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Sony Europe releases new PSP ad, head scratching ensues

All right, we admit, Sony Europe has the most insane and off-the-wall ideas when it comes to advertising. This latest advertisement for our lovely PSP shows a man and woman pulling, stretching, snapping, and popping each other's faces while talking about ... well, we weren't really paying attention because this is just ridiculous. We imagine it had to do with the features of the PSP, all with sexy British accents!

[via DCemu]

New PSP ad highlights features in familiar way

Man, we remember this ad campaign from the PSP's launch, nearly three years ago. A new ad has been created, to highlight the incredible things that PSP can do now. A few years into the life cycle, PSP can do things it couldn't possibly dream to do at launch. Now, it can connect to the PS3, get free wi-fi from T-Mobile hotspots, and more. Check out this stylish and well-crafted ad.

Japan's 1seg advertisement

Here's yet another international PSP commercial. This time, we're taking a look at the 1seg device, a handy peripheral which allows Japanese PSP owners to access digital television signals over the air. Unfortunately, 1seg isn't available in America, and the likelihood of us seeing something similar is zero. At least we have the PlayStation Store, right? Wait a minute ...

Video: the PSP does a lot of stuff

It seems like Sony is trying to re-educate people on the incredible variety of things that PSP can do. This video, for European audiences, painstakingly uses stop-motion photography to explain all the capabilities of the PSP. It's a bit long, but at least it looks cool.

Reading "The Divine Comedy" ... or playing PSP?

This is certainly one of the most interesting marketing campaigns we've seen in some time. Sony's Italian division has been distributing fake hands that appear to be holding a copy of The Divine Comedy. However, when one flips the fake hands around, one can see instructions on how to play a PSP in class, while looking like a diligent student. We doubt the ploy will work too well ... but it's great to see Sony come up with an ingenious way of promoting PSP play amongst the younger crowd.

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Burnout Dominator advertisement causes controversy

Seriously, you call this violent?
Are people becoming increasingly fearful of the media? It appears so, as an advertisement for Burnout Dominator was deemed too "violent" for the common public to view. In EA's ad for its PS2/PSP racer, an image of a burning car can be seen, with a tag line: "Inner peace through outer violence."

The Advertising Standards Authority commented that "we considered that the images of a car that seemed to have crashed at high speed and a burning tyre, together with a reference to violence, could be seen to condone a violent lifestyle, anti-social behaviour or dangerous driving. We concluded that the ad was irresponsible."

Excuse me? There are far more grotesque and irresponsible advertisements in the media -- why focus on this one? While we understand the effects of advertising are intended to be influential, we highly doubt people will start driving like a Burnout maniac in real life due to this image.

[Via Next-Gen]

All the "Dude, Get Your Own" ads for download

You've seen one ... now see them all! All seven of the "Dude, Get Your Own" ads are now available for download. They all take place in an airplane with an annoying passenger from hell. Check them out:

Air Hair - Watch | Download for PSP
Belt Check - Watch | Download for PSP
Cheat Code - Watch
Departure - Watch | Download for PSP
Hotel Homies - Watch | Download for PSP
Movie Killer - Watch | Download for PSP
Potty Humor - Watch | Download for PSP

Pussy versus willow, the latest PSP ad

I hope you didn't get the wrong idea. Sony's latest ad continues to promote the PSP's unique capabilities in strange ways. In the same vein as the love-it-or-hate-it dustball commercials, these plants solemnly contemplate battling over PSP's wi-fi connection. Because as you know, PSP: it's like a lilypad with wi-fi.

[Via IGN]

Video Sandwich: November 26, 2006

Here are two of Sony's arguably biggest products hitting the PSP this year. First, you see the amazing Tales of the World commercial. It's only 15 second long, and shows mostly anime sequences. But what I see here is good.

Next, you see an insanely long demonstration of Chotto Shot, the PSP camera software suite. Like Hikaru Utada, it's very Japanesey, featuring a cute Japanese couple getting all lovey dovey over the device. Who knows? Maybe with Chotto Shot, you too can score yourself a Japanese girl or boyfriend!

Video Sandwich: October 17, 2006

It's been a while. It's time for another Video Sandwich. We love looking at PSP ads here, and I would have to say that this "viral" ad is pretty effective. It tells you that you can play your PSP anywhere, any place... but would the PSP function in a low-grav, no-oxygen environment? Something tells me no. MISLEADING AD!!! (Okay, maybe it's just puffery.)

Below, you'll see a fan-made parody of one of the earliest PSP ads: you know, the ones where they threw them around, from friend to friend. I was always horrified by that ad, just because I asked: what would you do if you dropped it??? That's $250 down the drain! Well, thankfully, these kids find out so you don't have to.

Happy happy old Japanese McDonald's ads

I'd like to end your evening with absolutely terrifying footage from GameVideos. These McDonald's ads from the PS1 era feature your favorite Ape Escape and PaRappa characters, dancing and singing. AND EVERYTHING IS SO HAPPY!!! Maybe Sony isn't as "t3h m4tur3!!!1" as we thought it was.

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Absolutely brutal banned PSP ad

This can not be real. PSP ads have been terrible for the most part, but this takes it one step further into the "what the f--- were they thinking?" category. The video is embeeded after the cut, but I'll have a FOX-like warning for you: Due to the violent nature of this advertisement, viewer discretion is advised.

See also:
ASA rules UK PSP ads inoffensive

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Video Sandwich: September 29, 2006

This is, like totally the most EXTREME version of the Video Sandwich, dude! In our first video, you see a skateboarder pulling off a trick with his PSP while boarding. You don't ever see Tony Hawk doing that these days. Pretty cool, huh?

The bottom video features yet another one of the hilarious "Let Tekken Decide" advertisements. After seeing it, you'll be one of the few on this planet that can confidentally say you've seen an Asian pimp send someone to an alligator pit-of-doom. And that's an accomplishment, right?

See also:
Don't get mad! Get even with Tekken

Rewind! Passport's new ad

The Passport guides are supposed to help you find the coolest things to do in major cities around the world. It hasn't gotten great reviews, but maybe this surprisingly classy (and romantic) advertisement will be able to convince the masses to pick one up. The ad sure beats the heck out of all those other European PSP ads.

Your feet do the talking in Sony's latest ad

Sony's ads just keep on getting weirder. Here's one for the PSP that involves sign language... for the feet. What could this possibly mean? Maybe it means your hands are too pre-occupied playing that your feet must do the talking... OR maybe Sony's working on a new DDR pad for the PSP!

[Via AdJab]

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