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Win Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles by carving a pumpkin

Just in time for Halloween, Joystiq is having a fantastic contest where ten winners will a copy of the PSP-exclusive Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. This package contains both a full 3D remake of the never-released Rondo of Blood and an enhanced version of the PS1 classic Symphony of the Night. This one requires some creative effort, though.
  • Carve a video-game themed pumpkin.
  • Send a picture of your pumpkin, in .jpg format, to contest AAT joystiq DAWT com. (Be sure to take an additional picture with the word "joystiq" written on a piece of paper somewhere. (If you're selected as a winner, we'll ask to see this other photo to ensure that you haven't submitted someone else's carving as your own.)
  • Deadline for entries is noon Eastern Time Monday, October 29. Twenty-five (25) finalists will be selected by Joystiq staffers based equally on creativity and originality. Out of those finalists, ten (10) winners will be selected based on reader votes.
Visit Joystiq for the full details. Make PSP Fanboy proud and give us a winner!

Scared about themes? Let Joystiq be your guide

Mr Justin McElroy, resident funny man over at, has written up a very handy post which guides you through setting up themes on your PSP. In five easy steps (all ending in exclamation marks!) you will learn to download, install and then, finally, remove one of the two offending themes currently available. With more themes available in the near future, however, this is a skill you need to learn. Like driving, except you can do it while drunk.

Joystiq interview confirms Home amibitions for PSP

At E3, we had a chance to talk to SCEA Senior Vice President Philip Rosenberg and John Koller, Senior Marketing Manager of the PSP. We talked to these two Sony executives to find out more about Home, possible PSP integration with Home, the redesign, and more.

When John was asked why PSP integration with Home wasn't on display at Sony's press conference, he noted that "It's absolutely roadmapped. It's certainly on the agenda. I think the point of the cell phone was just to show you can bring other products into play. But the PSP is certainly roadmapped at this point. Like Phil was saying, it's all about bringing together the PlayStation portfolio of products together and using them the right way with Home."

Thankfully, Philip Rosenberg was able to give us a few hints at things to come. "But being able to access leaderboards, or community, or find out which of your friends are in Home, or in-game via hotspot, I think is realistic. As far as timing? I think that there's more to come."

To read the complete interview, visit Joystiq.

Is the God of War title nearly revealed?

The Island of Rhodes continues to tease us. The countdown has been extended yet again, as more and more of this mysterious God of War title gets revealed. Justin McElroy from Joystiq spent hours trying to get past that silly block-sliding puzzle hidden on the site to unearth God of War: Chains of Olymp--. There's only two days until we find out the truth, and we pray to the Gods that the full revelation will be something PSP fans can truly celebrate.

Try before you buy: Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quest is trying to do something different by combining the puzzle and RPG genres. The dangers of trying something new is that it has a high chance of failure. Luckily for those interested in Puzzle Quest, there is a PC demo online now so you can try before you buy. Much like that drug dealer that gives you your first taste free, Infinite Interactive wants you to get hooked on the demo so you rush out to purchase Puzzle Quest. Is this unique game worth your time? After trying the demo, I think this game will be a cult hit for sure. Giving purpose and story to a puzzle game definitely adds to the experience and the art is well done. But luckily for you, the demo will allow you to make up your own mind. What do you think of Puzzle Quest?

[Via Joystiq]

[Update 2: Provided direct link to demo.]
[Update 1: Corrected formatting.]

GDC 07: DJ Max Portable 2 impressions

Joystiq's Jared Rea loves the Korean import music game DJ Max Portable, calling it "the best handheld game ever". We were both colored quite surprised when we found the game on the GDC show floor: was it a confirmation of an impending US release? Certainly, the gameplay is accessible, regardless of language. Heck, the game has always been in English. A Sony representative wasn't able to confirm a US release, saying they simply "haven't announced anything yet." Watch this video of Jared's expert play. I have to say I was quite impressed, as were the dozens of people that stopped behind us to watch. DJ Max Portable will be available for importers by the end of the month.

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Look out! It's Godzilla!

Daddy Joystiq is reporting that Atari is reviving Godzilla for the PSP (among other systems). Godzilla Unleashed is being created by Pipeworks Software who also worked on the previous Godzilla games, so they know a thing or two about the giant lizard. If you haven't played a Godzilla game before, they're basically what you think they'd be, an all out monster fighting game.

Pipeworks is saying that Godzilla Unleashed's single-player will group the monsters from the history of the film series into four factions that will each have their own narrative path. The cities will feature destructable buildings, so that even when you aren't hitting a monster, you're still destroying something.

