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ESRB lists potential upcoming PS1 downloads

Reader Matt G. sent in a tip, detailing a number of PS1 titles rated by the ESRB that have yet to be released on PSP/PS3. These downloadable classics should arrive on the PSN some time in the future -- but when?
  • Wipeout XL (E)
  • Jet Moto 3 (E)
  • Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (E)
  • Buster Bros. Collection (E)
  • Street Fighter Alpha (T) -- previously discovered, not released
  • Rayman (E)
  • Castlevania Chronicles (T) -- previously discovered, not released
SCEA has been slow to make PS1 classics available on the PS Store. We're eagerly awaiting a version of Puzzle Fighter we can take on the go.

European PC Store updates for February 21st

Small update today, but not necessarily a bad one if you're a fan of WipEout Pulse. The third add-on pack for the game is now available. When will these packs stop coming? Good question. Next week is the final update. Here's the full release list:
This week's add-on pack adds another ship to your repertoire as well as two new tracks. Not bad for three quid. We're sad to see that there are no PS1 games or demos this week. Maybe something interesting will hit the American store later today. We'll keep you informed.

PSP Fanboy review: Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pure remains, to this day, one of the top rated PSP games of all time. And for good reason, too. When it debuted with the PSP launch, it delivered unparalleled graphics, tons of content, and a huge assortment of downloadable content that made Pure a great value for any racing fan.

Nearly three years later, Studio Liverpool finally returns to PSP with the next installment of the Wipeout franchise. Wipeout Pulse attempts to do the impossible: improve upon the formula they created with Pure. Undeniably, they have succeeded.

Gallery: Wipeout Pulse

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First DLC appears for Wipeout Pulse [Update]

Fans who enjoyed Wipeout Pure's free DLC are going to be very disappointed by this new. The first DLC for Wipeout Pulse has appeared on the UK PLAYSTATION Store ... at a cost of £3.49. The "Mirage Pack" includes a brand new team, and two new tracks (and their Zone variations). Update: Future packs have been unearthed on the official Wipeout website. They each include two tracks and one new team.

Pulse is a fantastic game, and we don't mind having to pay for more of it. However, is £3.49 a bit too much for you? How much will DLC cost when the game launches in America in a week?

Also available on the UK Store: Fade to Black (PS1), Theme Hospital (PS1), Motorhead (PS1)

[Thanks, Forgot69!]

First-person Wipeout will make you lose your lunch

Be warned, Wipeout Pulse can, and will, get dangerously fast. The speeds of Phantom and Zone are mind-shattering (could this iteration outdo every previous game in the series?). However, to really understand how exhilaratingly fast the game moves, one has to play in first person. Only then, will you really feel like you'll lose your lunch. Catch more videos, after the cut.

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Feel the Pulse, the WipEout Pulse

If you read our hands-on impressions, you'd know that we're in love with WipEout Pulse. Looks like IGN is quite enamored too -- and they have videos to show you. Unfortunately, these videos don't quite capture how intense the game really feels when it's in your hands. The silky smooth framerate adds a lot to the experience. New modes, like Elimination (our favorite), are a welcome addition to the franchise. And, the experience "loyalty" points you get after each race has us trying to grind for more unlockables. It's just a better game than Pure, and that's saying a lot.

Check out all of IGN's videos here.

Wipeout Pulse demo to hit PC Store today

It's Thursday. You know what that means. The PC PLAYSTATION Store will be updated later today, and it looks to carry a nice treat. A downloadable demo of Wipeout Pulse will be available on the Store -- at least in Europe. According to Eurogamer, players can expect one track and one team from the FX400 League, playable in either Single Race or Time Trial modes.

Stay tuned for today's PSN updates to see if this exciting demo makes it way to our neck of the woods.

Gallery: Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pulse website opens with skin editor

For those of you lucky enough to enjoy Wipeout Pulse right now, you may want to pay attention. The official Wipeout website has opened, and it features a skin editor so you can create your very own ship designs and import them into the game. You'll need a PLAYSTATION Network ID in order to get started.

We're going to join the others that are going to play with this fun new tool -- even though we don't have the game yet! We're confident that a lot of PSP Fanboys are going to do the same.

[Via NeoGAF]

Wipeout Pulse screens showcase the beauty of speed

Click for full-resolution image.

