Cinematical has all your Oscar winners! White PSP heading to UK next week

The PSP Slim & Lite has been reliably mysterious. Sony, in all of its territories, has done a fantastic job of keeping everyone in the dark of when their systems are going to come out. Case in point: the white PSP-2000. Well, retailer has listed a release date for the white non-Darth Vader system: October 26th.

It's the first time we've heard of a release date for the system. The system should satiate those that have been patiently waiting for a non-black (or silver!) system in the territory.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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10-18-2007 @ 7:06PM

Bored said...

Just a small correction: ever since the Slim launched in Europe, we've always had two colors to choose from: Black and Silver. No bundles though.


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10-18-2007 @ 9:25PM

pjak said...

YES - I've been waiting for this...according to news, Slim White and Black were meant to be released together but it never happened!


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10-19-2007 @ 1:48AM

daniel-kun said...

And additionally to Bored, IMHO the silver PSP looks like a cheap rip-off. Dunno why, but it doesn't REMOTELY look as good as the black or white ones, it just looks cheap.


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Warner Young4

10-19-2007 @ 4:39AM

Warner Young said...

Has there been ANY news at all on when we'll get this (or any non-black one) here in the US? That is, by itself and not in a bundle?


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10-19-2007 @ 4:20PM

indianabrave said...

Ive only seen the black one in Scotland, ive never seen a silver one. What I really want to know though is when the Simpsons ltd ed psp is coming out. Im a girlie and i so want that yellow psp! will it def be coming to scotland?


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10-19-2007 @ 4:48PM

Hirsbrunner said...

I have been waiting for an all-white, non-Vader PSP.

Looks like my wait is finally coming to an end.

Good news!


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10-20-2007 @ 3:59AM

simon said...

uhh.. In Australia we've had both black and white PSP slim core packs since they came out.


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