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Silent Hill Origins PS2 port confirmed

It's not just Ratchet & Clank's handheld outing that is getting the PS2 port treatment, Konami have confirmed that Silent Hill Origins will also be available on the PSP's bigger, more successful, brother later this year. There's no mention yet of any added extras for the PS2 version, though the controls will be "updated". We should hope so too!

The PS2 version is still currently in development, with nary a release date in sight. Those of you who actually bothered to buy the PSP game can commence your bragging now. Imagine how your PS2 owning Silent Hill fanatic friends will feel when they excitedly rush out to buy the game, only to be told that you've completed it. Haven't played it? You're probably part of the reason it's coming to PS2 in the first place, then.

Gamestop shows possible PS2 R&C: Size Matters boxart

After previously updating its site with a page for the rumored PS2 port of the PSP's Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Gamestop has just posted what could be the game's boxart.

Furthermore, Gamestop has a ship date of Feb. 12 for the semi-budget price of $30. While we previously classified this story as a rumor, it's probably fair to say the probability of this former exclusive PSP title being ported to the PS2.

Sure, some PSP owners might be upset that their handheld is losing one of its better exclusive titles, but we're just happy more people will have the opportunity to play this wonderful game.

[Via Siliconera]

Rumor: Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters gets ported to PS2

What's a system without exclusives? Sony is supposedly porting the former PSP exclusive Ratchet & Clank title, Size Matters to the PS2. This isn't the first time a major PSP game has jumped ship. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories are some big examples of previous titles. However, should PSP owners get angry about this predicament? Not really. This game will be nearly a year old by its supposed February 2008 release, and PSP owners should be fixed on a much more important platform exclusive: God of War: Chains of Olympus. It's a trend that shouldn't be encouraged too much. Already, games like Silent Hill Origins are rumored to be heading to PS2 as well. PSP owners should be comforted by months of exclusivity and the ability to play these games on the go.

Of course, maybe these companies wouldn't port these games to the PS2 if PSP owners actually bothered to, y'know, buy them.

[Via Joystiq]

Famitsu reveals new Star Ocean details

Interested in some new Star Ocean information? Famitsu has heard your internal cries via its giant Japanese thought catcher and, in response, has released a double page spread of images and text about the game. While most of the info will be familiar to you if you're a fan of the series, there are also a few snippets regarding new additions to the game.

The game will feature a redone introduction, redesigned characters, fully voiced cutscenes as well as an enhanced battle system. Star Ocean seems to be having a complete makeover on the PSP - even moreso than Final Fantasy I and II. We're excited to see a series that has potentially been overlooked in its past incarnations be given such great treatment for its PSP conversion.

Rockstar Leeds refocusing on the next-gen

Will there ever be a San Andreas Story? It seems increasingly less likely. Rockstar Leeds, the talented team behind the first two PSP GTA games and the PSP port of The Warriors is looking to do its own thing, and work on original IPs for the "next gen." Studio head Gordon Hall explained to Develop, "We're going to be branching out further into next-gen - we've done original work on an existing franchise, but now we want to work on new IPs, and are looking at what we can do on Xbox 360 and PS3."

However, Leeds isn't done quite yet with the portables. "It's not over for handheld for us - there's more coming there - but our new focus will be on the new formats." Hopefully, we'll see one more incredible project out of Rockstar Leeds for the PSP before they move on to greener (and more powerful) pastures.

[Via Joystiq]

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror sneaking onto PS2

For anyone browsing the coming soon listings for PS2, you may notice a familiar title. The excellent Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is being ported to Sony's last gen powerhouse. Previously, we've seen Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto titles and Tokobot make their way from PSP to PS2, but Syphon Filter may be the first Sony developed title to make the journey. Losing a PSP exclusive like this is usually somewhat maddening. In the case of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror though, it so easily eclipses its precursors, that we can't help but want others to experience the series reboot. Besides, the PSP sequel Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow comes out on the same day, so PSP gamers should be too busy playing that to care.