Sony's been focusing a great deal on their upcoming early 2008 line-up today. Joining God of War: Chains of Olympus is another heavy-hitter for the system: Wipeout Pulse. Out friends in the UK will be able to enjoy Studio Liverpool's latest this week, but the rest of us will have to wait until early next year to get our hands on this futuristic racer.

With full support for Infrastructure multiplayer, Pulse is looking like more than a worthy follow-up to Pure (which remains, to this day, one of the best games on the system). Check out the new screenshots below:

Gallery: Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pulse videos are so much better than screenshots

If a picture can say a thousand words, what does a video say? Jeuxvideo has some incredible new videos of the game in motion, and it's clear how the visuals have been improved. The new lighting, the new HUD all look quite sexy. Add Infrastructure support, and you have a worthy successor to the already-incredible Wipeout Pure.

Check out another video at Jeuxvideo.

PSP Fanboy review: Wipeout Pure

Nearly three years since the game was first released at the PSP launch, Wipeout Pure makes yet another debut. This time, it's downloadable on the PLAYSTATION Store for a mere $15. Even with its age, Pure remains one of the best games on the system, thanks to its great level designs, fantastic music, balanced weapons system, and tight controls. By going downloadable, the game has also shed most of its load times, making this re-release of Pure the best Wipeout to date.

Wipeout is instantly recognizable to any fan of futuristic racing. It's gone through many changes since the original PS1 title, and Pure is easily the most refined game in the series so far. It's no surprise you'll be rushing through futuristic environments in a race to the goal. However, what you can do while on the tracks is what makes Wipeout so appealing. The weapons system in Pure is the best the franchise has offered. The varied effects of each weapon are devastating, but not overly so to make the game too combat-heavy. Targeting is much more intuitive than it ever has before, and players will find themselves scoring more hits than ever. Players must constantly watch out for their ship health, and this is one of Pure's most clever design choices: allowing players to absorb weapons to regain health. Instead of using a rocket, for example, you can absorb it and gain some of your health back. This forces players to think about their priorities every time they receive a weapon: to use, to save or to absorb?

Gallery: Wipeout Pure

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Retro Review: Wipeout

Price: $5.99
Original Release Date: November 21, 1995

There's very little reason to pick up Wipeout from the PS Store, especially with Wipeout Pure already available on the console (at a budget price as well!). Regardless, the original PlayStation Wipeout still manages to entertain, withstanding the test of time. The presentation is certainly not as sleek as that found in Pure, but the easy-to-navigate menus and brisk load times (when disc acceleration is used) are quite appreciated. The game has aged well visually: the framerate is smooth and the art style does a lot to compensate for the lack of polygons. The draw distance might not be what players expect from a modern game, and in a game that moves this quickly, that can be a problem. On both the PSP and PS3, the game still looks quite nice, with the PS3's upscaling doing a miraculous job.

The controls are a bit too loose in this first iteration of the franchise, and hitting walls is unforgiving. However, with a pretty undemanding AI to compete against, the only racer you should really consider is yourself. That's a shame, considering it makes the plethora of weapons rather useless.

Ultimately, the game's true shortcoming is well ... how short it is. With so few tracks and ships to choose from, one can't help but think that $6 is the absolute most you should pay for this trip down memory lane. A solid game -- but there's far better options (at least for PSP owners).
Retro Review: 6.5

A teeny tiny Wipeout Pulse trailer

The original PSP Wipeout Pure remains one of the best games on the system, and Pulse looks to improve upon an already impressive foundation. This new trailer is unfortunately sized for this web window. However, go to GameTrailers, download the HD version and you'll see the game in the full visual splendor it deserves.

[Thanks, Hashbrown_Hunter!]

Tons of new Wipeout Pulse screenshots

The problem with Wipeout Pulse screenshots is that they always fail to capture the true beauty of the game. Here's a helpful ProTip: imagine this scene above, but sixty times a second. The upcoming PSP sequel adds Infrastructure mode, 60 fps rendering, and even prettier graphics. With a slew of downloadable content also in the works, Pulse may keep you glued to your PSP all winter long.

Gallery: Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pulse site opens, showcases four game expansions

The Wipeout Pulse European website is open, and it is filled with a ton of goodies to download, such as screensavers (for both Mac and PC) and wallpapers (for your PSP and computer). Most exciting are the placeholders for the upcoming game's expansion packs. There are four packs planned, it appears, all adding new tracks to what looks like an already-impressive game.

[Thanks, Damian!]

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