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Plastic PSP stand joins Signature lineup

It's been awhile since we saw a new entry to the PlayStaiton Signature series. This over-priced luxury line of PlayStation accessories will break the bank (and minds!) of many. A clear plastic stand, used to display your PSP was just added for the price of ¥2,200 (~$20). A bit much for a piece of plastic, no?

Admittedly, it does look quite nice, and if we had money to burn, we'd easily go for it. Would you?

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

Get your Hot Shots Golf: Coca-Cola special edition PSP at eBay

Get your Hot Shots Golf: Coca-Cola special edition PSP at eBay
I'm sure you're all aware of the Signature PSP lineup by now, but did you know Sony teamed up with Coca Cola to manufacture 1,300 Hot Shots Golf: Coca Cola Special Edition PSP bundles in Japan last year? The bundled Hot Shots game, which Coca Cola gave away in contests, was basically a big commercial for the company as it featured Coca Cola advertising, clothing and even bottle-shaped golf clubs.

Unfortunately, the contests are all over and you can't win one anymore. However, if you have about $660 burning a hole in your pocket, the bundle can be all yours via an eBay auction here. You even get the prize letter from Coca Cola to make you feel like you've won something.

Divineo 'evolves' PSP face plates

Divineo evolves PSP face plates
If Divineo's chrome PSP faceplate wasn't your bag, the Talismoon Evolve series might be.

According to Divineo, everything needed to create a new-look PSP is included in a single package, consisting of the faceplate color of your choice, an illustrated diagram, hardened steel jeweler's screwdriver, a dazzling set of diamond series buttons as well as a finely made polishing cloth to preserve the appearance of your PSP for years to come.

If you want a custom look for your PSP but can't afford one of Sony's Signature PSPs, this may be an excellent way to go. And for only $15, you won't be out too much if you don't end up liking it. However, keep in mind that removing your face plate will void your PSP's warranty.

[Via DCEmu]

Signature series expands: new cases for people with too much money

When I'm not too busy swimming in cash, listening to my diamond-encrusted iPod, or riding in my helicopter (made with real unicorns!), I bust out my Signature Edition PSP for a little bit of gaming.

But my pockets feel a bit too full lately. All that money's really been weighing me down. That's why I'm going to get Sony's newest addition to the Signature line: beautiful PSP man-purses, I mean... cases. It might be a bit too affordable for someone like me though: it only retails for 5800 yen (that's over $50 US).

[Via PSP-Vault]

TGS 06: New system colors spotted [Update 1]

It looks like Sony may consider bringing out some flashier PSP designs. While these aren't "official" yet, Sony rarely shows system colors that never materialize. This camo PSP looks especially hot, and will be a must-have for a true SOCOM fan. Hopefully, it won't fall under Sony's "Signature" line of systems, or you'll most likely be unable to afford it. Other pictures from Dengenki showcase more traditional blue, yellow and red systems, which can be seen after the cut. Me? I like the yellow one the best.

Will Sony ever officially announce these system colors? And if they do, will they ever bring them to the States? (Hey, we still don't have the white PSP.)

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A closer look at the pink PSP
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[Via PSP-Vault]

[Update 1: Now features Silver PSP]

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A closer look at the pink PSP

You know, while riding the NYC subway, I saw someone playing with the Tsukimi Signature PSP. Knowing that those cost upwards of $500, I wanted to talk to the man, shake his hand... and rob him. I refrained, of course, hoping that one day I'd meet someone with the Kacho-Fugetsu PSP.

I think the entire PSP community has grown a little tired of the black PSP. While attractive, the fact that it's been standard for so long makes us desire things like the white PSP, even if it doesn't necessarily look "better." Even the newly-announced pink PSPs been getting a fair share of attention, simply because it's different. TGBus may have sent us on a wild goose chase with that Resident Evil video, but the pictures of the pink PSP they discovered are the real deal. Check out the pinkness after the cut:

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Getting intimate with Kacho-Fugetsu

You have $500 to waste, right? Well, someone did, and they took extensive photos of the Kachofugetsu Signature PSP. To be honest, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Mere mortals like ourselves will most likely never get a chance to see this system in real life, so make sure you check out the pics after the cut. It's the closest we'll ever get to the beauty.

[Via PSP-Vault]

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Playstation Signature line revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan recently unveiled its Playstation Signature line, which is a line of products aimed at the adult consumer. Many of the products, which are a wide range of accessories, are available for the PSP, such as a swanky case and display stand.

[Via PSP World]

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