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SOCOM Week: Turning game journalists into SEALs

Is there any better way to explain how a SOCOM game works than throwing games journalists into a battle scenario? That's exactly what Sony did at its recent Media Day event. Various journalists were given gear, a crash course on military tactics, and thrown into a simulated gunfight against real NAVY SEALs. We talked to a few journalists that attended the event to learn about what they experienced, and how it affected their view of SOCOM: Tactical Strike.

"Attending the recent SCEA Media event was (initially) rather horrifying for me, since finding out that a pack of game journalists would be training alongside actual Navy SEALs is quite possibly the most surreal discovery imaginable. However, much to my surprise, Navy SEALs can be extremely considerate and understanding, and we had a great time. Participating in an Airsoft course under the supervision of a SEAL was an experience to remember, and I sincerely enjoyed being scolded at for loading the magazine of my weapon too early. Honestly, how many non-military personnel can say that they've been cursed out by a drill sergeant? I can. And it was rad."
Ryan Clements, IGN PSP

"The whole experience at Redlands was amazing! Sony, the Navy SEALs, and Slant Six did an excellent job of getting the journalists into the game in more ways I could have ever imagined. By participating in the scenarios where we had to suit up and act like an actual SEALs unit, we had a better understanding of the importance of team play and the direction the game was heading into. We also found out that journalists aren't soldiers and getting shot at is scary!"
Mark Julio, High-Score Online

"The thing is, clearing rooms, rescuing hostages, maintaining fields of fire to support fellow squad members ... all of this seems like playtime to the average gamer (and, by association, the average gaming journalist). In a certain sense of course, it is. Look at S.W.A.T. 4 or Rainbow Six or ... well... SOCOM! The pleasure we get from playing these squad-based tactical games comes from the combined thrill of action-packed gunplay and strategic team management.

That said, being put through an immensely toned-down version of real special ops warfare under the direct supervision of Navy SEALs is a humbling experience. They were kind as we finished the course, giving us words of encouragement and telling us what great jobs we did. But it must've looked like the opening set for amateur hour when we all stepped out there."
Adam Rosenberg, UGO

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