Exit exits PSP and enters 360

IGN is reporting that Exit will be making the leap from small screen to big screen. No, it's not getting a movie made of it, but it is becoming an Xbox Live Arcade title. For those who haven't played Exit, it has you take control of Mr. ESC as he guides civilians from burning buildings, and other deadly situations. The Xbox 360 version will also feature new levels not found in the PSP title. There is no word on whether the XBLA Exit will be a port of the first game, it's sequel, or a mixture of both. For those interested, it will retail for $10, and be out in Japan this summer.

Lumines previously made the jump from PSP to Xbox 360, so this move isn't unprecedented. This just goes to show that the PSP isn't the only system getting another console's ports.

[Via Joystiq]

Crazy Taxi still looks crazy bad

Sega's upcoming PSP version of Crazy Taxi has come a long way. The very first video of the game ran at a sluggish rate, featured nearly deserted streets, and had textures worse than the original Dreamcast version. It appears that some significant progress has been made, but is it enough? We say no. A new gameplay montage on IGN reveals greatly improved visuals, but the textures and polygon count still fall short of what we expect from our handheld. While the gameplay looks fun, we can't help but remember playing the taxi cab mode of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and being far more impressed.

At least we won't be charged an arm and a leg for this technically shallow Dreamcast port: releasing at a budget price makes sense to us. But still, wouldn't we love to see a game that truly takes advantage of PSP's capabilities?

PSP getting ports from new sources

It's no secret that the PSP (as with any system) gets ports of games from other consoles. Most of the ports to PSP logically come from the PlayStation 2. But all that is starting to change. With the PS3 on the rise and the PS2 on the decline, PSP is starting to get ports from some unexpected places.

The DS has many a game that it's shared with the GBA, but recently it seems like more and more GBA games are jumping over to Sony's portable. The most obvious of these are all of the recently announced Final Fantasy projects. From Final Fantasy Tactics to just plain ol' Final Fantasy, these GBA remakes are being remade again for the PSP. But it doesn't just end there, the PSP will also see a port of the GBA RPG title Riviera (which is great for me, since I never played that game).

Of course, while it seems like quite a few PSP games are from GBA land, that isn't the only system sending off titles to PSP's library. Xbox games like Xyanide and Painkiller: Hell Wars are reported to have versions coming out this year for PSP and the DS racer Asphalt Urban GT 2 will be out shortly. Even the PC isn't exempt as fantastic physics platformer Gish has a release date for our system of choice.

The future though seems to be the Wii and PSP connection. While Alien Syndrome is one of the only Wii/PSP games announced so far, the fact that Wii games have to be developed independently from the rest of the home consoles means many developers may be looking to PSP versions as another source of profit. Of course as with any business move, these ports will have to make money if this is to become a serious trend.

Most wanted PS1 to PSP games 2 [Update 1]

We've been reviewing the PSP playable PS1 games that have been released thus far, but are they what we really want? We listed what we'd like to see from the PS1 library last month, but Modojo has their own list now. The list includes the predictable like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but it also includes more cult games like Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (the ending of which made me cry).

To see the rest of the list you'll have to go read the article. After you've done that though, come back here and let us know what games that you'd like to see make the leap from PS1 to PSP.

[Thanks Justin ]

[Update 1: Linked to our previous list of Most Wanted PS1 games]

Sid Meier's Pirates! swashbuckles its way to the PSP

Sid Meier's Pirates! swashbuckles its way to the PSP
For all your port haters out there don't look now because the PSP is about to get a port of a port in the form of Sid Meier's Pirates!. In the game, which was originally released in 1987 and re-made in 2004 on the PC, then released in 2005 on the Xbox and is now scheduled to be released in January on the PSP, players take control of a pirate who must find his kidnapped family members, gain revenge and obtain lots and lots of booty.

