your weekend, folks.

More kids break PSPs. With firecrackers. And guns.

Kids these days enjoy blowing up stuff. YouTube is filled with kids pretending to be cool by destroying things that they bought with their parents' hard-earned money. Here are two videos that act as proof that Americans really aren't the brightest people in the world. The first video features a kid blowing up Gangs of London (with firecrackers). This is somewhat forgiveable, maybe even acceptable, considering how awful that game is.

The second video truly frightens me. We've seen our share of PSPs being destroyed, but there's something truly hideous about the genuine glea these kids seem to be exhibiting. The video's after the cut, and features some harsh language.

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Grouper purchased by Sony Pictures, gives tons of videos to PSP owners

You know YouTube, right? And GameVideos? How about Grouper? I've honestly never head of them until now. The service is pretty much like every other video uploading service, except Grouper is now owned by Sony Pictures. Sony paid $65 million to own these obvious Sony fanboys (watch the video after the cut). Like Google Video, all the videos available on the site can be downloaded in PSP format, but even cooler than that, there are PSP-compatible RSS feeds, so you can have crazy viral videos, or some "sexy" videos delivered to your PSP on a daily basis. In fact, checking out the RSS feed, you'll have access to hundreds of videos on 2.80+ PSPs. It's sorta insane.

[Via DownloadSquad]

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Bravo! SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2 trailer

One of the ten upcoming PSP games of 2006, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 looks to do a lot of things right: better graphics, better maps, and a really epic trailer. This trailer has finally made its way on to YouTube after living on Sony's official site. Enjoy.

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