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LocoRoco review on Gamespot [Update 1]

It's pretty obvious that we at the Fanboy really want Loco Roco. When Gamespot wrote one of their first previews of the game, we knew that Loco Roco and our PSPs might become more than just friends. I mean, who would be able to turn down its good looks, originality, and smooth controls? Well, the game's available in Europe and Japan, leaving us American gamers starved for more info. Thankfully, Gamespot has just posted their review of the UK version of Loco Roco.

Jeff Gertsmann tells us what we already know: it looks really good, and it has great art direction. However, according to Mr. Gertsmann, it is "singularly focused." Meaning: it doesn't offer much variety. He goes on to give the game a 7.7, which isn't a bad score at all. In fact, it still falls within the high end of the "Good" scale. But for gamers that need higher scores to justify purchases, don't forget to look at the game's other reviews. Apparently, Gamespot is out of line with the other (European) critics: the game currently has an 83 average score from critics, and a whopping 9.7 from users. In the end, regardless of all this number crunching, it seems like Loco Roco is a winner.

[Update 1: According to Joystiq, it appears that the Gamespot review has disappeared. However, you can check out their Metareview feature to look at some more reviews.]

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7-14-2006 @ 10:50AM

Hoffer said...

I watched a video off IGN or Gamespot about this game. I thought it looked really cool. I have yet to buy a PSP, because there isn't one game on the system I want to play. There are some games that look interesting, but I've played them on the PS2. LocoRoco may finally get me to pick up a PSP.


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7-14-2006 @ 11:24AM

Tiago said...

This is the one game that made me proud to be a PSP owner. I hope many will follow.

PSP owners are sick of dumb hastily made ports.

We want exclusives that'll shine on the PSP and we want them now!


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Silver R. Wolfe3

7-14-2006 @ 1:48PM

Silver R. Wolfe said...

The score that the likes of Gamespot gave Loco Roco was expected. Critically speaking, the game is very repetitive, so they have to judge that.

I mean Katamari only got a 8.7, and that's because it was a trend breaker. It did something completely different and fresh.

Users will eat up Loco Roco though, as all those yellow globules look like they taste very nummy.


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7-31-2006 @ 12:59PM

pixelator said...

Simple and repetitive could be a critique of just about every big-name DS game out there.

Some of the GS editors just like to torpedo big-hype PSP games - end of story. Not the first time.


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7-31-2006 @ 4:16PM

-=| said...

Heh. Pixelator with a star. Guess attacking bloggers and commentators at every opportunity wins you that?
"PSP Hateboys" Lullz


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7-31-2006 @ 5:08PM

pixelator said...

I do rag PSP bashers and the bloggers focusing primarily on negatives, yes. Why, are you star-crossed? ;)

Fortunately, fresh blood here has helped - while good new games and other news is quieting some of the more hysterical bashers/haters.

Call me optimistic... But just maybe with the demise of the E3 mentality (see today's news), people will not put so much stock in image, sales conjecture and media hype -- and start paying more attention to the real-world ownership experience of these systems.


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7-31-2006 @ 6:29PM

ZENegade said...

Personally, I find LocoRoco to be a great game and a refreshingly new and quirky title to hit the PSP. I have beaten the demo over and over, conked every Moja (minus the one on that big slide up to the trampolines), and done it all in under 7 minutes. I will definitely get one the week it comes out and I know it will be a valuable addition to my PSP collection.



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