"We love the new possibilities from handheld systems like the PSP," added Sid Meier, Director of Creative Development at developer Firaxis Games. "Pirates! for the PSP system allows players to shape the heroic life of a pirate while embracing the pirate's way of life -- always on the go!"

Thankfully, the PSP version, which will be published by Take-Two Interactive in North America and Europe, will feature some new features like new treasure hunts, widescreen display and four-player wireless multi-player, according to Gamespot. Pirates! is a game I always wanted to play on the Xbox but never got around to it, so I'm really hoping this version comes through.

Chili Con Carnage not a port after all

Chile Con Carnage not a port after all
There has been a lot of confusion over Deadline Game's upcoming Chili Con Carnage. From publisher Eidos' initial press release, Andrew thought the game was more of a port of Total Overdose than anything else since it uses the same characters and gameplay. However, according to the game's director, Soren Lund, that's not really the case.

Speaking to, Lund said the game is more of a re-invention rather than a port. While it has the same cast from Total Overdose, the game's stories are completely different, the gameplay has been refined to make the game a "more tight and compact action game" and the free roaming gameplay featured in Total Overdose has been omitted to "provide a much more streamlined and focused gameplay experience."

However, Lund said the biggest difference gamers will see between the two games is the style gameplay. "We've made it a much more integrated part of the gameplay, that the player uses the games' different moves and the combo-system to achieve higher and higher scores thus being rewarded with better weapons, dual weapon overdrive, more loco moves, more health, more combo-time etc. etc.," he said. "We unlock new levels, game modes and playable characters depending on the player's level scores. And for the master players, we unlock unlimited ammo and trophies such as concept art and videos etc."

As you can see, Deadline Games has seemingly worked hard at separating this game from Total Overdose in both story and gameplay. However, the test will be whether they can get that message out to PSP owners who are very tired of ports. We'll see when the game releases early next year.

Disgaea 2 characters in upcoming port

The upcoming Disgaea port on PSP is shaping up to be more than just a port. Will it have all the improvements fans are dreaming of? Most likely not, but Siliconera has discovered Disgaea 2 characters in the game's new bonus levels.

There's no American release planned so far, but I'm sure you can change that.

Disgaea: dreaming of a few enhancements

Siliconera has come up with a list of new things they'd love to see in the upcoming Disgaea port for the PSP. (Which you must help bring over to the US!) Here's a sample of what they want from this beloved SRPG:

  1. Add some new scenarios. It should be easy, considering how the game is structured episodically.
  2. The ability to import character data. Some people will have leveled up Laharl, and will want to use his insane power on the go. Sure, it'll involve some sort of voodoo magic, but NIS fans are willing to sacrific their souls, right?
  3. Include a scenario creator. By far the best suggestion of the bunch. Like Mega Man: Powered Up, give users the ability to create their own levels and scenarios and share them via the web.

As you know, SCEA has a strict no-port policy for PSP games coming to the US. I hope NIS takes a good look at these suggestions, and makes them real so that we can enjoy chibi RPG goodness on our PSP too. Read the rest of Siliconera's article to see more ideas.

Chili Con Carnage is a refried port?

When I first looked at Eidos' press release for their new PSP game Chili Con Carnage, I thought to myself "cool, a new exclusive PSP action game." However, Gamespot checked the developer's track record, and I angrily shouted a four letter word: PORT! It may be an original game, but the game shares too many similarities with Deadline Games' Total Overdose. They both feature the same gameplay, same character and the same story. Both games feature the same "Spicy Moves" (pictured). So, why did Eidos decide to call this game Chili Con Carnage instead of Total Overdose? I think they know that PSP fans are sick of ports, so by cleverly retitling the game, they're trying to pull a fast one on us. While questionably juvenile sites might be fooled, it won't work on the superior PSP Fanboys, right? If you're going to give us a port, might as well make sure it's one of a good game, instead of Total Overdose, which only scored a 71 from Metacritic.

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