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PSP Fanboy review: Work Time Fun

WTF, or Work Time Fun, is an enjoyable, but ultimately flawed, game. The title encapsulates the spirit of the game incredibly well: it's quirky and filled with a dark humor that some may find a bit too vulgar or violent to appreciate. Those that watch you play the game will have no choice but to ask WTF? as they see you participating in a variety of games, from the insane to the inane. A collection of approximately 40 mini-games can be unlocked in the game's unique format. You'll only have four games to start, but as you play those games, you'll earn money that allows you to unlock even more games. While the presentation is unique, and executed very well, it's also one of the greatest flaws of the game. Progressing in the game can sometimes feel less like fun and more like work.

Continuing reading to see the final verdict.

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Winning the fortune: WTF contest results

A few weeks ago, PSP Fanboy hit our 1000th post, and we celebrated by throwing a contest for you. We asked you to write a new meaning for the acronym WTF in preparation of the upcoming PSP-exclusive game Work Time Fun. We got our magical hat of randomness and chose one of you to win the game for free. And the winner is...

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WTF?! PSP Fanboy's 1000th Post!

It's been a long time since PSP Fanboy opened its doors and said "Hello World!" In fact, it's been one thousand posts since that time.
Here are some of the more memorable moments in the past one thousand posts:
Hope you enjoyed our little retrospective look at the site. To bribe you to keep on coming back thank you for being such a loyal reader, we're giving away a free copy of the upcoming PSP game WTF. The game features tons of zany mini-games, and includes Game Sharing so you can play with your friends.

To win your copy of WTF, think of a new meaning for the acronym. The PSP game stands for Work Time Fun. Try to think of a new, funny meaning for it (besides the obvious one).
For example: Wax That Fanny, Women Touching Franks, Wank The Ferret, etc.

Post a comment with your idea, and we'll choose one random person to get the game. The winner will receive their prize after 9/26/06. Contest ends on 9/12/06.
Thanks, D3 Publisher!

WTF? A free shirt

WTF? You don't know about this game? Then check out (awesome URL) to get a free WTF shirt. It looks pretty cool, and will definately grab people's attention. It's sure to look nice in your wardrobe, next to your Loco Roco shirt.

[Via 1UP Boards]

IGN toys with WTF's multiplayer games

IGN toys with WTF's multiplayer games
One of the reasons for the DS' amazing popularity is arguably its great lineup of quirky, yet amazingly fun titles. The PSP really hasn't had a lot of those, that is until WTF (Work Time Fun), is released. For those who don't know, WTF is much like Nintendo's Wario Ware franchise - full of short mini-games that test your reaction time, math skills and precision.

But what sets WTF apart from some of the games that came before it is the game has great Adhoc multi-player features, and IGN's Jeff Haynes recently stopped by D3Publisher of America's office to try them out.

How the Adhoc mode will work is players will enter into the Hell Cantina, one player will select "hiring job" (or set up a multi-player match) while another player selects "apply for a job" (or join a multi-player match). Then, players will be able to select from one of five different games. IGN played the following games:
  • Cliff Race 2000 - Players are on a cliff and try to get as close to the edge without falling off;
  • Copycat 2 - Players play a burping Simon Says game; and
  • Lumberjack Challenge - Players try to cut logs without chopping animals that are sitting on top.
Sadly, it doesn't look like the game will feature an online mode, but if the game is as good as it looks, I won't complain. I'm sure Work Time Fun will have plenty of WTF moments, and for that, I'm extremely happy. Look for the game to be released Sept. 26.

(Via IGN)

WTF fun in English

WTF, the darker, more sinister Wario Ware-ripoff, is heading to the states in September. The original called Baito Hell was fairly Japanese (read: crazy), but how does the English translation of the game fare? According to Gamespot, pretty well. Their description of the game sounds a bit too much like my life: "From chopping wood to performing contract killings to trying to get a girl's phone number, WTF ostensibly has it all..."

Check out Gamespot for some new videos from the American version of the game.

WTF?! Baito Hell 2000 renamed for US

For those individuals who think sailors don't live up to their reputation enough, "WTF" is about as common in their vocabulary as "the". Our less profane readers, however, will find that WTF is finally about as easy to pronounce as "Golly shucks, Grandma! Can I have another piece of apple pie? I love them ever so much!" The mini-game centric title Baito Hell 2000, a game that had originally gotten some flak for looking like a knock-off of WarioWare but evolved into something far more demented, will get a name change when it hits the US this year. Now called Work Time Fun, IGN's preview reveals that the game will feature, in addition to the core set of mini-games, a collection of "tools" (ramen timer, anyone?), more than 40 additional unlockable mini-games, and ad-hoc multiplayer.

The challenge we forsee will be in how the game will be localized to make it palatable to non-Japanese gamers. Then again, it's not like we really care so long as we have a blast, right?

Baito Hell 2000 reviewed

Hell as gone and puked all over the PSP, so suggests this review of the currently Japan-only Baito Hell 2000, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on what your sense of humor is like. The game, which was thought of as conceptually similar to Nintendo's Wario Ware Inc. line of games back when it was first revealed, brandishes a darker streak than its more tongue-in-cheek rival, but it also perhaps sacrifices a bit of enjoyability due to its cynicism. Baito Hell 2000 apparently takes the idea of doing tedious part-time work and tries to make a game out of it, which doesn't always work out. The lack of English translations unfortunately don't make this very import-friendly either.

There's still some room for the possibility that a more localized version for US or Europe may come into being, but as for the game in its current state, Wario can rest assured that his position on top of the manic mini-games heap still remains unchallenged.

[Thanks, Tim]

Byte Hell 2000 preview

GameSpot got their hands on a working copy (and judging from their journalistic track record, one that isn't a hacked or pirated version) of the controversial Japanese-only title Byte Hell 2000. Originally accused of being a Warioware clone, the preview states that the game possesses its own unique brand of wicked humor, which is encouragement that only augments the game's addictive quality. While there are no plans to release the game outside of Japan for now, we know from games like Katamari Damacy that there's always a chance we could see an English version hit US, and also quite possibly European, shores in the future. Keep your fingers crossed!

[image via GameSpot]

[UPDATE:] If you're in the mood for some partially naughty pictures of girls with PSP in the throes of promoting the release of Byte Hell 2000 in Japan, look no further than at this relatively safe for work link from Joystiq.

Byte Hell 2000 preview; no perscription required

As a big fan of Nintendo's Warioware line of games, let me be the first to say booyeah to these previews of Byte Hell 2000, Sony's frenetic answer to the Big N's maniacal menagerie of minigames. I admit I didn't much like it when Sony looked like they were outrightly slamming their collective fists into Nintendo's groin by depicting a coked-up Mario and Luigi in the first few screenies of the game (which is known by the more phonetically-challenged moniker Baito Hell 2000 in Japan), but thankfully Sony decided to get that bad mojo out of their system and concentrate on making a game that looks like it could be a fun departure for the PSP.

The preview trailer shows a wide, eclectic range of minigames, although it doesn't directly reveal any modes or encompassing storyline (my Japanese is, how you say, non-existent). If I had to guess, a horned games master guides you through the games in what probably could be another you-against-the-world bid for survival. You win by doing tasks like assorting chicks in bins, playing quick rounds of baseball, or smashing teacups with your bare fists. Let me know when this stuff starts to make sense.

Byte Hell 2000 is slated to hit Japanese retailers this December 22. Plans for the game to make the leap to PSPs in America and Europe have not been announced, if at all.

[Thanks, Timmeh]

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