I think it's great to have a new Godzilla game on PSP, but am I the only one that would love to see a War of the Monsters sequel on PSP?

UFC pounding onto PSP

The first UFC game for Dreamcast really did something different with the fighting genre. It felt like a very violent game of chess and always kept you on your nerves. The license really lost steam as time went on though and eventually UFC games stopped being made all together. Now that the UFC is more popular than ever, THQ has decided to bring the octagon back to gamers.

Joystiq has an article about the deal up, but let me quote the important part for PSP gamers: "The agreement will span all console and portable systems..." They didn't announce if one developer was handling all versions (which is unlikely) or if a different developer would work on each version. Judging from the huge stable of studios that work with THQ though, it's likely each platform will be a concentrated effort.

For more, read the original article at Joystiq. Or you can find out why THQ bathes in money.

First look at upcoming Tekken fan film

Chances are, you probably won't find this upcoming fan-made film adaptation of Tekken to be as titilating as Maxim's Tekken girls photo shoot. This impressive-looking fan effort, entitled Tekken: King of Iron Fist, will feature some pretty accurate cosplaying, mixed with some action sequences. From the looks of things, this may be better than "official" Ewe Boll-produced film massacres.

[Via Gamespot]

Dueling Analog is, like, the best webcomic, ever

An overly enthusiastic shout-out goes to Dueling Analogs. They've been reading PSP Fanboy, and they linked to us! Their latest comic discusses the internet's bashing of the PSP, and how the mean things that people say come out of paternal love more than anything else.

Steve, writer of the comic, wrote in his most recent blog post: "Now for the record, I think the PSP is a good system... I just think its made bad mistakes. My main gripe is that the games are not designed for portable, but for console play."

You're right Steve, too many of the older PSP games didn't take advantage of the console's portability. Of course, some of us want console-quality on the go, and the PSP does a good job of appealing to that niche. With shortening load times, and better game design, I think the current and upcoming PSP library will make more uniquely portable experiences for our handheld. Thanks for the mention!

Lumines II website opens, links to PSP Fanboy

We at PSP Fanboy love Lumines... and apparantly, the people of Lumines love us right back! The official website just launched, and within the slick-looking interface, you'll see upcoming competitions, a wallpaper creator, and more. It appears the site will expand over time, to include a blog, a "music hub" and more. Most excitingly, if you check out the Links section (click the green box), you'll see that Joystiq and PSP Fanboy are listed in their Links section! A mere mortal like me feels honored.

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Dueling Analog's Loco Roco comic

Yet another Loco Roco comic was discovered by Joystiq's Weekly Webcomic Wrapup. From the fine folks of Dueling Analogs, it goes into detail about the eating disorder our poor blubbery friend may have. Is it as effective as Penny Arcade's comic from a few months ago? I'd say no, but you can be the judge.

See also:
Paperweights for no man!

[Via Joystiq]

Absolutely brutal banned PSP ad

This can not be real. PSP ads have been terrible for the most part, but this takes it one step further into the "what the f--- were they thinking?" category. The video is embeeded after the cut, but I'll have a FOX-like warning for you: Due to the violent nature of this advertisement, viewer discretion is advised.

See also:
ASA rules UK PSP ads inoffensive

Continue reading Absolutely brutal banned PSP ad

Exclusive: Heavenly Star fan pack

As you may already know, Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi has made a music video for the upcoming video-infused Lumines II. The catchy tune by Genki Rockets has been stuck in my head for the past few days, and I decided to share the love through this exclusive Heavenly Star fan pack. Included in this zip file are 20 PSP-formatted wallpapers, the song as an MP3 and a PSP-formatted version of the music video.

"While most of my creative energy has been devoted to video games, because music plays such an important role in them, it seemed ideal to create an original music video," Mizuguchi stated about his original creation. Lumines II hits stores on November 7th.


PSP gains touch screen support

People that try to avoid the flame war between the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP always jump to one conclusion: both are great systems, each with their unique capabilities... But it looks like the 0x89 development team is trying to blur the lines between the two systems by giving the PSP touch screen support. What?! In quite possibly the most ambitious homebrew modification to date, the team will allow you to attach a device to the PSP's USB connection and control the XMB and specially programmed homebrew applications. PSPTouchMe as it's called will not only give you touch screen capabilities, but it'll provide a new, completely customizable XMB that's far more flexible than Sony's official one. Look at their video support: avi, mpeg, mpeg4, wmv, avc, pmp. Most impressive.

I wish the best of luck to the programmers: it'll be a truly amazing feat if they can pull this. If they're able to complete this project, tons of PSP owners will be able to understand that touching is good.

PSP Hacks]

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