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Space Invaders invade through the ears with new headphones

There are already so many Space Invader Extreme products out there and now we're getting some Space Invader headphones. No doubt to coincide with the release of the new game (out now) and the 30th year anniversary, this headphone set is really pimping out the little alien creatures that sway side to side. Offered by online retailer NCSX, the headphones go for about $20. Worth it? Maybe -- if you don't already have a pair, or just a really huge Space Invaders fan.

[Via Kotaku]

Even the Space Invaders Extreme site is ... extreme

The official website of Taito's upcoming PSP Space Invaders Extreme has gone live, and it does justice to the game's namesake. The site proudly proclaims that "Space Invaders is cool again!" And if you've tried the demo, you'll understand that Extreme really does make this arcade classic rather hypnotically alluring. Check out the official site to get a feel for the game's new style, and check out the budget ($20) release when it launches in two weeks.

Space invaders hijack our gallery, PAL invasion set for July

Look out! There are more goofy looking aliens coming our way. In fact, they've invaded our image gallery and have holed up inside. So head on over there and have a look at these space visitors, study their formations, and then prepare for the real battle ahead.

When will the invasion begin? Our intelligence bureau has pinpointed that the aliens will strike on June 17 in North America. A systematical follow-up attack will commence in Europe and other PAL territories on July 4. Space Invaders Extreme is going worldwide ... it'll be the end of us all.

Gallery: Space Invaders Extreme

Extreme trailer for Space Invaders Extreme

This trailer for the upcoming Space Invaders Extreme shows off all that re-invented gameplay and new visual style we've been touting about. The trailer music is also infectiously delightful, so make sure you check out the vid to witness the game's sights and sounds.

Celebrating 30 years of invasion, Taito has really done quite well tweaking the classic without changing the original formula too much. This makes us extremely excited to shoot down some multi-colored aliens and defend the home planet. Luckily, we won't have to wait too long; the game will be out in just about a month's time: June 17.

Space Invaders goes Extreme in June

Ever wonder how the classic Space Invaders could make a return? Make it faster, brighter, and add the word Extreme to it. Yep, Space Invaders Extreme is slated to hit the PSP on June 17, 2008. Taito has given us a list of features for the game, which should excite those who remember playing the original just to see how far it's evolved.

The design is the same, but with revamped graphics and new background movies, while up-beat techno music plays in synch with the gameplay. In the middle of the normal game, mini-games might launch that allow you to rack up the points, though what sorts of mini-games are available aren't described. Also vaguely introduced are new "twists" that add to the new faster pace of play. A multi-player element is available as well. If you're into these old-school revivals, this one might be worth a look.

Celebrate 30 years of Space Invaders with snuggle pillows

Has it already been 30 years since Space Invaders first conquered the hearts of gamers everywhere? It seems like such a long time ago. We're happy though, make no mistake. We want to get in on the celebration, and one way that we can is with these Space Invader pillows.

These little 45 cm pillows are priced at $29.90 each at NCSX. They should be available by mid-late July; that's probably right in line with Europe's summer release of Space Invaders Extreme.

[Via DS Fanboy]

Space Invaders Extreme hits Europe this summer

Aliens from outer space are set to invade Europe sometime this Summer. Well, not real aliens, but Space Invaders Extreme aliens. So don't worry folks, there's no need to flee for your lives in War of the Worlds-like fashion. This is good news; it means one more delightfully entertaining game for that good old PSP of yours.

Space Invaders Extreme on the PSP is a re-vamped, wide screen version of the classic arcade shooter. Does it live up to the classic of yesteryears? Give this previously posted demo a go and see for yourself.

[Via press release]

Space Invaders Extreme downloadable demo

Slow news day? Don't worry. It was worth it. Here's a new demo for you to enjoy. Space Invaders Extreme.

1. Download the demo zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UJLM05315 folder into the GAME directory. Make sure there are no sub-directories in this folder.

Check out our demos site:

Space Invaders Extreme hits PSP as well

Should you really get excited over a new Space Invaders game? The answer is: yes. Originally announced exclusively for the DS, the PSP will receive a widescreen version of this hyperactive re-envisioning of Taito's arcade classic. The surreal graphics, speedy gameplay, and massive power-ups gave us goosebumps at TGS, and we think PSP will be able to more than pull off an equally intense experience. In fact, we'd much rather have a wide version of the game, than be forced to look at two screens at once. It's just easier that way.

Check out more screens at Dengenki Online.

[Via PSPHyper]

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