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Viral videos focus on Gabe Logan's moves

Gabe Logan isn't dead. Logan's Shadow, winner of PSP Fanboy's coveted Game of the Year award, is striking the internet yet again with a series of new viral videos on YouTube. They focus mostly on the various moves that Gabe can perform, but a few get very bizarre.

[Thanks, Lorderk!]

Learning from Sony's viral blog mistake

"From this point forward, we will just stick to making cool products, and use this site to give you nothing but the facts on the PSP."

These were the last words of Sony's viral-blog-gone-bad. The site is now suspiciously empty, showing how empty that apology/promise really was. Advertising Age did an interesting write-up on the whole ordeal, making note that the FTC is now taking steps to ensure that companies disclose the true nature of any viral communications they produce. The article has four things to learn from Sony's mistakes, and I found the following to be most important: "The consumer is smarter than you think, alternative marketing tactics must be genuine, authentic and in today's world, transparent." As Penny Arcade smartly noted, "The reality is that no agency can create viral marketing, this is the sole domain of the consumer."

Sony has to stop thinking we're idiots, and start treating us as educated consumers that know what we want. The homebrew community is a testament to that statement. Sony: listen to the gamers, read some PSP Fanboy and Joystiq, and figure out what we want.

[Via AdJab]

Microsoft and Sega create new deal to promote Sonic Rivals

Sega will be running a pricey viral ad campaign through Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger to promote its upcoming games: Sonic Rivals on the PSP and Sonic the Hedgehog on Xbox 360. One may notice that the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Sonic the Hedgehog is not mentioned. Just like Sonic and Silver pictured above, Sony and Microsoft are fierce rivals, and it appears that Microsoft wants no part in promoting Sony's next-gen platform. Of course, without a handheld gaming device from the Xbox folks (for now), it seems Redmond's empire is willing to litter your IM-ing experience with ads for the PSP Sonic.

Expect a full review of Sonic Rivals and a giveaway soon.

[Via Brand Republic]

Viral blog takes girl to the broken lands

Viral ads are the hottest thing in advertising right now (see examples here and here). They try to spark your interest, so that you spread the site/idea/product around to a friend, like you would a disease (like how I caught this cold!). One reader, Mike Sutter, discovered a blog called "Honey for Tango" which focuses on a girl's encounter with the paranormal. This could haven been a convincing, and interesting viral blog, but unfortunately, it seems like the reveal happened too soon: her latest entry over-enthusiastically hypes the upcoming Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony.

The game itself looks interesting, but her obviously fictional blog does a poor job of getting me excited about the game. Also, I understand the game is releasing on Halloween, but in my opinion, the blog's focus on the supernatural doesn't seem to mesh well with the fantasy environment of the game.

Sony makes you PS-pee for Gangs of London [Update 1]

Our sister site AdJab has discovered a new PSP ad. And it continues Sony's strange fascination with bathroom jokes to promote their handheld. In this ridiculous viral ad for the upcoming Gangs of London, gangs must relieve themselves in order to "mark their territory." Funny or not? You decide.

[Update 1: YouTube video was removed, so I've updated it with a new video. Also, updated AdJab link.]

Grouper purchased by Sony Pictures, gives tons of videos to PSP owners

You know YouTube, right? And GameVideos? How about Grouper? I've honestly never head of them until now. The service is pretty much like every other video uploading service, except Grouper is now owned by Sony Pictures. Sony paid $65 million to own these obvious Sony fanboys (watch the video after the cut). Like Google Video, all the videos available on the site can be downloaded in PSP format, but even cooler than that, there are PSP-compatible RSS feeds, so you can have crazy viral videos, or some "sexy" videos delivered to your PSP on a daily basis. In fact, checking out the RSS feed, you'll have access to hundreds of videos on 2.80+ PSPs. It's sorta insane.

[Via DownloadSquad]

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